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The Bachelor 24 - Peter

The “Bachelor” Peter – Hometown Review, A Bachelor Nation Breakup, WTA Films Friday, & a Discussion About Victoria

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We clearly know that last night’s hometowns were centered around Victoria. Hence the reason, even though her hometown was filmed second in real time, they ended up showing hers last. In fact, none of the women’s hometown was shown in the order they were filmed. Last night we saw them show it as Hannah Ann, Kelsey, Madison, and Victoria. When in reality, they were filmed in this order: Madison (Oct. 26th), Victoria (Oct. 28th), Hannah Ann (Oct. 30th), and Kelsey (Nov. 1st), with the rose ceremony happening in LA on Nov. 2nd. Not a whole hell of a lot to cover on the other 3 hometowns really, but I do have a few thoughts.

-When Peter gave Hannah Ann his list of “Things I Love About You,” I was fully expecting him to have a letter ready for Victoria with “10 Things I Hate About You.” Except his list wouldn’t be limited to ten. Maybe like 100. Hey, wasn’t that a movie? I can’t remember who was in it but could whoever that movie was about been as awful as Victoria? Probably not.

-So I guess axe throwing is a thing to do on dates? Or only because Ranger Rick is her dad? It seemed like Ranger Rick wanted to be part of that date about as much as wanting a colonoscopy. It seems like in recent seasons, we’re getting more and more parents not automatically buying into the whole charade of this show. Four hometowns last night and we never saw Peter ask one of the fathers for their blessing to marry their daughter. Has that ever happened before? I don’t think so (Although as I reported, Peter didn’t get the approval from Madison’s father to marry her even though it wasn’t shown).

-You know what else they did away with last night that I can’t remember them doing. The contestant telling the lead “You’re gonna meet my mom so-and-so, my dad so-and-so, my brother/sister so-and-so…” Usually we the audience always have an idea of everyone’s name we’re about to see. Never saw that last night. Not that I really cared too much since we got their names on screen during ITM’s, but not all family members got those.

-Ranger Rick really wasn’t buying what Peter was selling. When Peter told him I’m falling in love with your daughter, the RR shot that down real quick. “I’d rather you not say that unless you truly mean it. So what does Peter do? He says it, even though he didn’t really mean it. Who knows what’s going through Peter’s head, but when I watch those two, there’s nothing that really jumps out off the screen at me. Something is missing between them and it’s pretty easy to see. At least for me it is. I can’t be the only one.

-It’s just so cringey to listen to people say they’re in love on this show. Whether it’s “I’m falling in love with you” or “I’m in love with you” or “I love you,” the show puts such an emphasis on this being said at some point in the journey, it loses its importance. You know what? It’s ok to not be in love with someone a month into filming that you’ve barely spent any time with. Yet we know that if someone doesn’t open up, or can’t say it to the lead, ultimately they get cut. It’s why the premise of this show is so silly and the reason it’s so easy to make fun of. Nothing about Hannah Ann’s proclamation to him last night was believable to me. I feel like she said it because she felt like she had to, not because she truly meant it.

-And lets not forget the amount of contestants over the years that proclaim their love for the lead, or act a fool when they get dumped thinking they lost the love of their life, only to get off the show, be removed from that bubble, and eventually say in an interview or podcast, “Yeah, I thought I was in love but I realized I really wasn’t.” These people are in love with the environment they’re in. They’re in love with the possibility of being in love with that person. But no one is truly ever 100% head over heels in love while filming this show. It’s damn near impossible given the parameters.

-I honestly have nothing to say about Kelsey’s hometown date. I really didn’t think much happened there and it was clear she was 4th on Peter’s list. How did I know this? Because the guy can’t go one day without having major drama surround a date with Victoria for the 4th time now (Chase Rice date, Chile date where she walked away crying, the 3-on-1 where she walked away crying – again, then her disastrous hometown), and he STILL keeps her around. Kelsey has literally never caused any drama since ChampagneGate, yet she gets the boot over Victoria. I think that tells you all you need to know. Hope Kelsey says something about that to him at WTA. Or anyone does for that matter.

-I think Madison is pretty cool. Probably because she’s a baller and could run circles around Peter if they actually played a legit game to 21. There’s no doubt in my mind she could beat him. Could she beat me? No. She couldn’t. But at least it’d be entertaining. I could’ve shown her, and Peter, some of my dribbling prowess as well with two basketballs, and I haven’t done those drills in years.

-Have we ever had a season where so many women had not-so-favorable edits, but then there’s one that completely stood out over the rest? If we haven’t, we do now. I’ve never been under the assumption that Madison would be the “Bachelorette.” Never really saw how they could hype a virgin “Bachelorette” in 2020. This show is so sexualized and that’s basically the opposite of who Madison is and what she represents. With that said, if Madison isn’t with Peter at the end of this thing, I guess it wouldn’t be as far fetched to me now if they made her the “Bachelorette.” There’s something about her edit now that makes me think that. It might all be a moot point if they end up together, it’s just something I’m not as against believing could happen as I was before.

Now, lets talk a little Victoria Fuller, shall we?



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