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The “Bachelor” Peter – Clare is the “Bachelorette,” Sourcing Issues, WTA Thoughts, & Episode #26 of the “He Said, She Said” Podcast

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There is so much to get to today, I don’t even really know where to begin. We’ve got Clare as the new “Bachelorette,” we’ve got Victoria F. continuing her lies on stage last night, contestants for the “Bachelorette” dropping like flies all while casting is still happening, we’ve got changes in the “Bachelorette” schedule and what’s happening with that, there’s sourcing stories from crazies that I need to explain to everyone, and of course how can I forget, we are one week away from Peter’s finale and, ummmm, what happens? I’m not trying to hedge anything here. Is it different than what I’ve done in years past? Yes. In the past I just tell you “This is what happens,” it usually does, and that’s that. This year I’m gonna tell you what I think happens based on the info I was given, but I never got the confirmation to it I needed. I’m just trying to get some last details, so it’ll be up tomorrow or Thursday. For 3 ½ months I’ve been looking for proof behind anything that was told to me. I’ve never gotten it. This will be what I’m being told happens from a source that, while not providing proof, laid out what I think to be the ending. I mean, I told you last week the ending I’ve gotten the most all season is, “He’s with Madi post-show, but they’re not engaged, just dating.” And this is along those lines, but I will tell you what this source brings to the table tomorrow or Thursday and lets see if it plays out this way next week.

But before that, guess what’s back after an over 2 month hiatus? You guessed it. The “He Said, She Said” podcast with Ashley Spivey where we take your calls on relationships, marriage, sex, and whatever else you wanna talk about. Anyone wanna be a part of a future episode, just let us know what time zone you’re in, what are the best times you can record, and what you wanna talk about. Email me or Ashley (but preferably me since Ashley just sends it to me since I coordinate the times), and we will hopefully book a time to record with you. Episode 26 is an interesting one for sure.

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We start by talking about Ashley’s travel schedule in the new year, me now copying her husband Steve’s facial cleansing routine (5:03), and training my dog Luka on her ramp (12:34). Then Elisse in Idaho joins us to talk about her infertility issues that have been going on for way too long (15:30). Then Emily in Idaho wants to know what to do about her sister who ran up $40k of credit card debt on their grandmother’s cards (52:35). Original theme music provided by Kate Bass and the song is titled “Blink.”

There is news regarding the “Bachelorette” filming I’ve been hearing as of this past weekend. Last week I broke the news that Chattanooga, TN would be a place they’re going this season, and that’s still on for the end of March. Based on their schedule, looks to be episode 4. I said over the weekend when I posted that Clare would be announced as “Bachelorette,” that Iceland is one of the international destinations. I’ve also heard two other international destinations when I was told Iceland, which were Rome and Croatia, but now I’m hearing that all international travel is on hold because of the Coronavirus. They are scrambling big time to secure more US locations. Filming starts next Friday the 13th in LA. These locations are booked well in advance, so, now with the virus scare plans are being reshuffled. So this is going to be ever changing up until the last minute. I really do think they are gonna cut out all international travel this season. And if they don’t, I can’t imagine it’ll be for more than one city. Too risky at this point.

Next week we have the “live” 2 part finale. I get asked this every year, so I will repeat again. The “live” part is in and out of commercial breaks, Chris Harrison is live in studio. I’m sure they’ll do interviews, talk to the audience, bring back former contestants and talk to them, etc. I mean, we’re down to two women and they still have 4 hours of programming to kill. There will be a lot of filler stuff they need to do, just like they did for Colton last season. Remember when I was like, “How are they gonna fill 2 hours on back-to-back nights when there’s no final rose ceremony, there’s no final 3 rose ceremony, and only 2 women get overnights since he sends Hannah G. home?” But they managed somehow, and they’ll manage again next week. Just be prepared for this thing to be dragged out. What we do know is the last 2 segments on Tuesday will most likely be Clare’s introduction live as the “Bachelorette,” then her meeting 5 of her guys since they’ve done that three seasons in a row now. Can’t imagine why they wouldn’t continue that tradition.

And it was nice of them to address the racist, hateful messages some of the women received this season. Hey, what about me?

In all seriousness, it’s something I talk about time and time again. We know it happens. Every season. And yes, it’s awful. But unfortunately, it’s never, ever, ever stopping. I don’t mean to be Debbie Downer here. I’m just being realistic. Until a tweet, IG message, or DM you send with racist, hateful intentions behind it becomes a crime that you can be arrested for, or at the very minimum, prevents you from ever using social media again (which I don’t know how they could police that), it’s still gonna happen. And it’s always much worse for the women. Men are applauded for bad behavior seemingly on this show. It’s weird. Sure, some guys next season and in the past have gotten hate and will get hate, but it’s definitely not on the level the women do. It’s disgusting, it’s vile, these people should be penalized and/or convicted of something to put on their record – but they won’t. And this will continue every season no matter what message is put out unfortunately. Hell, it will probably make the internet trolls want to do it even more. Applaud them for addressing it last night – won’t change a thing. And that sucks. This is the new reality and the world we live in. If you go on this show, you have to be prepared for major racist hate and bullying to be thrown your way. That’s just fact because we’ve now seen it time and time again in recent seasons. And the most ironic thing in all of this is how the show is right at the forefront of this since they bully their own contestants all the time. But no one wants to talk about that dirty little secret.



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