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“Reader Emails,” Ratings, Madison Filming in Alabama, WTA and Finale Schedule & Some More Questions Answered

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Any idea what happened with the video from the preview about Sydney and Peter having sex and Tammy confronting her? Yet another example of something they tease in the previews that’s never shown.

Also, do you listen to any survivor podcasts? Loved your podcast with Dalton!

Comment: Very few. I’ll listen to Dalton’s interviews sometimes with that week’s booted contestant.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for all you do. I know you’re still trying to put all the pieces together for the ending and who Peter is with, but do you have a stronger case for Madison or Hannah Ann at this point?

Comment: I could make a case for either. Not sure how one would be stronger than the other. They seem pretty equal.

Hi, Steve,

I think that all of us who have ever had to deal heavily with the public can relate to your annoyance with being asked the same basic questions over and over. But please be mindful (and appreciative, too) that your site is still attracting new readers who can’t help it that they don’t already know the details that the rest of us learned years ago when we first joined the club. So it occurred to me, based on personal experience with such a solution, that there may be a remedy that could reduce some of your frustration. I hope you won’t mind if I pass it along.

Since so many websites have a link to a page that is frequently called FAQs where they post all their basic stuff so they don’t have to be bombarded with calls and emails about the same inquiries, maybe you could consider something like that. In keeping with the tone that is part of the fun of your site, you might call it something like “Answers to Annoying-As-Hell Basic Questions I’m Sick of Receiving,” or some such thing.

Into such a page could be dumped the answers to such golden oldies as why is the driveway always wet, are the roses labelled with contestants’ names, do they ever get to eat the food on the dinner dates, how do you get your information, blah endless blah.

You could post it loud and proud up top of your home page with the other main tabs and maybe even make it more obvious with sort of a tagline up there directing people to it. It would short-circuit a lot of new readers before they send you those queries and also provide you an extra page for ad revenue without reducing content for your reader emails column. It would also be a handy reference for any long-time readers who may have forgotten some of the answers, but are too afraid to ask you again because they know it will piss you off (lol).

I’ve tried similar approaches in my own businesses and saved myself a lot of hassle. There have always been some people who still asked me such questions directly, anyway, because no solution is perfect, but it mostly was successful and was worth doing.

Anyway, just an idea that has worked for me, for what it’s worth.

BTW, you are doing a really admirable job of still providing us great content in spite of the unknowns about the end of the season. Somehow not knowing the entire outcome doesn’t even seem like that big of a deal because your commentary is satisfying enough for our embarrassingly addicted interests in this chronic mess of a show (at least for a lot of us — the ravenous other ones, them’s crazy).

Comment: The FAQ problem is something that would actually go in the FAQ column, because I’ve been asked this so many times over the years as to why I don’t have one. Because 1) there are so many questions that get asked 1,000 times, it’d be about 100 questions long. And 2) anyone who wants to ask me a question, even if a FAQ is staring them right in the face, isn’t going to scroll down through 100 questions to see if theirs has already been answered. They’re just gonna email and ask it anyway.

Hi Steve! I’m getting my reader email in early, so hopefully you’ll answer it next week.

I know it’s still pretty early, but I have a few questions about Bachelor in Paradise. I’m positive that Kelsey and Victoria F will be there, and Kelsey’s intro will be spraying a bottle of champagne in her face. Do you think whoever Peter’s runner-up is will be on paradise? I can see Hannah Ann doing it, but probably not Madison. Also, have you heard anything/think that Tyler C would go on paradise this year? Considering his past with Gigi Hadid, he clearly doesn’t need the show to find someone, but I bet the producers would love to have him because of how well-liked he is.

Thanks for all you do!

Comment: I agree with those. Madison doesn’t fit the mold for BIP. I don’t see it. And I doubt Tyler would do it. He definitely is too “big” for that show.

Happy Friday, Steve!

This is my first time e-mailing here, but I want to thank you for all that you do. I’m actually ashamed of the amount of times that I get on Twitter each day just to see if any spoilers have been released around the ending. (I hate surprises, I love Spoilers!) A couple different questions for you:

1- I know that you’ve told us week after week that at this point, you’re still not certain as to how this season ends. When you say that, do you mean that you really don’t know whether he picked Madison or Hannah Ann? Or do you have an idea as to who he picked, but you’re waiting to have the full story before you spoil it? Both.

2- Given the spoilers that we had throughout the season around Victoria F, are you surprised that they haven’t made her out to be more of a villain thus far? I know a lot of the relationships between contestants are fake, but I’m shocked by the number of girls she appears to be friends with from this season. I don’t pay much attention to who’s friends with who. I think her time is coming.

3- One thing I caught during the Tammy/Kelsey argument in Costa Rica that I haven’t seen anyone else discuss is the fact that the Victorias and Tammy were discussing Kelsey popping pills. Everyone just brushed over the fact that Tammy said she got that impression from Victoria P and continued attacking her. IMO- that totally seems like something that Victoria P would’ve made up. I thought the whole conversation was low and should’ve never gone there.

4- (Most interested in getting your input on this one) I know you’ve probably been asked countless times who you think the next Bachelorette would be. I think the only two girls that would be bearable to have as the lead (besides Sarah Coffin, of course!) would be Kelley or Madison. Obviously Madison might be with Peter and producers may think Kelley is too put together to be the Bachelorette. Are there any other girls on this season that you think have a shot at nailing the lead? Outside of Hannah B, do you think they’d ever cast someone from a prior season? If so, how would you feel about Tia becoming the bachelorette? Right now I think she’s my Dark Horse for bachelorette.

WOW. This e-mail ended up way longer than I expected. Thanks again for all you’re doing!

Comment: Discussed this in last Tuesday’s column on what my “Bachelorette” thoughts are.

Hi Steve!

Quick question for you…

in a lot of the promos and even in some pods it sounded like Peter was going to have some kind of sex story line… and that Chris says he has to make it right with the girls. but I haven’t seen it in any recent promos. On Rachel and Becca’s podcast they mentioned someone in a promo said Peter had sex with Sydney in the hot tub. Any idea if this story line was cut or somehow edited out? This season lacks so much real substance, I hope there’s more interesting and less petty drama coming. Peter didn’t have sex with Sydney. That got totally blown out of proportion due to editing.

And my take on this silly Peter is with a producer theory…. how are fans supposed to get invested in this outcome if we don’t know their relationship at all. And how would we ever trust it wouldn’t happen again that there may be other relationships the lead has we aren’t privy to. I get it’s reality of the show and life… people form rapport and relationships everywhere – I’m curious what your thoughts are?

Comment: Yeah, the producer thing is garbage and anyone who spent more than :05 seconds thinking about that whole scenario would’ve realized how ridiculous it was. But everyone is so desperate for the spoiler, they believe anything they hear at this point. I just ask people to sit and critically think for a moment before believing everything they see or hear by unverified sources and anonymous tips.

I saw that Nick Viall stated he thought Demi would make a good Bachelorette and I agree. She would be funny to watch and as Nick said, they could bring both guys and girls on her season which would be a new twist for the Bachelor Franchise. What are your thoughts on Demi being the Bachelorette? Any chance this would actually ever happen?
Comment: No.

Hey Steve, have you watched the Taylor Swift documentary on Netflix yet, and what did you think? I thought it was very thoughtful and informative, showing a nice progression of Taylor through the years. I’ve never known much about her & her music except through your column, but I’m becoming a fan.

Thanks for all you do!

Comment: Yes. Thought it was really good. She’s about as private of a superstar as we’ve ever seen, so that was some really cool access to her life. We just never see stuff like that with her.

Hey Steve! Hope your week is going well. I just wanted to let you know my neighbor was wearing a Seahawks beanie over the weekend and I think she might be engaged to Peter!!!!!!!! Jk. Hahahah. I hope you got a kick out of that and it made you laugh.

But for real… much as I love the spoilers, there has been a different air about this season with so many internet sleuths and theories that I’ve actually kinda found all the conspiracy theories a bit fun to follow and I’m actually a lot more excited to see what happens. Wondering how you feel about it all. The complete opposite of you. Theories make my life a living hell. Theories aren’t spoilers. They’re theories. Guessing. Speculation. And I don’t deal with that. If I posted theories, I could do a new one every week. Theories don’t get anyone anywhere.

Anyway, Victoria Fs Instagram comments shocked me today. As in, hundreds and hundreds of people love and support her and are blowing smoke up her butt in their comments. I was really surprised. I mean, I don’t want to see hate but like…. What are they seeing that I’m not? Maybe they’re “unspoiled?” Even her unspoiled actions on the show are gross to me, though. How she told Kelsey this process is for strong women and she needs to not cry… and then told Mykenna not to cry and then called her annoying and said to shut the f*** up in her ITM, but then she also proceeds to cry in a corner every time she is with Peter? No. I’m sure she has someone or herself adamantly deleting negative comments bc there are literally zero. I haven’t read Victoria Fs IG comments since that one ridiculous post, but just know that most of these women are deleting any negative comments. So there’s that. They love the adoration but can’t handle the criticism.

Finally, and this is the true purpose of my email…. I need to talk Hannah Brown as Bachelorette. Hannah, if you’re reading this, don’t do it. Yes it’s a paycheck, probably a big one… but don’t do it. There is such thing as over exposure. There is a threshold of how much the public can see and hear from someone before it turns into an icky or negative thing. You experienced this a bit by returning to this season for one episode. Let Chris Bukowski be your guide. That’s when people started saying you’ve been on their tv too much, so much in such a short time. It’s like when you see the same commercial over and over and over, you begin to feel a disdain for it… not bc it’s bad. It’s just over exposure.

You need to bow out from this franchise while you’re mostly ahead. You have star power. For sure. Go into the industry, yes, but don’t go back on this show. I’m afraid if you do, your career could possibly be over afterwards bc people could feel negative over exposure.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

Comment: We’ll see.

Tia’s Insta stories today on insta say she’s moving!? Maybe she is the next Bachelorette (as you’ve already pointed out she’s a good possibility)!? That’s all. Thanks for the spoilers! Love reading them.

Comment: She’s moving to Nashville. She’s made this known on numerous occasions. Not sure what that would have to do with the “Bachelorette.”

Hi Steve,

I’m curious your thoughts/opinion on how having an unspoiled season might impact the final couple (if that even exists). I remember Desiree sharing on your podcast that having the wrong spoiler really impacted her relationship while it was airing and I imagine for the one or two other times the ending hasn’t been correct, that it has been really difficult for the final couple to deal with all of America rooting for the other person. in this instance, for Peter, everyone is frantically coming up with the craziest possible outcomes (pregnancy, producers, etc…) and I can’t imagine that’s fun for the final girl to be hearing. Also, as a viewer who is ALWAYS spoiled, I can’t really enjoy the season without knowing the outcome. I like to know who wins so I can watch that love story specifically (despite all of the producing trying to trick me.) Because I don’t know, it’s hard to really be rooting for anyone — plus this season is such a hot mess.) Anyways, any thoughts on how this might impact America’s support of this final couple? Or impact them as they navigate the time where the show is airing? Well, it’s not like there are 15 options out there and you’re completely clueless. It’s Madison or Hannah Ann. I can’t imagine it’s that much different not knowing, is it? As for how it impacts them, I’m not sure. I doubt it is very much right now just because no one’s for sure.

Also, you mentioned at one point that you’ve heard a few possible endings but can’t confirm them so you’re not reporting it. I appreciate that. I’m wondering if anything you heard is really that crazy. I feel like even though they’re hyping it up to be something we’ve never seen before, etc…I imagine that it’s quite simple– someone leaves and he goes after her and now they’re dating or recently engaged, something like that. Are you planning to share some of the theories you’ve heard at any point, even if unconfirmed? No, nothing really that crazy. But I’m not looking for theories. I’m looking for spoilers. People want to try and solve something by looking at everything that’s happening post show with pictures, comments, IG stories, etc. I’m trying to find out what went down in Australia because, well, that’s how the season ended. Not by what someone comments on IG or posts to their stories unless it’s a giant slip up that 1000% gives away the ending. We haven’t had that this season and probably won’t.

Finally, do you think the news that you hinted at awhile back about something going on in Bachelor Nation with a person or couple that you don’t feel right talking about, do you think the story will ever break? Or has it resolved?

Thanks so much!

Comment: I think it will at some point, but I have no idea when.

Hi Steve:

You mentioned on Kate Casey’s podcast that there is a girl from this franchise who seems wholesome but really isn’t and that there is a guy who pleads with tabloids not to share negative or bad stories about him – any chance you’ll tell us who these people are? I have a guess for the guy (Nick Viall) but I’m totally stumped with the girl and think my mind would be blown with whoever it was! No. I’ve brought this up in the past, the idea that I could easily do like a “Blind Item” every week of the calendar year with some gossip or dirt I know about contestants in this franchise. A new one every week. 52 “Blind Items” a year. And I’m sure you guys would eat it up. Problem is, I would never do it because I’d never reveal the names. Seems to me that would be some serious legal issues. Yes, I know “Crazy Days and Nights” does it, but go look at the bottom of his first page and read the fine print. He specifically says some of the stuff he writes is complete fiction and made up.

So if I ever did it, I’d do it without ever revealing who the “Blind Items” were. And that would just lead to a bunch of guessing, speculation, and I guarantee I’d be contacted by angry contestants saying that my “Blind Items” have people speculating it’s them (when it may not be), and now I’m just promoting gossip and rumors. That’s not what I want to do. It’d get completely out of control. I know it will. And people will start getting falsely accused because someone will 100% think my “Blind Item” is a specific person, will spread it as fact, I’ll never address it, and it will makes things crazy. I don’t want any part of that. Hope that answers your question. I did it for Kate’s interview because she asked me, and I’ll never reveal who I was talking about, nor will I say if someone is right or wrong if they guess. I used those two examples because I thought they were pretty tame and were the first that came to mind. There is way worse that I could tease with on others.

NCAA basketball question – I went to college at a Big East school, so I’d like to know if you have a favorite team and sleeper team in that conference?

Thanks for all that you do!

Comment: Football is over. Well, NFL is. This is where I start digging in and doing my college basketball research. I’ll let you know as we get closer to the tournament, which is my favorite sporting event every year. Nothing beats it.

Hey Steve,

I have a couple of questions for your reader emails.

1. I am confused why ABC provided no closure on Peter letting go of Sydney and Mykenna. The show really portrayed he had a huge connection with Sydney (and even though I knew she was leaving that week because of your spoilers), I was just so confused. He seemed really “into” her and he just let her go with no closure or anything. Also, in the super teaser it made it look like he was having sex with her in the hot tub and all the girls freaked out. They didn’t have sex. And there’s a lot of times people get eliminated and there isn’t much explanation. This wasn’t a first.

I’m also super confused why he let Mykenna stay after the 2-1 just to send her home like an hour later. I’m sure this is a producer move, I just don’t understand it I guess. It was not “dramatic” or anything to me, just annoying. Why do they edit this way or why was it shown/done that way? You’d have to ask them. But it really was kinda pointless. However, the second Mykenna “won” the 2-on-1 date but he didn’t give her a rose, the writing was on the wall.

2. This is referring to Hannah Ann & Peter and the most recent instagram info. you tweeted how it was interpreted by many viewers that her and Peter were in the same location based on the “island time” pics they both posted or whatever. I saw both of their stories, but didn’t think anything of it. Seriously, like RIGHT after I saw your post about that, I noticed Victoria Fuller posted something similar. A video of the beach and (obviously we know she doesn’t go past final 3), but are these girls trying to post these videos thinking they are “throwing people off” or trying to make us think they are the “chosen one” with Peter? I’m just annoyed at how much social media “influences” this show anymore. I guess my question I’m looking for is this a new thing or is it common for women to try to make us think they are chosen, by trying to mirror what the lead is doing or do you think these posts are completely “innocent” and not related at all? And if they are doing it on purpose, what do you think the motivation is? Like are producers encouraging this or are they just trying to continue “acting” via their social media? I hope that made sense!

Thanks for all you do Steve!! I love listening to your podcast and reading your blog!

Comment: I honestly don’t know what their motivation is. Hannah Ann’s was noticeable because she used the same phrase pretty much about “islands” that Peter did. That seemed like she wanted people to think a certain way. But again, even if Hannah Ann was his final 1, they wouldn’t be posting from a PUBLIC location, on the water, with other couples sitting right there. People need to start thinking before immediately assuming something on social media is a thing. The final couple will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever be out in a public place like that where other people are just randomly there. That’d give away the ending. When they are together, it’s in a secure location that’s not outside for just random strangers to view them.

Hey Steve!

I wrote you last year and you responded in your column, thanks! This has been the most boring season, ever ever!! I’ve enjoyed reading your columns, podcasts, Twitter and Instagram posts more than the season itself.

My question is, if you could pick someone from previous seasons to be the Bachelorette, who would you choose? I personally love Tia Boothe. I honestly don’t really know. Or care. All I care about is there is a next season, which there is. I don’t have favorites or root for someone outwardly to get the gig or anything like that.

Also, if you could pick one girl from this season (regardless of the outcome) who will you pick for Bachelorette? I cannot stress this enough. I don’t care. No interest in even picking one.

My other question is, if you could have anyone on your podcast from Bachelor Nation (with no questions off limits) who would you choose? Robert Mills or Chris Harrison. And I don’t think either one of them would do it in a million years. They’d never put themselves in that position to get grilled about the show like they never have before. I would eviscerate Chris Harrison if he came on my podcast. But he never would, so there’s no reason to even entertain the idea.

One more question. Do you know yet if Victoria’s messy dating history will be made public by ABC? Well, the press released for next week clearly states that a surprise guest drops a bomb on Peter, so, they’re going to show the Merissa conversation. Which they had to. Peter and Victoria F. are all over each other at the Hunter Hayes concert. He wouldn’t go from that, to them breaking things off before they even walk in her parents house unless something went down. Which it did, and that was Merissa warning him about her past.

Thanks again for your entertainment. Btw I like your podcasts with just you talking too. I know you made a comment that you would have some with just you. They are all great!

Comment: Well thanks. I think people are starting to realize even if I have a guest, I’m trying to give 10-15 minutes to start the podcast talking about “Bachelor” related items.

Hi Steve, some questions I longed for you, hope it is not too late:

1) I know Peter’s ending was not normal so you cant spoil it until the very end likely ‘live’ according to Chris. If that is the case, will you be either disappointed or fine for not being able to spoil the Peter’s ending for the first time? Are you worried that your site may be no longer called “RS spoilers” in terms of ‘not 100%’ spoiled anymore from now on (if that is what the producers are aiming for going forward). I really hope you can beat Peter and the producers to spoil the winner before they do in the final 2 episodes (final and ATFR) to keep your site alive with same goal – 100% spoiled. Good luck, Steve! 🙂 I’m pretty confident I’m gonna get the ending. After what I posted yesterday, that’s pretty much the gist of it I believe. It’s just about getting that one last confirmation I want, and maybe filling in more details. I’m getting closer to what I need.
And no, I’m not the least bit worried if I don’t get the end all the sudden my site will lose credibility. I was flat out wrong on Des’ and the next day was one of the biggest traffic days my site has ever had. And people came right back the next season for Juan Pablo when I had every spoiler.

2) Or unless you are on ABC’s payroll, I don’t know if I am the only one but I completely trust your honesty what you repeated saying that you are not. Otherwise, you would have been on ABC’s payroll a long time ago. 😉 For the fans that do think that you are, the only way to prove them is that the winner is revealed with Peter’s final decision on LIVE, not Nov 17 and all the way to until LIVE, then you are good which why you can’t spoil. If the winner is revealed before LIVE (AFTR) without your ending spoiled, then I wonder how your fans would react!?. 🙁 I think what Robert Mills and Chris Harrison teased pre-season is that even though the show has to end filming in wherever their final location is, we’ve seen 2 of the last 3 seasons (and now 3 of 4), that it’s never really over because stuff can happen from end of filming til ATFR, which when it comes to the “Bachelor,” is 3 ½ months. That’s a looooooonnnng ass time.

3) It’s been incredible that you and your sources (if they are the same ones) have great relationships with trust and commitments over the years to have 100% spoiled before ever season starts until Peter’s season which is different. Are you worried that, out of the blue for some reasons, they reveal who RS’s sources are in public and how they share the info with you? No. People have guessed and speculated for years. Hell, some people think they know. They don’t.

4) If you were the producer, which one would you want to pick to be the next Bachelorette: Demi Burnett, Hannah B again, Madison or Hannah Ann or someone else? And why? I love Nick Vaill’s idea to have Demi to the next Bachelorette bec of mixed with male and female contestants that never ever happened in Bachelor or Bachelorette history but it is unlikely to happen (too much dramas and not focusing on poor Demi, due to flirting, sex and all) but however it may be work if let’s say 15 male and 15 female contestants are totally separated (never met each other) even in dates, house sharing, cocktail parties and rise ceremonies in 2 different locations. What a quite challenge but interesting! Something new, I guess.

Comment: ABC isn’t gonna do that with Demi and 15 women and 15 men as cast. Please. This is network television. They’re not close to being ready to air that. Demi is not gonna be the “Bachelorette.” As for those you gave me, whoever they gave it to, I really wouldn’t care. I don’t yearn to see anyone in the role honestly. It’s just not my thing.

Hey Steve! Thanks for sharing the info you do know. Hope it chills people out a little bit with all the theories. I had a couple questions.

1. Have you ever thought of doing a FAQ tab on your site? A place where you can answer all the redundant franchise questions you get (why is the driveway wet, how many suit cases do they girls pack) you know, the Questions that drive you nuts, but maybe new readers would enjoy reading?? I’ve been a long time reader and I still love hearing behind the scenes answers. Just a thought. Ha ha. This was asked earlier in this column.

2. I heard peter say in a interview this week that He only said “I love you” to one girl this season. And well we saw him saying last night he was “falling in love” with Madison last night. So, to me that basically seals the deal on the season. Like, he doesn’t say that to Hannah Ann…. so chances are he chases Madison in some way. Otherwise he would have chose Hannah Ann without saying he loves her… which won’t happen. He does tell Hannah Ann’s dad on her hometown he’s falling in love with her. But yeah, that’s to her dad he says that. We don’t know if he actually tells that to Hannah Ann’s face like he did to Madison.

3. Do you see this season changing anything the franchise does going forward. Having it an unspoiled season, do you see them switching up the filming or the way this show ends in the future? I think they are loving the “unspoiled” storyline they are getting. I think the show’s ending will now always include a “what’s happened since filming ended” aspect to it. Much more so than in season’s past.

4. Which past bachelor/bachelorette relationship are you most surprised to see still going strong?

Thanks for your site! Always a treat to read along!

Comment: JoJo and Jordan.

Hiya Steve,

Do you think the fact that Madi self-eliminates upon finding out he slept with the others after telling her he was falling in love with her will change how things happen going forward? It may be a SHOW, but most self-respecting women won’t be ok with a guy proposing to her after he had sex with two other women the week before, or having the first time she is intimate with him being sandwiched between him also sleeping with other women within a few days. Do you think going forward, with more contestants expressing frustration at the idea of a proposal after a week of multiple sex partners, something has to change? Impossible to answer until future seasons air. Sex is going to happen on the overnights. It just is. Been happening for 17 years and 39 seasons. I would suggest if contestants don’t understand that, or can’t handle it, they not apply for the show.

If she didn’t have her “girl chat”, she might have accepted a proposal and THEN found out he hid that from her, and needless to say that would have been another guaranteed broken engagement pretty quickly. I’m actually glad they did this (had an unscheduled girl chat to throw a wrench in things), and I’m glad her dad said no to giving Peter his blessings, and I hope we find them still unengaged when the ending comes out. She has her standards, he knew them and ignored them and did what he wanted (he was entitled) and then didn’t tell her (he wasn’t entitled to hide that from someone he was going to propose to, knowing her values), so I would have LOVED to have seen an ending where the lead was dumped by his final choice and didn’t win her back because he was disrespectful to her values.

Comment: I agree. This is on Peter to me, not Madison. She tells him after the hometown rose ceremony and he eliminates Kelsey, that she is a virgin. So he knows going into fantasy suites what her stance is on sex. I don’t know if she gives an ultimatum or how she presents it to him, but go listen to the Robert Mills interview on page 1. He suggests Peter absolutely knows what’s on the table heading into fantasy suites – and he f***s it up by having sex with one or both of the others.



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