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The “Bachelor” Peter – Overnight Date Thoughts, Chad Johnson Arrested, & My Thoughts on the Finale

So where does that leave us in all this? I know on Saturday I had tweeted that I would give you how I think this season plays out. And I will. But I’ll be honest, because I think this, doesn’t mean this is how it goes. Because I still haven’t gotten the solid confirmation for this season that I need to confidently run with “this is the ending to the season.” However, we’re close enough to the ending where I will lay out what I think happened based on what I’ve been told. Hell, even if it does end up happening, I wouldn’t necessarily say at the end of the season “see I knew it.” Because there’s definitely some things I don’t know. I’ve said that all season long. I’m not pretending that I do know, nor have I said at any point this season that I do know what happens. It’s been one of the weirder seasons by far I’ve ever experienced. And the amount of different things that have been told to me has been mind boggling. And because this ending isn’t really gonna be finalized until the ATFR, there’s still so much up in the air.

One thing that Peter said at the beginning of the season was that this season “wouldn’t be spoiled, and there’s a reason for it.” At the time, the consensus was that he was gonna make his final pick on the ATFR and that’s why it couldn’t be spoiled. Which insinuated he told both of them on final rose ceremony day he needed more time and was gonna date both post show. That didn’t happen. I think the thing that I said at the time and again a couple weeks ago, still holds true. This wasn’t a normal ending and there wasn’t an engagement on final rose ceremony day. I also added recently that Madison self-eliminated. We know now that Madison DID meet Peter’s parents in that final week, so that eliminates one of the questions I had which was “Does Madison leave before meeting his parents and that’s why Barb is saying don’t let her go, bring her home to us?” Well no, Madison didn’t leave before meeting them, so now we know it’s sometime after that. I’m pretty sure it’s on final rose ceremony day when she leaves.

Last week, The Sun came out with pictures showing Peter on his date during final rose ceremony week with Madison. This looks to be the day portion of the date before Madison meets his parents. Why? Because Peter is wearing the exact same shirt in this picture as he is in the clip when Barb is making her proclamation. So the timing of her talking about Madison as the girl to “don’t let her go, bring her home to us,” is a question mark still. If we assume she says it on the same date as Peter and Madison meeting them, how does that fit in? I’m not sure. Could be Madison. Could be Hannah Ann. We don’t know for sure.

Peter says on the WTA that he’s happy. Wasn’t addressed whether he’s in love, and purposely avoided that question as well in an interview backstage. Robert Mills has said that this season is a roller coaster and it’s a roller coaster right up to the end of the season. His exact quote:

“What we’ve seen about the finale over the years is that the ‘finale’ is really on that night when the show goes live. There’s a lot of craziness, it’s a roller coaster, but I would say even now the roller coaster hasn’t ended, and it won’t end until after After The Final Rose.”

Mills may be known to exaggerate and tend to lean toward hyperbole, but he isn’t gonna flat out lie. When he says a statement like that, that means that whatever happened on final rose ceremony on Nov. 17th in Australia wasn’t the final bit of filming they had, they wrapped things up, and nothing has changed since. That’s not what happened. However, still trying to nail down exactly what happened on that final rose ceremony day has been very challenging to say the last. I’ve heard all sorts of things. I’m not gonna list them for you because your head might explode. Mine almost has a few times this season. But here’s what I will say.

After everything I’ve heard all season, I think what happens is at the end of all of this, Peter is trying to be with Madison and it’s all happened post show. He’s with her, they’re either working on a relationship, or they are happy and together now. However, if you told me he was single, I can’t say I’d be surprised either. One thing I’m almost certain of is that post-show, Peter absolutely spoke with Madison to try and make it work between them. But honestly, I don’t know if it did and I don’t think any of us will until the ATFR. I know that’s probably not the answer you were looking for, but I’m telling you from the things I’ve heard, the one thing that keeps coming up is this is “ever changing.”

So with that said, what does that mean for final rose ceremony day? Well we know Madison leaves. Meaning Hannah Ann is the only one left on final rose ceremony. Seemingly if he wanted her, he would’ve chosen her, had less work to do that day by dumping Madison, and they would’ve left Australia as a couple. I don’t think he chose her, but again, I can’t say for sure if he did or didn’t. Just know that if he did, they are no longer together today. Peter and Hannah Ann I feel very confident in saying are not a thing right now and won’t be come finale time. But I really don’t know if he chose her on final rose ceremony day and called it off shortly thereafter. I don’t think he did, but without knowing for sure, I can’t say it with certainty.

We saw the clip at the end of the episode last night of Peter saying he’s so sorry to someone then walking away in a drive way. As mentioned earlier, that was definitely a post-Australia filming shot. Where and when it was, I don’t know. I don’t think anyone does. Who is he talking to is in question as well. What I do know is one overriding thing I’ve been told more than anything post show is that “Peter is with Madison, they are dating, but not engaged.” Because I’ve heard it the most and it fits in with most of the narratives, that’s where I tend to believe we are right now. But to say that’s 100% set in stone? No I wouldn’t go that far. I just haven’t gotten the solid confirmation I wanted all season, like I have in past seasons. Like I said, it’s been weird. Really weird. You should see some of the things told to me. I like spoiling when I feel confident and when I feel like I’ve seen enough evidence that backs up the spoiler. This season I just haven’t. So my thoughts are just based on what I’ve been told the most (without proof) and what I feel fits into the narrative.

There’s a lot of moving parts to this ending and I definitely don’t have it all, nor have I claimed to. But if you ask me what I ultimately think happens this season and what will be the end result come ATFR, I’m leaning more towards that Peter and Madison are dating but not engaged, and everything that happened between them happened post-filming after Australia. That’s the best I got right now and if anything comes up in the next couple weeks, you know I’ll pass it on to you. Honestly though, if that’s not how it ends, I can’t say I’d be surprised. But if that’s not the ending, then I don’t know what is, because I’m almost positive he’s not with Hannah Ann. The Hannah Brown thing and the producer thing are pipe dreams as well. So if it’s not with Madison, or working on things with Madison, then I guess he’s single? I don’t know, call me Lizzo then cuz I’ll just “throw my hands up” at this whole mess.

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