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The “Bachelor” Peter – Clare is the “Bachelorette,” Sourcing Issues, WTA Thoughts, & Episode #26 of the “He Said, She Said” Podcast

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A lot of different angles to cover this Clare stuff from, so lets jump right into it. Why Clare? Why not Tayshia, or Tia, or Kelsey? Or anyone else? We don’t have an answer yet since Chris Harrison or Robert Mills have spoken on it yet, but I’m sure it’ll be along the lines of they took some heat for the young cast this season that a lot of people couldn’t get behind, so they decided to change things up. Does this mean that every “Bachelorette” moving forward is going to be in their mid to late 30’s? No. But the stars aligned right this season for Clare. Good for her. Remember last week I told you I was hearing that it was most likely not gonna be anyone from Peter’s season. Was hearing that for the last couple months that they just did not think any of Peter’s women were right for the role. That ended up being the case.

And you know what we can also put to bed now? This notion that because I spoil something early on a “Bachelor/ette” announcement, that the show will suddenly change it just to prove me wrong. Please. Did people honestly think because I confirmed it was Clare and posted that on Saturday, they’d literally change their whole season and swap out their lead by Monday? C’mon guys. I’ve lost track of how many things I’ve told you they were going to announce before they announced it and they never ended up changing it. Some things this show just has to accept I’m going to spoil before they “officially” announce it. There’s nothing they can do about it. I’ve got excellent sources when it comes to this franchise, so all they can do is hope. But if you actually thought they were gonna swap out Clare for someone else because I confirmed it two days earlier, well, then I’m not sure what to tell ya’. Doesn’t work that way.

How casting works for either the “Bachelor/ette” is they are casting contestants 12 months out of the year. Yes, there is “final casting weekend” (which is done over multiple weekends) for “Bachelor” it’s in July/August and for “Bachelorette” it’s in January/February. So they usually narrow it down to 50 guys or so that are flown out to LA for “Bachelorette,” then they make their decisions. Which they did for this upcoming season. However, with Tayshia, Tia, and Kelsey in mind (all either 28 or 29), they had a set group of guys. The decision to name Clare wasn’t made until after all of final casting weekend happened and guys had been told they were accepted. Over the weekend I posted this tweet of all the ages of guys I’d heard had been accepted and were on my casting list for this season:

I can already tell you that the 25 year old and both 26 year olds were contacted by production and told they won’t be needed anymore because they went in a different direction with the “Bachelorette.” Translation: Clare is older and we really don’t think putting someone 14 years younger than her on her season is all that conducive to her finding a man. So you can cross those three off. I can’t imagine the 23 year old is gonna be on either, but haven’t gotten any confirmation on that yet.

Another thing that I do know is happening is they are actually still casting for Clare’s season. Like as in yesterday, guys were out there interviewing for her season for the first time. So not only is this show dealing with the fact they have to postpone and most likely cancel all international travel this season, but now they’ve got a week to fill out a cast for her, since guys leave next Monday for LA. Filming begins next Friday. So of the 14 guys I had as of Saturday, I know at least 5 that aren’t on anymore, so this list will be ever changing. I’m assuming they’re gonna release all the “potential” guys for her season on Facebook next Wednesday or so like they have the past few seasons, so that’ll help. By next week, when guys start leaving and probably shutting down their social media accounts, I might have a better idea of the guys that I have and whether or not they’re going on the show. But just know they were meetings guys FOR THE FIRST TIME yesterday in casting for Clare’s season.

I also put out this tweet late last week:

It kinda got people in a frenzy when it really shouldn’t. No, it’s nobody famous. Nor is it a former contestant. The person in question I was talking about (and I still don’t know if it’s true he’s being cast) is just a guy. A guy that has a relation to someone that is somewhat famous. Depending on your definition of “famous.” Definitely a guy on TV that’s for sure. So it’s not a huge thing. If he gets cast, I’ll tell you which one he is. If he doesn’t, then it’s not a thing and didn’t matter. Just let me be excited for this guy if he makes it on ha ha. I need some laughter right now.

Now regardless of who the guys are, I see this notion that because it’s going to lean towards being an older cast, that they’ll all be mature and we should expect 25+ guys to be on their best behavior. Trust me, this show may have an older cast for Clare, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be the same exact drama we see every season. They’re already gonna have a built-in storyline of guys in their late 20’s versus the guys who get cast in their mid-late 30’s. You don’t think there will be an “age battle” this season? There most certainly will be. You don’t think a guy will be telling another guy (or telling Clare) that so-and-so is too young and not ready for what she wants? It’s coming. Get ready for it. Just because it’s an older cast than what we’re used to, doesn’t mean all the sudden everyone will be playing nicey-nice in the house. You’re going to see the same exact drama you see every season. Hell with more 30 year olds than we’re used to, I can even see more peacocking, and alpha male-ing than normal. Remember it’s a TV show first and foremost. They might’ve gone with the oldest “Bachelorette” lead ever, but it doesn’t mean the show changes.

In terms of how this affects BIP going forward, the sentiment seems to be, “Well, you’ve got all these older guys on Clare’s season, and Peter had a bunch of young women. How is that gonna play out in Paradise? A bunch of 35 year olds chasing after 23 year olds?” Well, I think we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. I don’t think Clare’s cast is gonna be all 35 and older men. Lets wait til we see the full cast list before we judge how Paradise is going to look. I think people are thinking this is gonna throw off the whole vibe of Paradise. I don’t think it will. It’ll still be the same thing.



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