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The “Bachelor” Peter – Clare is the “Bachelorette,” Sourcing Issues, WTA Thoughts, & Episode #26 of the “He Said, She Said” Podcast

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We have a new “Bachelorette,” and her name is Clare Crawley. A lot to discuss when it comes to this decision, her age, the men they’re casting, etc. But first lets go back to last week because this needs to be addressed. And it needs to be addressed so everyone can understand exactly how this all came about. You saw me last week tweet and post on my IG a screen shot from a private Facebook group where someone wrote that Clare was going to be named the Bachelorette on Ellen this week. I did not blur out this person’s name, Dede Huber, because there was no need to. If Dede Huber is gonna come out and make a statement like that, something that at the time last week, was breaking news in this franchise, and she wants her name attached to it, then you have to live with the consequences. If Dede would’ve said, “I’m hearing rumors it’s Clare” or “I heard from someone who knows someone’s daughter that it’s Clare,” I would not have posted that screen shot. That’s not what Dede Huber wrote. Dede Huber wrote IN ALL CAPS that “CLARE CRAWLEY IS OFFICIALLY GOING TO BE THE BACHELORETTE!” This was last Wednesday.

I addressed this at the beginning of last week’s podcast bc it had just come out the night before. This was the first I’d heard of it. I had no idea if it was true or not, but because Dede Huber decided to not report it as rumor, but as fact, and attach her name to it, putting it out there like I did was fair game. Just like anything I post is attributed to me. If I say “I’m hearing” or “rumors are,” you’ll know because I specify that. After I posted that last Wednesday, I cannot tell you how many people from that Facebook group jumped down my throat for not blacking out Dede Huber’s name from the screenshot. Sorry, doesn’t work that way. You state something as fact, something as big as breaking who the “Bachelorette” is going to be before anyone else, AND you attach your name to it, then it’s on you to take responsibility for it. As for the fact it was in a private Facebook group? Again, it’s breaking news that NO ONE HAD POSTED YET. Just because it was in a private Facebook group doesn’t mean it won’t get shared. And when at least 20 people sent me a screen shot of Dede Huber’s post within minutes of it going up in that group, how private of a group are you anyway? Not very if you ask me. It’s totally ignorant to think because you post something in a private Facebook group that it won’t spread. Especially when it’s news in Bachelor Nation that’s as big as that.

So Friday rolls around, and ABC makes a social media post that the next “Bachelorette” will be announced on Monday (yesterday) on “Good Morning America.” So already, half of what Dede Huber posted was wrong since she said it would be announced on Ellen (which is weird since Ellen isn’t live and taped a day early, so it would’ve gotten out before it aired), so of course, people have a right to call into question if her other half is wrong. When Dede Huber posted that last Wednesday, it was the first I’d heard of it. When ABC posted Friday that the “Bachelorette” announcement was coming Monday on GMA, since I figured that announcement wouldn’t come til the ATFR, I went to work and asked around what people were hearing. This is the first I’ve heard in my 10 years of spoiling that Dede Huber posted a spoiler. I didn’t know who she was before last Wednesday. I don’t get my spoilers from Dede Huber. So naturally, I asked around to my sources after Friday on who they were hearing was gonna be announced as the “Bachelorette” on Monday. I was told it was Clare, and I tweeted that out on Saturday.

Why am I constantly mentioning Dede Huber’s name these last three paragraphs? Because after it became “official” yesterday, all these same crazies from that private Facebook group who couldn’t wait to fire off hate towards me for posting Dede Huber’s name last Wednesday are now all screaming at me that I didn’t credit Dede with breaking the news. I’m seeing there’s even #JusticeforDede hashtags being created now. Wait, what? You can’t bitch at me for not blurring out Dede’s name, then in the same breath after it’s official that it was Clare, yell at me again for not crediting Dede. Sorry. You can’t have it both ways. How do these people not see this? Not to mention, it’s not like I ever took down the post Dede made. On Wednesday, I put it out there and said “This is what someone is reporting.” After Friday, I did my own sourcing, got it confirmed it was Clare from a very reliable source, and posted Saturday it would be Clare. There was still PLENTY of rumor and speculation spreading over the weekend that it’d be Tayshia, or Kelsey, or Tia. But my sources told me this specifically, “Don’t listen to any of those other names. It’s Clare.” So I didn’t and posted what I did and that source ended up coming through.

Yes, Dede Huber ended up being right in the long run. But you gotta understand something about how this all works. Anyone can say anything on a website, comment section, social media, etc. And then after the fact claim “See, I said it here first.” And that’s great. Dede Huber was able to say it was Clare before anyone else. But I’m sorry, if you don’t have a website, or a podcast, or a track record of any sort and you say something to that effect breaking news like she did, you have to know that people aren’t just automatically going to take it as truth. That’s just common sense. It’s no knock on Dede Huber, but no one knew who she was before last Wednesday. That’s just a fact. And unless I’m missing something, I don’t think she ever spoiled anything in this franchise before. Since Wednesday, she’s deleted her Facebook account, so this may just be a one time thing. I hope that gives a better understanding of how things went down last week and that at no point did I ever “steal” or “not credit” Dede. Her post is still on my Twitter. I acknowledged her and even said that her info was news to me. And then I mentioned her name 1000 more times today. Is that better? But the bottom line is I don’t get my info from her. I went to my sources and got it confirmed, since we had no idea where this info was coming from, if it was true or not, and what Dede’s claim was based on. I think we’ll all see come next week how “I have info this season” is so easy to say without repercussion when I roll out pretty much all the things I’ve been told since November on how this season ends up.

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  1. adelina

    March 3, 2020 at 9:51 AM

    Did anyone hear my eyeroll last night when Rachel Lindsey showed up on behalf of ABC Bachelor Nation to talk about how the bullying needs to stop. I get that the messages are ridiculous and the racist nature of some of the messages is unacceptable and awful – but….

    This is the same show that tries their hardest each season to edit their show so that at least one person is a villain (bring on the bullying messages) and several others are portrayed as unhinged, unstable, etc. Then they bring their righteous spokesperson out to let everyone know it “has to stop.” Meanwhile the WTA girls are all holding hands as if they’re re-telling a story about all of them being tortured.

    Here’s a suggestion….don’t go on the show. Oh, you really want to find love? Okay….maybe shut down your social media accounts. Oh wait, you can’t do that because how else will you get the notoriety and attention that you’re seeking.

    Don’t get me wrong. Bullying and racist comments are never okay….but if you anticipate this affecting your mental health, perhaps think twice about participating in this clusterf*ck of a show.

  2. mgb970

    March 3, 2020 at 11:07 AM

    > And it was nice of them to address the racist,
    > hateful messages some of the women received this season.

    … and there’s Tammy, whose every other word this season was f*ck or b*tch, crying with the other posers on stage.

    Here’s a hint Tammy… YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM!

  3. mgb970

    March 3, 2020 at 11:09 AM

    Did anyone have a Tierra flashback last night (I cannot help my eyebrow/part of my sparkle), when Alayah was trying to explain her princess voice, her screwed up personality, etc. last night?

  4. nuts

    March 3, 2020 at 11:22 AM

    “Peter got off so easy on his hot seat. Holy crap. I can’t remember a lead never having to answer any hard questions whatsoever in that spot. Did anyone even ask him anything relevant? “Do you wish you made better decisions” I think was the toughest question asked. And might’ve been the only one. Huh? Whaaaaa?”

    Maybe they were afraid he’d start crying and want his mommy!

  5. kabuki

    March 3, 2020 at 12:25 PM

    Tammy did herself no favors last night. I swear the camera crew was instructed to be on “eyeroll watch” because there were many shots of Tammy rolling her eyes in very dramatic fashion. If I were watching the show in a group setting, I would have had a drinking contest. Every time Tammy rolls her eyes you have to take a shot. There would have been a lot of buzzed people at my house for sure! Bummer that Kelley was not invited. There were so many women who were eliminated early on–and I had absolutely no recollection of them–but Kelley was deliberately left out because she couldn’t or wouldn’t play the game. Weird that Peter’s parents were rolled out to crash the viewing parties, but I guess it’s because they are local and had nothing else going on at the time. Time to cut the cord, Peter.

  6. jdubtrey

    March 3, 2020 at 12:56 PM

    So, the way to end the abuse is to just cancel the show?

  7. justsaying

    March 3, 2020 at 2:17 PM

    Pete, Pete, Pete went from I’m in love with all three women to telling Victoria that he was ‘falling in love’. He just boldfaced lied and lied and lied some more. Madi looked so thrilled to be at the rose ceremony.

    Kelsey said ‘I never said I was sober’, cradles a giant champagne bottle and ends the episode by scoffing down more champagne and wonders why she would be called out for alcoholic tendencies?? Really? LOL! Is Kelsey suppose to be flattered to be compared to Asheley I.? Good grief!

    Props to Savannah for calling out Pete for sending home one normal lady after another. Savannah is Kelley 2.0.

    As for the finale, production must have made Madi spend time with entitled Pete. Just hold your breath Madi and power through and hopefully, she can run for the hills. Hannah Anne, don’t be Pete’s door mat. Just don’t.

  8. crushonspivey

    March 3, 2020 at 2:30 PM

    After seeing the clips from last night, I have a theory. I think both girls leave. For different reasons though.

    Madison leaves because she can’t get over the fact Pete chose to have sex with 2 girls days before he was supposed to propose to her. Show or not, that is just super weird and I can see why some girls/guys would hate that. So she bails.

    And Hannah Ann bails because she sees that she is #2. That rose ceremony was awkward for her even after Victoria left. Pete made it clear Madison was his #1 choice. Then in the other preview for next week, it is obvious Hannah Ann is putting Pete on the spot to make his feelings knows. I bet he doesn’t, so she bails.

    So Pete is left with no girls at the end, and the mad dash for him to safe face ensues cuz he got blown up by his poor choices.

    Also, on After, Chris Harrison blew it with his question to Victoria. He asked if she ended marriages. Of course she could say no. Plausible deniability there as you can claim those marriages ended due to internal marriage factors that had zero to do with her, and the guys cheated because of that. Harrison should have asked her if she has ever had sex with married men. There is no out on that question. And I bet she would have not answered that question.

  9. jlal

    March 3, 2020 at 5:15 PM

    I agree Crush on the Victoria thing. She didn’t break up any marriages. The only people who can do that are the two married people.
    I thought Tammy showed her true colors; can’t blame it on the edit now.

  10. brighteyedgirl

    March 3, 2020 at 9:01 PM

    Hey, I actually wrote Steve about that theory 3 weeks ago in his reader emails column from 2/12/20 (page 4). He said “No, she’s there on final rose ceremony day.” But I don’t think he understood what I was saying bc I think it’s a very real possibility HA leaves too. We’ll see.

    Separately, I understand why the ex married women might not want to come forward with their stories but I hope they find the courage to do so. It’s not right what their husbands did. VF is getting all the heat when it takes two to tango.

  11. dwwatchesreality

    March 4, 2020 at 4:44 PM

    Just a comment on the privacy question for the Claire spoiler. I think it makes a HUGE difference that it was posted in a PRIVATE group. If you share something from a private group, you should not attach a name to it, huge news or not. If she had been willing to be public with it, she would not have limited her sharing to a private group. People expect privacy when sharing in a private group. Whoever sent you the information is really the one who should have blocked out the name, but my opinion stays the same. I know you disagree with me, but I hope you will at least consider my take. You are well aware of what public exposure can bring, so people should only get brought into public exposure with their full knowledge and permission. How she stated the information should be behind the expectation of privacy. She wasn’t careful with how she shared because she expected privacy.

  12. dwwatchesreality

    March 4, 2020 at 4:52 PM

    PS – I am NOT part of that Facebook group, but I AM someone who values my privacy, despite quite a bit of addiction to on-line forums. I curate what goes on public pages carefully. I agree that demanding credit to the name when it should never have been used anyway is silly, but it doesn’t change the fact that you have no idea what her reasons are for being posting privately, and as a result you have no idea what destruction you might be creating by going public now. My understanding from the groups I do belong to is that they expect the private group to be credited by name when someone reports on something they read there, but not the poster.

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