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The Bachelor 24 - Peter

The “Bachelor” Peter – Overnight Date Thoughts, Chad Johnson Arrested, & My Thoughts on the Finale

The “Women Tell All” taped this past Friday in LA. The question of whether Victoria would be there or not was answered – she was. But with the final 3 rose ceremony not being shown last night, how do they justify her being there? That’s because before the WTA airs next week, they’re gonna show you the rose ceremony from Australia, so you’ll see Victoria get eliminated. I tweeted out these spoilers on Saturday, then posted again last night on my IG feed and story. But if you still haven’t seen them, here are the major points of what happens at the WTA.

-Victoria and Hannah Ann arrive first. Then Peter arrives. Madison is not there – yet. The other girls feel uncomfortable that Madison isn’t there, especially Hannah Ann. Madison finally arrives. Hannah Ann gets the first rose, then he gives it to Madison. She pauses when he says her name but eventually accepts. Victoria F. is eliminated.

-17 women at the WTA are: Katrina, Maurissa, Alexa, Kylie, Sarah, Kiarra, DeAndra, Savannah, Alayah, Victoria F, Kelsey, McKenna, Victoria P, Sydney, Lexi, Shiann, and Tammy. Notably absent are Natasha and Kelley. Kelley has said she was not invited to the WTA. Yes, she was in LA this weekend, but on her own. She went to see and hang out with the girls, but she was not at the WTA taping. If you finish 5th like she did, and didn’t get invited, it’s because they didn’t like you. No other reason. I’m not sure why Natasha wasn’t there.

-Only 2 women got called up to the hot seat during the show: Victoria F. and Kelsey. Victoria F. apologizes to Peter for having to deal with her. But twice denies the allegations that she broke up marriages. Not a smart move, but one I fully expected her to make. We’ll see what happens now.

-Kelsey on the hot seat was basically a “Bachelorette” audition. She is definitely in the running. Ashley I. was in the audience and came down and applauded Kelsey for being able to show her emotions during the show. Then presented her with giant bottle of champagne.

-There was cattiness between Tammy and Sydney with everyone talking over each other. Lexi was trying to talk to Tammy, Shiann was in between them, and they got pretty intense w/ each other. Chris had to keep reminding Tammy not to talk over people and listen.

-The Alayah and Victoria P. situation came up, Alayah expressed that Victoria P. was a good friend, was supportive of her, then on the show was completely different. Then people kinda turned on Victoria P. Savannah came at her pretty good.

-Peter came out, Someone asked if he regrets feeding into the drama this season and giving more time to people who didn’t cause problems. He gave a super generic answer about how the process all worked out. They kinda pointed out that he was not answering the specific question and he said yeah, he’s sorry to the people who didn’t get more time. Overall, the whole hotseat for peter was super nice and encouraging. Not a lot of hard hitting questions. They asked if he was happy and he said yes.

-Rachel Lindsay came out & they did a segment on bullying where she they showed the nasty, racist messages some of the women had received this season and Rachel also read them aloud, profanity and everything. Great thing to do – won’t change anything. This is unfortunately what some fans of the show will do every season, no matter how much you tell them to stop.

-Preview for the finale shows both Hannah Ann and Madison meeting Peter’s parents in the final week, then our usual clips we’ve seen all season of Chris Harrison talking to Peter at final rose ceremony and Peter’s mom with her “Don’t let her go…bring her home to us” line. Still am unsure of what those are referring to.

-Last night we saw a preview we haven’t seen yet with Peter with him telling someone “I’m so sorry…from the bottom of my heart I’m so sorry…” then walking in a driveway. That’s not anyone’s house we’ve seen so far, so it’s tough to identify where that was, but it was definitely done post filming. That didn’t look like Australia to me. So if it’s not Australia, that means it’s post-November 17th, which was the day of the final rose ceremony. All signs all season from Peter, to Chris Harrison, to Robert Mills have pointed to this story not ending on final rose ceremony day and filming continuing in the last 3 months. This clip basically assured it. But who is he saying that to and what does he mean? That I’m not sure of.



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