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“Reader Emails,” Ratings, Madison Filming in Alabama, WTA and Finale Schedule & Some More Questions Answered

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for all you do. I read through your columns first thing after they are posted. Good stuff.

You have been very firm that Hannah Brown is not involved in the rest of Peter’s season, either for the finale or post-show. You are also open to the possibility that she returns for a Bachelorette 2.0 season.

I’m wondering if the two are related? That you know she is not with Peter *because* of the Bachelorette potential? Or are these two different issues – you have a source stating she is not with Peter and another source keeping the Bachelorette option open.

Hope these questions make sense. Thanks for your insights!

Comment: They are not related.

Hi Steve,

Would you care to comment on whether being on the Bachelor could adversely affect Peter’s aviation career? When the plane is in an unusual attitude, lights are flashing and warning horns, alarms and annunciatiors are doing off, indecisiveness is the last thing one would want in a pilot in command.

Comment: I think this take is pretty silly. How Peter is in his dating life has no bearing on how he flies a plane. I think people are trying to just make an easy joke, when in reality, it’s just stupid. Has he taken off and safely landed every plane he’s ever flown? The answer is yes. So lets stop with this take.

So, first time writer long time reader.

I’ve been following your posts about this season closely and waiting with bated breath to be spoiled because honestly your spoilers make the experience for me.

Anyway, just tracking what you’ve said about the ending (that you don’t want to reveal until you can explain how events transpire to get us to whatever the ending is) and answers to reader emails indicating Peter is with someone, I have a question/thought.

Does the info you currently have (because I fully believe you know who Peter is with- or at least you think you know The Who of the ending) indicate that Peter is with someone outside of his final 2?

I’m not suggesting Hannah B. because everyone and their mother has gone down that path. But, is it possible that he’s with someone like Kelsey or Victoria F.? I know you said you think Victoria F. is 100% going to BIP, but I can’t come up with a scenario where it would be confusing or surprising that he ended up with Hannah Ann or Madison.

So, any possibility he’s with someone that isn’t HA or Madi or Hannah B., and someone we have seen on the show all season and something happens in Australia that makes Peter realize he wants this person as opposed to either HA or Madi?

Thanks! Love your column!

Comment: He’s not with Kelsey or Victoria F. Or anyone else that finished 5th through 30th on his season. Or Hannah Brown. Or Julie Laplaca his producer.

Everything I have says he’s with Hannah Ann or Madison. The “confusing” and “surprising” thing the show is promoting is more about all the details of what goes down at the end. It’s more about the HOW than the WHO.

Hi Steve – long time reader/follower/podcast listener, etc.

This batch of girls definitely seem a bit more two-faced and Housewives of – fill-in-the-blank any city works – ish than any of the past cohorts. I noticed Victoria F seemed really close to Kelsey first few episodes – crying to Kelsey about the fashion show, always sitting next to each other etc., and then few episodes later threw her under the bus to the other girls just last episode during Tammygate. Did all the girls turn on Kelsey for some reason? Seems like Kelsey and Hannah Ann are fine now and were once that all blew over.

But then the girls that all seemed to have Tammy’s back did an about face and turned on Tammy – even Sydney turned on Tammy despite the fact that Kelsey talked shit about Sydney to Tammy. What’s up with the flip-flopping? Which of the girls are still friends after the show? Or is all forgiven after taping b/c its all BS drama anyhow? It’s really hard to follow and everything that happens seems so fake/scripted but that much more unbelievable b/c of the amateur actors/actresses involved. I’m getting tired of the increasing involved producers – is there any real emotion or behavior left that isn’t just drumming up drama or instagram followers? That leads me to…Too hard to follow so I don’t bother.

Kelley – the adult voice of reason. That Peter seemed really bothered by and clearly got very defensive. Peter, dude, this is what a normal adult conversation about a relationship should be like vs. empty platitudes, validations and cooing! My husband and I are convinced she just went on the show to drum up marketing for her family’s law firm. If only we could have a smart, mature bachelorette like her (reminds me of Rachel).

Comment: Kelley isn’t your typical contestant, that’s for sure.

Hey Steve,

I know we are hearing a lot of rumors spark around Hannah B. As the new bachelorette. With the finale being unspoiled, I think that probably rules out Hannah Ann and Madison for Bachelorette. Victoria F. Is a hard no, and Kelsey seems like she didn’t get a good enough edit to have a fan base.

With Mike Johnson not getting Bachelor this year, what are your thoughts on Natasha being in the running for Bachelorette? I thought she had some good commentary and seems to get along with the house and is mature.

Thanks for the spoilers!

Comment: Natasha is not going to be the “Bachelorette.”

From your insight… it’s obvious why Victoria F is struggling with her feelings with peter and can’t be present and can’t be honest. You hate yourself you can’t let anyone else in. And you’re a dishonest cheater. With yourself and others. Wow. Can’t open up. Shocking.

Comment: And there’s the psychological diagnosis of what is wrong with Victoria F.

Hi Steve

Here is my Bachelor ending theory.

Peter is struggling to chose between Hannah Ann and Madison as he’s not 100% sure either of them are truly ready for marriage in their lives (as also supported by parents not giving their blessing at hometowns).

It’s the day before the final rose ceremony. Chris Harrison comes and tells Peter that after Victoria F went home and read everything being said about her she crashed emotionally so seriously she was hospitalized. (Self harm? But I’d NEVER make that part of any form of a public statement about my theory. That would be Victorias story to tell. If it were true, just goes to the level of effect this show can have on participants lives. Olivia can attest!)

Peter was so shaken Victoria’s journey with the show caused her such pain (scene of him laying on bed) he couldn’t go through with the final rose ceremony.

Everyone went home and Peter continued to date both women until he finally chose Hannah Ann. Possibly he gives her his house key at ATFR!

Comment: It’s definitely not what you’re saying about Victoria F. She’s just fine. Ask Virginia Beach.

Hey Steve,

Really appreciate all you do, makes watching so much better!

Just wanted to get your opinion on the way Victoria F is acting, specifically how I feel she is manipulating Peter (and doing a very good job at it). She comes in with the shy girl act, even though her actions (making out in front of everyone, strutting around in lingerie, etc) prove otherwise. Then she starts playing hard to get by saying she doesn’t know if she wants to be there. When you have multiple women throwing themselves at you, that must be a little refreshing/intriguing. Based on her past, she clearly knows what she’s doing when it comes to getting men. Also doesn’t hurt looking like her either. Do you think she came in with a set “strategy” and is executing it to perfection, or am I just reading way too deep between the lines?

Comment: Yes. I believe she knew exactly what she was doing going on this show.


I’m late on this email bc work has been crazy for me and I just caught up on episodes. I feel like the hate towards Alayah was out of control. I feel like for whatever odd reason she was the one picked to be the girl that everyone hated in the house this season. I felt bad for her – I thought I remembered you saying you haven’t heard much negativity about her as well?? Not really, no.

I didn’t like Sydney at all bc she played in the producer manipulation and essentially picked on someone for no reason. Thoughts? I think Sydney has some issues that she needs to deal with personally before she ever appears on this show again. Will she? Of course not. Because she’ll absolutely be on Paradise this summer. I just think it’s the wrong move. She handled herself poorly on the show and almost worse off it.

Also – I thought that when Alayah came back and told the girls that Victoria F dated Chase Rice, that Victoria F would get the hate / questions in the house, not Alayah. That one surprised me but those girls had so much hate towards Alayah. Another reason I felt badly for her. This whole thing just confused me.

Comment: Well, I only remember Victoria F. giving her hate for it. The others were just upset that she was able to come back. Seemed like they were more upset Peter allowed her to but took it out on her.

Any idea why Madison still isn’t verified on Instagram? I find it weird that she has way more followers than any other contestant but Instagram has not verified her. Even Sydney is verified and Madison has 500,000 more followers than her. I was wondering if it had anything to do with all that fan account controversy.

Thanks Steve!

Comment: You have to request to be verified. Maybe she hasn’t requested. I have way less followers than her and I got verified in less than 24 hrs. I thought it took forever to get verified.

Hi Reality Steve,

Thanks for all you do!

Quick Q: Does the Bachelor franchise buy all of the plane tickets the day before travel? Or do they always fly on a private jet? I’m just curious how they get tickets / customs information for girls that they don’t know made it to the trip until the night before!

Comment: They buy open tickets and then fill them in. They fly commercial going from country to country.


After your Dalton Ross podcast, now I TOTALLY want to see a (never gonna happen) Bachelor – Survivor crossover event!

Imagine Probst hosting Bachelor… these fire tokens become rose tokens and the ladies get to vote on who gets makeup that night, who gets the one on one date, even better who gets the two on one date! The rose ceremony becomes all the ladies at tribal talking smack about one another and then voting someone to exile island where they have to live without make up and hair products.

This could be epically glorious!

I know… never gonna happen… but just imagine the fun. I would watch.

Comment: Well, it’d never be a full cast of “Bachelor” women on “Survivor,” but you have a better chance of someone on “Survivor” from the “Bachelor” franchise than vice versa.

Hey Steve! Long time reader, first time emailer. I enjoy your weekly commentary on the show. Thanks for doing what you do! A few questions for you:

Theory: Kendall and Joe broke up because the producers put feelers out to Kendall about being the next Bachelorette. Thoughts? I have no idea.

Tammy the Tattle Tale – how much of this drama was Tammy’s innate personality vs. manipulation by producers? Perhaps they manipulated her by confirming her own sense that she wasn’t going to make it to hometowns, and suggesting she needed to “create a storyline” for herself to stand out enough to have a shot at getting on BIP next summer? I don’t think so. They knew what buttons to push with her and it worked. And she’s since apologized for how she acted.

How did Kelly ever get on this show? Was she recruited by a producer? Did she actually apply? She is such an atypical contestant.

Comment: I’m not sure.

Hiya Steve,

What do you think Kelsey’s chances of becoming bachelorette are? I thought she was too emotional at first, but she is growing on me, she is beautiful and sweet, and I’d love to see her have a happy ending. Her family story is heart breaking, and I can see ABC having an easy time getting 30 guys who would legitimately be interested in her in addition to any fame for being a contestant.

Does her emotional nature rule her out or does she have a shot? She will be final four, so maybe?

Comment: I really don’t see her as the “Bachelorette.” Said it last week and I’ll say it again: I’d be surprised if any of Peter’s women are the “Bachelorette.”

So – here’s my question/observation…

A lot of the letters you’re getting indicate that, let’s face it – the women here aren’t exactly great candidate’s for “Bachelorette” (but WOW – Paradise looks like it will be a gong show with these likely suspects!) – and Kelley seems like the only one that isn’t prone to histrionics/meltdowns. But, as you’ve mentioned – you don’t see her wanting to be the next Bachelorette given that she seems to decidedly not be enjoying her time there, – however…

They made Hannah Brown into an empowerment figure – maybe that would be a tone they could strike with her? Because I think that would be something fantastic to watch – she doesn’t seem to suffer fools – and it would be GREAT to see a smart, confident career woman march in there and turn everything upside down. If they gave her a bit of free reign (would they?) – could it work in your opinion?

On a different note – holy crap – the girl looks a hell of a lot like Justine Bateman! (remember Family Ties?)

Comment: Ha ha, yeah she does. I can see that. I just don’t see her as the “Bachelorette.”

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  1. crushonspivey

    February 12, 2020 at 9:09 AM

    How people think Stinky Pete ends up with his producer makes me laugh. She has made him look so stupid this year. He should be upset with her, not wanting to marry her. He was her stooge all season long.

    I hope he ends up with neither. This is really how this season needs to go. If anything, maybe roll out Hannah B at the After and have them talk about dating now or something, and Pete with none of the other girls. There is no love story to be believed with any other girl. None at all.

  2. joanne

    February 12, 2020 at 12:57 PM

    I agree that Peter really doesn’t belong with anyone. He’s clearly not ready to make a commitment.

    Madison made it clear how she felt, yet Peter went ahead anyway with having sex with two other women. To make matters worse, she found out from the women and not Peter.

    I wouldnt want to get engaged to a man who had just been intimate with two other women days before either. If he really loved Madison he would not have done that so even if they end up together I’m sure it will not last long.

  3. ctrealitygirl

    February 12, 2020 at 1:05 PM

    I agree with both of you. It’s not that Peter is a bad guy, he’s just nowhere near ready to settle down. C,mon…28 years old and pilot for a major airlines? I’m sure he gets plenty of opportunities to screw around. And he appears to need his ego fed constantly. He expects the women to profess their undying love for him while he can’t even make up his mind who to let go. And the fact that he keeps Victoria F around is proof of what he’s looking for. And, it’s NOT a wife!

  4. joanne

    February 12, 2020 at 8:59 PM

    Yes exactly. I’ll actually be disappointed if Madison takes him back. He’s sure not ready to settle down and he betrayed her trust. Being intimate twice proves it.

  5. jlal

    February 13, 2020 at 6:35 AM

    I agree with all comments above about Peter not being ready to settle down. I have said that from the get go. He is just along for the fame and ride.

    I have mixed feelings about the Madison issue. She knows the show, just as Luke did and still choose to come on anyway. She can only dictate her sexual behavior, not Peter’s. If her religion, sexual purity, and Peter’s sexual activity is so important why did she do the show. Hannah’s season ended and his started with the windmill narrative. It is not like she didn’t know before coming on.

    As for the next bachelorette, out of the slim pickings, I pick Tia. She is pretty, smart, knows the game, and would be interesting to watch.

  6. ctrealitygirl

    February 13, 2020 at 8:40 AM

    Wow, jlal! I sent RS an email stating the exact points you made in your comment! Steve posted it in his Reader Emails. His response was to defend Madison’s stance as she “warned” Peter at the Rose Ceremony after Hometowns that she would have a problem if he had sex with anyone in the Fantasy Suites, and he went ahead and did just that regardless of Madison’s warning. But, I’m with you. Peter’s claim to fame after Hannah’s season was having sex in the windmill 4 times, so Madison knew going into this what she was up against. So, like you stated, why go on a show when you know having premarital sex in the Fantasy Suites is common behavior? And especially knowing that the Bachelor you signed up for, did it himself the season before. If Peter doesn’t end up with her, she is definitely NOT Bachelorette material!

  7. dogmomma

    February 13, 2020 at 10:44 AM

    So many things don’t make sense about this season. The above comment is one of them. Why would Madison go on the Bachelor if she is looking for a man of faith, knowing that Peter isn’t one of them. Why not just meet other Christian men on a dating site?? And how in the world did Peter keep giving Victoria another chance after hearing about her past, and her annoying behavior of not knowing how to control her emotions. And why did he keep Hannah Ann when she was an emotional mess and couldn’t tell him how she felt. Nothing about this season makes sense. Ugh!

  8. ctrealitygirl

    February 13, 2020 at 11:09 AM

    The answer about why Peter kept Victoria F around, even after hearing about her trashy behavior with married men, is simply that he had his heart (penis) set on getting naked with her in the Fantasy Suite and he just couldn’t give that up. And, it must be a male flaw to fall for her antics, given how many married men she supposedly lured into her trap. I could barely watch her on the 3-on-1 date. She acted like a spoiled child. Correction: “She always acts like a spoiled child.” I guess a lot of men fall for that wounded little girl act. But why on earth would Peter want to keep a woman who rarely smiled on any of their dates is beyond me. Hannah Ann is another hot mess. Couldn’t Peter come to the conclusion that she was just too young to make any kind of commitment? But I suspect he also wanted to get her into the Fantasy Suite. And the way things are going, he’s basically proving to the viewers that he’s not looking for a wife to settle down with judging by his poor choices. Kelsey? Victoria F? Hannah Ann? Even Madison seems a tad immature. Ugh is right!

  9. justsaying

    February 13, 2020 at 12:36 PM

    Madison said she wants a religious, spiritual man to lead her family. She didn’t say she wanted a virgin.

    I suppose her rule is, if she’s serious with a guy and the guy is supposed falling for her, she can’t look pass him sleeping with someone else. I’m just guessing here. It’s her beliefs, her body, her life and her choice after all.

  10. jlal

    February 14, 2020 at 4:18 AM

    For those wondering why Peter kept Victoria around, he may not have, production probably did. We have read on this site how the lead knows who they like from very early on and it is pretty much production that decides who stays and goes. Production may have just had him keep Victoria around for the drama factor.

  11. tinyred500

    February 14, 2020 at 9:32 AM

    If Peter knew he was going to pick Madison (we assume he does), and she tells him about her purity etc., after hometown dates, then yes, the onus was on Peter. He could have sent Madison home there and then. Instead Peter has sex with one or both of the other two females, knowing full well how Madison felt, that’s hugely disrespectful and arrogant of him. If Madison goes back to him, then I’m confused and have mixed feelings as well.

    If however Madison gives him an ultimatum, then that’s a different matter entirely, and agree she’s can’t dictate what Peter does on the overnight dates. She can only tell him about her and how she feels. We will have to see how it plays out. 🙂

    There’s nothing wrong with anyone going on this programme if they are virgins or celibate. If they are upfront and honest and tell the lead before the overnight dates, then it shouldn’t be an issue. Because the blind isn’t leading the blind as both are aware, and hopefully the right choices and decisions are made. It appears Peter doesn’t care, is immature and doing it all for fame.

  12. tinyred500

    February 14, 2020 at 10:33 AM

    I meant to add…

    Even if someone has had sex previously, doesn’t mean you’d be okay with the lead sleeping with one or both of the other females. Even if you’re ‘sort of okay’ with it at the time, doesn’t mean you’re okay later on. Reflection is just that, you feel differently with time. I’m sure this is one of the problems which sadly leads to the breakdowns and break ups of the relationship later on. 🙁

  13. gsiegel

    February 18, 2020 at 11:17 PM

    Just wondering which girl Peter’s mom was begging him not to allow to leave. His mom tearfully begged him to bring her home to them. He seemed frustrated and torn as he hated to see his mom crying but also seemed to have already made the decision to let the girl leave the show.

  14. gsiegel

    February 18, 2020 at 11:31 PM

    Until there’s a ring on the finger, they should not expect or assume fidelity!

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