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The Bachelor 24 - Peter

The “Bachelor” Peter – Hometown Review, A Bachelor Nation Breakup, WTA Films Friday, & a Discussion About Victoria

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Here’s where Victoria is also manipulating the audience and hiding behind her past. I did my research. I don’t need to go over everything again that I reported on back on Oct. 28th. It’s all there. I didn’t wait two months to release that just for the hell of it. I spoke with quite a few people. I had direct contact with the women involved who specifically confirmed that Victoria had inappropriate relationships with their then husbands. Here’s the issue though: Victoria knows that those women are probably never going to come forward and share what happened publicly, or attach their names to it, because it’s not something they’d like to re-live. Kind of an embarrassing and humiliating moment in their lives. They both want nothing to do with Victoria or the story. And Victoria knows this. That’s why she was able to write the post she did when she got back from filming saying the “RUMORS you are hearing are FALSE.” And I’m sure when this is all said and done, she’s gonna do an interview or a podcast (I’m guessing Nick will run to put her on) and she’ll double down on that. Doesn’t mean when she tells her side it’s true. It isn’t.

That’s why I’m here again today speaking out. Because she’s calling my reporting into question. Victoria, in the words of Lauren Conrad, “You know what you did.” Just stop it. Stop the lies. You can hide behind the fact you know these women I spoke to won’t come forward and turn it into a he said/she said, but a lot of people outside of me know the truth. And the worst thing is, you KNOW they know the truth and you’re still gonna stick to your side. I know things about you that you don’t have a clue I know. You’re lucky at this point I’ve basically laid out and watched your actions on the show define who you are. You call Alayah out for telling a couple girls you dated Chase Rice, then mock her as you walk off. You call out Mykenna in ITM’s for being a crier. Next week you’re basically calling out Madi for what? Knowing her self worth and morals, which just happen to be completely opposite of yours? Keep showing us the real Victoria. Because all it’s doing is making my reporting that much more believable to those that may doubt.

I absolutely would not have run with what I did if it weren’t directly told to me by the women involved. And it took me a couple months to track them down and get them to confirm to me off record. But for their own privacy, they asked (if not begged me) not to run their names or re-tell the full stories, which I understood. Victoria will continue to say rumors about her are lies because it’s convenient and easy. Unfortunately, it’s also not the truth. She is a liar and a manipulator. And I say that because she’s calling me into question by saying these things said about her are just rumors and aren’t true. Oh they are. And there’s more where that came from. You don’t think receipts could be produced proving what you did, Victoria? Really? Will they ever come to light? Probably not. But just know they’re out there. If Victoria’s stance is just to call everything about her lies and none of what’s reported ever happened, all while holding onto the hope that receipts never get released, well, lets just say that’s not a stance I would take.

Hell, all she could even do is not even address it directly but give people some apology saying she did things in her past she’s not proud of, she’s learned from her mistakes, she’s working on being a better person, she’s sorry for anyone she’s hurt, and be done with it. But no, she’s going to take the exact opposite approach and attack and name call anyone who comes after her or believes my reporting. Don’t think so? Did you see her friend group that she watched the show with last night?

That’s Courtney Cripps, Karling Watson, Sarah Gregory, Audra Lugo, and Sarah Kalafsky. And essentially, they worship the ground Victoria walks on. Actually, I take that back. Karling is her roommate, but I’ve heard nice things about her. In fact, well…forget it. Victoria in her post after getting back from the show SPECIFICALLY said that “bullying is NOT ok. Nor is it fair.” That’s great, Victoria. Love the message. And I agree with you. However, are you gonna tell me that your friends posting this on their IG story last night you had no part of? Oh, let me guess, you were yelling and screaming at them telling them to stop but they didn’t listen to you, right?

If that’s not bullying Merissa and proving your mean girl status, I don’t know what is. Someone comes at Victoria, that’s the wrath you get. Alayah got it, Mykenna got it, Madison’s gonna get it next week, and Merissa got it last night from all of Victoria’s catty, immature friends who worship at the altar of Victoria. And oh yeah, I’ve unfortunately had to deal with some of them myself. They are legit brainwashed by Victoria and her ways, so as I always say, you can’t reason with stupid.

Victoria will continue to play this card and continue to call other people liars who she thinks are out to get her and bully her. No, we’re not Victoria. It’s people calling you on the carpet for your behavior that you know to be true. It may have been in your past, but it’s still part of what you did and your story and it’s the truth. You may think hiding behind the innocence of the women you did wrong is the way to go, and who knows, maybe that will work for you in the long run. But I’m here to tell you and everyone else that that’ll only get you so far in life. It’s unfortunate that’s the behavior you chose to participate in back then, and what you’re putting out there now and this mean girl clique you’ve assembled to trash anyone who has a negative opinion about you, makes you look even worse. I assume you will not listen to a word I say and own up to what you did in the past, and that’s fine. I just suggest you tread lightly going forward. Very lightly.

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