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“Reader Emails,” Tonight’s Episode, & How Social Media is Out of Control with This Show

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Hi Steve,

Just read your thoughts on the next bachelorette. The edits the women are receiving this season really aren’t giving us much of a “bachelorette” edit like women have gotten in past seasons. If Madison isn’t Peter’s final choice, could you see her getting it? Also, what are your thoughts on Jen Saviano as bachelorette? I know she wasn’t one of the final girls on Ben’s season, but she does have a little bit of a storyline with Nick leading her on, only to dump her on BIP. Thoughts?

Comment: Madison? I don’t see that at all. I think you can get away with a Virgin Bachelor. I don’t think they can run that same story with a female lead. They’d get crucified.

Jen? As much as I think she’s easily one of the top 5 most attractive women in this show’s history, no, she’s not going to be the “Bachelorette.”


Is there a possibility that Peter decides to reconnect with Kelley Flanagan after the last day in Australia? What is interesting to me is Kelley Flanagan follows Peter, his Mom, his Dad and his brother on Instagram. Peter was in Miami on Sunday for the Super Bowl, Kelly was in Miami on Monday for a Miami Heat game. Are these facts A matter of coincidence or spoiler?

Just curious.

Comment: Peter is not with Kelley.

Thanks for all your insights.

At the pillow fight, contestants were given a set of “pajamas”. When contestants sign up for the show, do they give up all control over wardrobe changes. If they are asked to go out in public in their underwear or even nude bungie jumping, is their only recourse “you shouldn’t have signed up for the show”? Pretty much.

I do think the misappropriation of Kelsey’s champagne was outright theft on the part of Production. Of course she is the type that will say you hid her car keys on purpose if she misplaces them.

I give Peter credit for trying, but there is a trend that Production doesn’t respect the choices of the lead when they actually figure out who the “villains” are and try to send them home. Alayah and later Victoria F are sent home and Production sends them right back in. Luke Parker, twice last season. Has this been common all along? No, it’s been more so in recent seasons.

There is also a concerning trend of Production not respecting the choices of those who want to leave the show – although it worked out for Colton when they didn’t let Cassie leave right away.

It’s possible that Madison leaves because she wants to wait on sex for marriage, which would be a perfectly good reason why she is not a good match for Peter. Also makes sense for her dad not to give her blessing, when the show has portrayed Peter as the windmill guy, plus Peter has been the windmill guy. I wouldn’t either.

But I don’t expect Production to let it pass. I expect they will chase her down and put pressure on her to spend time with Peter and maybe even get engaged even if it is fake, glossing over whatever promiscuous actions Peter has taken that undermined her confidence.

In that light the messages “I never stop fighting for love” and “Don’t let her go! Bring her home!” don’t seem so positive. In real life, people get restraining orders for that sort of thing.

Comment: Here’s the only problem with your guess: that’s essentially what 90% of the guesses are, yet the show is telling us this ending is out of left field and no one will see it coming.

Hey Steve,

I just wanted to ask you if you know the ending yet? And does Hannah Brown come back? Now let me give you my 4 theories on why I think the ending is a certain way and why it must be true….. KIDDING. How do these people send in things like this week after week?? I’m annoyed for you, but I guess it is part of the job. If you only knew…

Anyways, I do have some observations and questions after watching this season so far. I love listening to all your podcasts and recaps and watching with a “critical eye” and irritates the heck out of the people I watch it with. Monday’s episode was ROUGH. I actually could not sit through the whole three hours—I went to bed and have no intention of finishing it or watching Wednesday’s episode.

First of all, the girls this season seem out of control in terms of tearing each other apart, starting drama, etc. I know we say this every season (or at least the last three that I’ve watched each week and read every post you’ve made throughout the year), but it really seems like the worst to date. I realize a lot of the girls are young, but I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that for the first time it seems clear that 95% of the girls are there for the recognition and what the show can offer OTHER than Peter. And for the first time, I think even the show is slightly acknowledging that? The girls seem to be acknowledging it? And the public, along with tons of Bachelor Nation, are acknowledging it all over twitter and podcasts. All the girls seem to be getting nervous around the rose ceremonies not because they want Peter, but because they know the longer they last the better shot they have at making it on Paradise or getting some free clothes/skincare/etc on social media. Do you think there has been a shift in how the show is handling it? And how the public is handling it? Other than Sydney saying Alayah acted different in front of the cameras (which newsflash Syd, you do too!!) I don’t remember there being a big “for the right reasons” plot line or even those words used. Also, it seems like a lot of the girls know the “game” and know to do whatever the producers say, but then are shocked in real-time when they look bad on television. It boggles my mind.

Also, what is with Peter questioning Kelley like crazy??? I get that she was saying things he probably didn’t expect but come on. Peter can believe anything one of the girls tells him about other contestants, but can’t believe what she is saying about not being in love with him after three weeks (12 hours total of group dates maybe?). Kelley is the only one that seems to be reasonable on this show and Peter seems to find that as more of a red flag than anything else going on. Hence why I don’t think she’ll be “Bachelorette.” Too smart for this show.

And lastly, this has been mentioned by both you and readers but Peter really is SO indecisive. He cannot figure out what he wants and continually does things to upset all the girls. It’s a producer’s dream but is driving me nuts. Like I said, I’m boycotting the show until there are less girls around—I know that means nothing to ABC’s ratings but it makes me feel better. I’ll be interested to see if there are any noticeable differences in Wednesday night’s ratings compared to Monday’s. There definitely will be just because a non-Monday Bachelor episode has always drawn less. They’ve done Sunday’s and Tuesday’s before. And it’s always less. “Bachelor” fans are programmed to just watch their show on Monday night. Seems silly, but the ratings bear it out.

Thanks for all you do Steve! I truly appreciate the distraction during work every day as I read your columns or listen to the podcast. Every so often I get the idea that it could be fun to go on this show and then I remember how disappointed you’d be in me.

Comment: Ask Sydney how fun it is to be on this show. Or Tammy. Or Alayah. Or Victoria P.

Hi Steve!

Long time reader, first time emailer! I feel like that’s standard greeting now, right? I love reading all your commentary, spoilers, and insights into the show.

I was just wondering though, would the producers ever consider Becca Tilley for The Bachelorette? She is single, successful, beautiful, funny, and beloved by Bachelor Nation. I think she would be so great and similar to JoJo’s season (especially since they are really close).

Any thoughts? Thanks!

Comment: Yeah, that’s gonna be a no from me, dawg.

Hey Steve!

I know you don’t watch this show because it is your fave, it’s obviously your job to watch it. But do you have seasons that you find more enjoyable/entertaining than others? And any seasons that you think totally miss the mark? They’re honestly all the same to me.

I have watched The Bachelor franchise for a longgg time and am well aware it is completely produced, they regurgitate the same plots/story lines and this is solely a money making machine. But hey, year after year it entertains me, makes my mundane life actually seem like a relief compared to the craziness and the romantic in me still holds out there’s love to be found (somewhere?). Also, the experience of watching is only manageable with your spoilers for context.

But this season is ROUGH. I haven’t loved previous Bachelors that were picked, but could always watch the season and find some entertainment value, but this one is killing me. So over the top, so much immaturity and Peter is like a deer in headlights dropping drama laced confetti wherever he goes.

What do you think? Do you think it’s just like all previous seasons? Maybe I am getting older and the drama is just less palatable…

Just curious what your thoughts are!

Comment: I just think people have short term memories when it comes to this franchise. People bitch every season about how awful it is, the contestants suck, too much drama, the lead is boring, etc. Same ol, same ol.

Hi Steve,

Regarding the ending, do you still believe he picked someone or he’s single. Many people thinks he’s single based on interviews.

Comment: I believe he’s with someone.

Hi Steve!

So I’ve read your site for a few years now because I’m far too impatient to wait all season to know the results of a season. I’ve learned a lot about production and producers from reading about it. What I wonder is does it say in the contestants contract that they HAVE to ask producer permission for all the things they do? I.e. at cocktail parties, do they have to ask permission to go interrupt Peter, or do the producers just manipulate the girls to make them think that they can’t go until they say so?

I wonder this because I feel like we know so much about production now that I wonder why the girls don’t just ignore producers and do what they want anyway. Thanks!

Comment: Ignore producers? Not happening. You follow orders, or you pack your bags (to a certain extent). That was said in my best Lt. Daniel Kaffee voice.

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to start out with thanks for all you do. I started following the Bachelor franchise around the end of Becca’s season and heard about you when you broke the news about Jenna and Jordan. At first I thought you were interfering in private matters, but I came to realize that the news had to come from an unbiased third party as yourself or no one would have believed it. You are truly the hero we need and deserve.

Anyway, here’s my question: Evan Bass posted the attached casting ad for a senior dating show. As he’s been known to stretch the truth before, I wanted to know, what have you heard about the show? If it’s real, it’s something I would be interested in watching! Thanks!

Comment: Yes, it’s real. But there’s been no details other than that casting ad that was posted. I will venture to guess though that that show will never be on network ABC. Probably online like Disney + or one of their sister channels. Zero chance that’s shown on regular ABC.

Hi Steve!

I have a theory on who Peter’s mom is talking about in the season preview, but nobody to discuss it with so I’m putting it out into the world via you. I don’t think she’s talking about anybody in particular. I think that’s a snippet of something along the lines of, “follow your heart, whichever girl you can see yourself marrying, bring her home to us”. I mentioned that in the very beginning of possibilities once it first aired. We don’t know if she’s talking about a particular person, or in general.

Also, Kelley would be the best bachelorette to watch but there’s no way it would happen. She wouldn’t allow herself to be a puppet. Did you pick up on how much she uses the word “process” instead of “journey”? I’m surprised they don’t edit that out.

Thanks for the spoilers!

Comment: Yes. Exactly.

Hi Steve,

Not really a question, just something you might not have noticed…I know I am going to sound crazy saying this, but this is the second time the Bachelor franchise has been at The Springs Resort and Spa, they were there during Brad’s season, and Emily Maynard had her 1 on 1 a the resort. How do I know this you might ask? Teenage me was obsessed with this franchise, while still reading your spoilers, and when my dad wanted to take a family trip to Costa Rica, I was happy to act like a professional and offer up The Springs, which I never told my family I knew about from the Bachelor…mostly because no way my day would ever go if he knew it was a location from “that dumb show you always watch”. The resort is amazing, the staff members are phenomenal, and being a native Spanish speakers and talking with the staff, the show really does a lot for them in regards to increasing tourism, so good for them I guess. For all those reading, definitely not a place for family vacations, take your honeymoon here!

Anyway, the reason all the dates are on the resort, is because there is literally NOTHING close to the resort. It is over 3 hours from the airport, but absolutely breathtaking and beautiful. We did a lot of adventurous things that the resort offered, so to see Kelley’s date where they had some people there feeling spirit come in and tell Kelley and Peter they are in different stages is annoying. They have amazing animal sanctuaries, rock climbing, rafting, tubing, and even ATVing. I guess adventurous dates aren’t as fun as Peter being all bent out of shape Kelley and him are in different parts of their lives.

Comment: Yep. The resort currently advertises it on its site and says it’s the second time the “Bachelor” has been there, so you got that right. Also, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” has filmed there.

Hey Steve,

Do you have any insight or thoughts as to why the Monday episode was three hours long and we’re getting another two hours on Wednesday, then things are still on schedule for next Monday?

I mean I don’t think ABC is trying to burn off episodes because of any real ratings change right? Is it something else on their schedule that I’m missing?

Comment: I’d have to go back and do research on this, or maybe someone else could. But I’m pretty sure the last few “Bachelor” seasons all had one week that aired two episodes in it. So this isn’t something completely new at all.

Hey Steve!

I saw that you mentioned that Hannah Brown could be a possibility for Bachelorette and I’m not surprised because of how popular she is. Just curious on whether you think she would say yes. I find it hard to believe she would toss herself in the ringer again but who knows. She seems to have had a whirlwind of a career so far and I know she said she wants to get into hosting but I guess we’ll see when March rolls around.

Thanks for all the spoilers!

Comment: Oh I definitely think she would.

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