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The “Bachelor” Peter – Debunking Producer Theories, & I Fill You In On What I Know Up to This Point

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Still a few things to get to that I’ve seen this season and interviews Peter has recently done that have caught my attention. You know how every season we see things in the season previews that never make air? Well, we’ve no doubt that again this season with numerous clips. I’m not gonna go over all of them, but one pretty popular one was a voiceover of someone saying “She/Sydney _______ in the hot springs.” Yeah, that never happened, which is why you only got a voiceover and it was never shown. I mean, there were definitely a few scenes in here that we never saw this season:

Madison slapping someone on the telenovela date was never shown. The quote above was from another preview clip that I can’t find right now. But bottom line is I think the whole pregnancy angle started from that quote and, well, yet another ridiculous theory that had people scurrying for a few days or so. Pregnant? Really? C’mon everyone. Have ANY of these girls been shy on IG since filming post pictures of themselves? If someone were pregnant, they’d be about 3 ½ months right now. Doesn’t mean they’d be showing, but you can bet your ass that anyone pregnant would be keeping a much lower profile on social media. And oh yeah, Peter shot that down in this interview last week as well:

So he’s specifically told about 3 theories making the rounds during that interview: he’s with Hannah B., he got someone pregnant, and he’s single. His answer was: “I will say I haven’t heard the actual ending yet though.” So you can rule all those three out. I know “Peter is totally acting single. I saw him here with this woman, or he’s hanging out with this woman, blah blah blah” gained some steam recently. Well, he was just told a theory about how his season ends that he was single and he responds by saying he hasn’t heard the actual ending yet. So that answers that question. Lets just say if Peter were single, the interviewer would have never been allowed to ask that question. And if by some chance they did, and Peter was single, his answer would’ve been more along the lines of, “Hey, all great theories. You never know. Gonna have to watch and find out.” Not directly refute the theories by saying he hasn’t heard the ending yet. He may be coached in his answers on what to say, but he’s not coached to directly lie.

Another interview Peter did this week he was being given a hard time by keeping all the drama around, and what was behind some of the decisions he made, and Peter basically said, “Look, I knew exactly what I was doing the whole time” and that his front runner never changed after week 4. The latter part could be him just trying to save his ass after the fact, but the first point is valid. Because lets face it, when you’re the lead on this show, you HAVE to do 11 episodes of TV, no matter who you may like more than others. Every lead I’ve ever had on my podcast has pretty much said they knew who they were into after the first night and had their final 4 set. From that point forward, I don’t want to say every other person isn’t important, but in terms of being with the lead, they aren’t. So then they just become part of the storyline. How are we going to make these people interesting enough, or create enough drama surrounding them, knowing that they aren’t going to win? And that’s where editors come in and do their job. So people like Tammy, Mykenna, Sydney, Victoria P., the whole time filming is happening, they all think they have a chance with Peter and are possible final 4 candidates, but producers know otherwise, so they begin to craft their storylines accordingly. That’s what you’re signing up for when you go on this show. If the lead tells producers (people he talks to every day) that he doesn’t see you in his final 4 or potential final one, you are expendable. But, they still have to produce 11 episodes, and only x amount of people can go home each episode. So you ask, “Why didn’t he send so and so home earlier?” Because he can’t. He can only do 3, maybe 4 at the most once the show gets rolling. If you are not one of the leads top picks, you are filler for the show. However, producers are constantly making you feel like you have a chance, when in reality, you don’t. Someone that the lead wants to be with doesn’t get eliminated in episode 2 because of something that happens on the show. You weren’t a choice of theirs to begin with. Sorry.

One of the things I’m seeing on social media a lot this season, and I guess it happens every season, is contestants taking to their IG page or Twitter to either defend themselves, or, apologize for their actions. I guess apologizing is better than nothing. Sydney took the approach last week to continually tell people she was bullied, which I think was the wrong approach as I mentioned. To each their own. Tammy went the apology route:

Even Mykenna came in with the classic “we’re all human and make mistakes” tweet, which is always a popular one to go to:

Now look, I agree with Mykenna. I’ve been over this 1,000 times. If you send hate tweets, racist tweets, death threats, etc to a contestant on a reality show, you’re scum of the earth and you should be banned from social media. But we all know that’s not gonna happen and this will continue on as long as Twitter and IG exist. It’s part of what this show and its fanbase have become. But here’s the issue I have with what these women say. I’m sure they mean it, but, I’m assuming we’ll see Tammy, Mykenna, Sydney and others all on Paradise this season. Am I expected to believe that one of them, if not all, won’t get egged on by a producer again and go off on someone? What, we’re gonna get down to Paradise, and every rivalry will just go away, everyone will become friends, and there will be no conflict down there? That’s where they’re putting their backs against the wall, because once you come out and apologize, unless you never do another show with them again, chances are we’re gonna see the same behavior come Paradise. You know why? BECAUSE WE SEE IT EVERY SEASON. I’d love for one, if not all of them to do a 180, stay out of all drama, and never ruffle feathers down in Mexico this summer. I just don’t think it’ll happen. I’m honestly supposed to believe Sydney won’t call someone a bitch, or get in someone’s face, or be in the middle of ANY drama this summer? Would love to see it. Don’t think it’s possible. Easy for them to say now while they’re not filming anything and they see their behavior on TV. It’s another thing to be back in it in June for Paradise and producers get their claws into you again. Hell, what about the “Women Tell All?” You don’t think there will be any confrontations between these women there? Please.



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