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The Bachelor 24 - Peter

The “Bachelor” Peter – Hometown Review, A Bachelor Nation Breakup, WTA Films Friday, & a Discussion About Victoria

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There’s a lot to tackle here so lets start off with a few things that she’s recently done. She’s the most talked about contestant this season, and honestly since Oct. 28th when I posted the backstory on her, I really haven’t commented much on anything Victoria has done. And trust me, I could’ve given you a new story every week. Even today, I’m not really gonna give you any new story of what she’s been up to in Virginia Beach and the stuff I’ve been told. So if you think I’m piling on, I’m really not. But she has done some questionable things, both on and off the show, and I’m gonna address them today.

Victoria took to her IG story last week to apologize for the modeling she did for WLM apparel, which was a fishing company. Here’s what she had to say:

A couple things here. If you’re gonna do an apology on IG, I think putting it on your IG story is kinda weak. Your IG story only stays up for 24 hrs before disappearing. So if the message is that you’re truly sorry for what you did and all you were doing was supporting the endangered species that is the white marlin, wouldn’t that be something you’d want people to see all the time? It made every major news outlet when Cosmo dumped her digital cover with Peter. Also, that episode was two weeks ago. You wait two weeks to apologize, then only have your apology up for 24 hrs? Probably not the way I would’ve handled it.

And look, I don’t know the first thing about fishing or white marlins. Victoria says she only supported them because they were an endangered species. But are they? She’s done research on this? I mean, I did a google search on white marlins and according to this site, they aren’t an endangered species. But hell, maybe there’s a giant “White Marlins Aren’t Endangered” group out there that’s just floating propaganda out there. Whatever the case, I highly doubt Victoria really gives a flying f**k about whether marlins are endangered or not. It was tone deaf of her to model for them in my opinion, it got made into a story once she went on the show, and she waited two weeks to put an apology up that lasted 24 hrs. Got it. Moving on.

Being on this show puts you in the spotlight, whether you like it or not. If you don’t understand that after 17 years and 39 seasons, unfortunately, that’s on you now. This was brought up months ago when Victoria was first announced as a contestant, but because tabloids wait until the focus is on a particular contestant before posting stories about them, we saw that Victoria was arrested for DUI back in 2017. Again, not a great look. Happened to Jubilee Sharpe from Ben Higgins’ season over the weekend. In this day and age of Uber and Lyft and what not, it’s basically inexcusable. Lets see how long it takes her to address that.

Again, if you’re just coming to the site today and you know nothing about Victoria’s background or what I reported the day of her hometown date back on Oct. 28th, you can read it here. And then for Merissa’s appearance and how that all came to be, you can read that here. The whole thing was really kinda bizarre. I’m not sure why they had Merissa’s face blurred out last night, but in any event, plenty of people are asking about her today in terms of who she is, what’s her relation to Peter, how’d she end up there, etc. This was all told months ago the day after it happened, but I know a lot don’t read during the offseason and are just catching up now.

Then we see how everything played out on screen last night and it makes you shake your head. Forget everything I ever reported about Victoria pre-show. Forget all that. Just pretend you know nothing about her other than how you’re seeing her act towards Peter. Do you think she’s coming across as level headed, well adjusted, and handling herself great in all these situations? Outside of her circle of friends (who are just as bit the mean girls as she is which I’ll get to momentarily) pretty much everyone is in agreement on how she acts on the show. When you’re confronted by Peter about Merissa’s accusations, and you say “I didn’t break up any relationships” then immediately turn it back around on Peter, that’s the sign of a guilty person. Woe is me. Make yourself the victim. Throw it back in Peter’s face. Classic manipulator. She was caught, she didn’t know what to do, and so when Peter is asking HER something that’s important to HIM, and her response is to cry, say it doesn’t matter anymore, and act like a total bitch, that’s a major red flag. Then again, Peter seems to get off on red flags, so it’s not like this ended up affecting his decision or anything.



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