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The Bachelor 24 - Peter

The “Bachelor” Peter – Overnight Date Thoughts, Chad Johnson Arrested, & My Thoughts on the Finale

I know absolutely no one is gonna believe me when I say this, but I’m somewhat enjoying the fact the season isn’t spoiled yet. Would I like to have the answer to every question this season answered? Yes. Has it been frustrating? Yeah, but moreso because of the constant emails, tweets, and DM’s, which are a product of not having the spoilers yet. Because I still have people, no joke, contacting me in some way, shape, or form asking questions like, “Hey, who wins this season?” Like, really? Has that person not read a single thing I’ve written since this show wrapped on Nov. 17th? There’s no way anyone who’s been to my site, hell, more than once in the last 3 months could fire off an email like that. I’ve said from the very beginning that I didn’t know what happened. The first spoiler I gave after filming wrapped was two things: 1) this wasn’t a normal ending where we have 2 women the final day, he dumps one, proposes to the other, and he leaves Australia engaged to someone and 2) there was no engagement. That’s what I knew to be true. Along the way I’ve filled in more details as I’ve gotten them, but, there’s a lot to dissect come the finale. Over the weekend I tweeted that there are some things I’m sure of, some holes on others, but I have a pretty good idea now of what goes down. And I’ll get to that later on in the column. But we’ve got some Bachelor Nation things to cover first, I have your “Women Tell All” spoilers on Page 2, the Madison “ultimatum” and thoughts on last night on page 3, then I’ll share with you how I think this plays out on page 4.

Former “Bachelorette” and BIP contestant Chad Johnson was back in the news yesterday – for all the wrong reasons. This was a video his girlfriend Annalise uploaded to her IG story yesterday:

This is embarrassing, pathetic, and I’m glad she put him on blast. The audacity for some people to victim blame his gf Annalise (no, his gf is not the Annaliese from the show) for recording this and not calling police, is appalling. Really? Who’s to say she didn’t do both? In this day and age, unfortunately because some people want to have their own truths about people and refuse to believe anything negative about them, Annalise almost HAD to record him, or she wouldn’t be believed. Oh sure some might believe her, but plenty of keyboard warriors out there would say, “Where’s the proof” if she were to just tweet or post a story that Chad punched a hole in her wall, told her to die, and called her the r-word. Good for her. She’s in an abusive relationship, certainly doesn’t sound like this was the first time he’s done something like this to her, and she needs to get out of it. I sent her a message yesterday applauding her for posting that, but also telling her she needs to get out. Will she read it or even listen? I have no idea. But she needs a lot of us telling her she does before something worse happens. This is a pattern of behavior for Chad over the years and he’s not changing unless he gets help. And maybe then it won’t even sink in. She should get a restraining order, use this as proof, and never speak, text, or message with him ever again. That’s the only way to move on from him.

UPDATE: Chad was arrested last night and taken into custody according to TMZ after what Annalise posted Sunday night and allegedly he went back yesterday and chucked her phone. Yesterday afternoon before his arrest happened, Chad did speak with TooFab and admitted what he did, even though he doesn’t remember a lot of it. His rep also spoke saying Chad will be seeking help for his anger management and drinking problems. However, the part where he loses me is blaming the show for what’s happened to him. Jacqueline and I talked about this in the last podcast where the show fails miserably in trying to help people post show, but if you do go off the rails, you can’t solely blame them. Sounds a lot like jealousy to me. Then apparently Chad told TooFab he has an issue with…ME!!!

“I just feel like I’m being portrayed in a crazy light,” he continued, accusing the show’s famed leaker Reality Steve for pushing false narratives.

Wait, what? Can someone tell me the last time I even brought up Chad’s name? I certainly can’t. But I guarantee the only time I actually do talk about him is when he’s in the news for something to do with his behavior. So, this guy is seriously disturbed and I don’t think truly understands what he’s done. It sounds like, unfortunately, he’s only sorry this got caught on video and not sorry for all his past behavior. However, lets just hope he gets help he needs, he actually listens to it, and changes his whole persona. Because this “bad boy” image isn’t working.

More and more stuff coming out this weekend of people claiming they heard/saw Peter in Hannah Ann’s IG story from this past weekend while she was in Florida. People, you’ve got to understand something. No matter who Peter is with, he’s never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever gonna be walking around in public with them where others could see them out. Not to mention, Peter wasn’t even in Florida this weekend. Hannah Ann was there with her girlfriend (Angelia Layton from “Survivor” season 25) and they had a photographer with them. Even people claiming Peter was seen with Madison last week, I just don’t think understand no matter who the lead chooses, they will never be anywhere in public together. It’s just not gonna happen. That would give the whole show away. Happy Couple weekends are in a secluded house that they aren’t allowed to leave. So no, you didn’t see them together at dinner, or you didn’t see them walking around in public in Florida with her friends. Just stop.

One thing I’ve been so happy to hear about was the response to last Thursday’s podcast. So happy to hear a lot of you enjoyed FP. I’m sure he’ll be on again at some point, but quite a few of you Nats fans reached out to me to let me know how much you appreciated hearing him on, and that was great. He is as good an analyst as there is in all of baseball and I hope Nats fans appreciate what they have. Like I said in that interview, I watch a lot of out of market games. I’ve heard every team’s broadcasters numerous times, and he’s definitely in the top 3. My goal is to get out to a Nats game this summer and hopefully hang with FP post show. We’re in the early stages of planning that.

Get your “Reader Emails” in for tomorrow as I’m sure you have a few thoughts no doubt. Right now I’m a little low. Also, it’s been a couple months since Ashley and I have had a “He Said/She Said” podcast, but we’re ramping it up again. If you want to be on it, let me know what your issue is, the time zone you’re in, and the best time you can record, and hopefully we can link up and get it recorded for a future episode.



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