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The Bachelorette 16 - Clare

The “Bachelorette” Clare – Episode 3 Recap, Allegations Against a Contestant, & The Embarrassing Social Media Response to the Yosef & Zach Situations

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This recap today isn’t gonna go in order of the episode. It will be broken into 3 parts: the Yosef/Clare situation, the Zach/Clare date, and the overall edit between the two groups dates of the Clare/Dale show.

-So lets jump right into the episode and immediately we get “Problematic Male Behavior #1” thrown directly in our face, courtesy of Yosef. There are so many things wrong with Yosef and how he handled things. Lets start off with just the fact that Demar, who was on the group dodgeball date, says overall the guys were ok with it. Doesn’t excuse ABC for the blatant double standard of doing that date in the first place, but they did, and Demar says the guys were fine with it. But Yosef, who wasn’t even on the date and never had to strip, has his panties in a bunch over it. Clare doesn’t plan the dates. And if you think she could’ve said no, you’re wrong. So laying into her on something she had no control over makes you look like a horses ass.

-The next thing Yosef kept harping on was the fact that he has a daughter, and he took time out to come there, and he’s embarrassed, etc. Jesus, this is one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to contestants on this show with children. If you have a child, and you choose to come on this show, just know you willingly chose to do it on your own. You cannot then when you’re on the show say you “gave up so much to be here.” NO ONE FORCED TO YOU BE THERE. You weren’t kidnapped, thrown in the back of a van, driven to La Quinta, and then dropped on set of a TV show against your will. You voluntarily applied, you were in the original cast released in March, and then had another 4 months to back out if you so chose. You didn’t. And by the things I’ve heard about you since March, including texts I’ve seen, you clearly came on to just be on TV and you were never into Clare from the beginning. So stop with your self-righteous garbage.

-The fact that Yosef keeps harping on his daughter is laughable, really. Telling Clare “you set a horrible example for my daughter” shows you his complete lack of self awareness is. You know who’s set a horrible example for your daughter? You, Yosef. There’s a line of women that have formed to the left since March who have come to me and come to others to share their experiences with you, and let me give you little hint, NONE of them came with a story about how well Yosef Aborady treated them, how respectful he was, and what a great human and father he is. Do we even need to go there in the father department, Yosef? Really? Your ex-wife is re-married and has moved on. I’m guessing if she wasn’t, she might be chirping to the media. Just stop. You’re fighting a losing battle.

-While I’ve seen and heard many stories regarding Yosef since March, one of them isn’t afraid to attach their name to it publicly, and that’s Carly Hammond, who came out on TikTok and exposed Yosef for a weekend they had together earlier this month from the 9th-11th. She will be one of my guests on tomorrow’s podcast, or she might be the only one. Haven’t decided yet. But yes, there is more information that Carly has found out since she sent that TikTok last week and we will discuss it all. There is more to the story than she could cram into three 1 minute TikToks. This has nothing to do with some bitter, scorned ex. It has everything to do with your behavior towards numerous women and how disposable you find them. Everything we saw on TV last night with you matches up with all the things I’ve heard since March. Can’t blame the editing, bud.

-I think the thing that’s so alarming about Yosef is the fact that he came over to talk to Clare pretending he just wanted regular time with her. She allowed him that time. And then he just kept building, and building, and building, and wouldn’t shut up. You even heard Clare later on saying Yosef went on for 20 minutes. We got, what, 2 minutes of that? So if you thought what we saw was bad, sounds like it was 10x worse based on length. And look, if Yosef was furious about the dodgeball date, thought Clare planned the whole thing, it was her idea, great man, go off. You sound like a complete jackass not knowing how production works, but hey, you do you. Express your discontent with the date. But no matter how much you thought that date sucked, who on God’s green earth ever told you it was acceptable to speak to a woman like that? I’m not saying this to be “woke.” I’m saying this because it’s offensive what he did. It’s kinda like later on what we see with Zach. Maybe your intentions were there to show/tell Clare something, but your actions were completely unacceptable. And to not even feel remotely bad for practically making Clare have a breakdown? The woman was crying and shaking. Every guy in that house came to her defense. None of them defended you. An apology? Anywhere? No. Last night on IG he’s posting pics of a not social distancing weekend in Arizona with people. What a clueless, hypocritical, self-absorbed, douche canoe.

-And if any of you out there, even in the back of your head, are thinking, “Well, he wasn’t wrong in what he was saying,” you’re just as bad as him. I don’t care what he thought of a date she didn’t plan. If you think it’s acceptable in the way he verbally abused her and made her feel over something so ridiculously stupid like a pre-produced dodgeball date on a television show, you’ve got just as much of a problem as he does. And oh trust me, you people are out there. STUNNED at the amount of TeamYosef love he was getting on social media last night. Sickening.

-And finally, I’ll just leave this here:



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