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The Bachelorette 16 - Clare

The “Bachelorette” Clare – Episode 3 Recap, Allegations Against a Contestant, & The Embarrassing Social Media Response to the Yosef & Zach Situations

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-There were two other group dates this episode surrounding the Yosef and Zach instances. The first one was cancelled by Clare and she just made it a long cocktail party which turned into the Clare/Dale show. The thing is as I told you yesterday, this episode was not gonna be good for Clare. This edit she’s getting certainly isn’t doing her any favors. Why are they doing it? I don’t know. Maybe it’s because they had Tayshia before this season even started and they really didn’t care what Clare did. We’ve gotten to a point with me covering this show like I do that any time I give insight about behind-the-scenes stuff I’ve heard/been told/seen, unless I provide proof of it, people start questioning it’s validity. I’m sorry, but I’m not going to out sources to appease you. Based on things I’ve heard and texts that I’ve seen, I absolutely believe that Tayshia was planned before the first night of filming ever happened. Too many things point to it that I know about. But I cannot share those points without outing people. However, this edit Clare is getting certainly should be playing a role in the credibility of what I’m reporting for those that aren’t privy to the info I have. It’s like they’re saying, “Screw it. Who cares? We’re bringing Tayshia in, so lets make Clare’s portion as messy as we can. It’s only 4 episodes.” And they’ve sure done that.

-Yes, we know that Dale was the front runner in Clare’s head before the season even started. And that’s because she liked what she saw on his IG for 4 months during shut down. She’s said as much in interviews that she was watching her guys actions on social media before the season. Who wouldn’t? The pandemic allowed her to and afforded her an opportunity that no other lead has been given, so she took advantage of it. And during that advantage, she went into the show with a mindset of Dale was the guy she wanted, and once they met, whatever she saw on IG for 4 months leading into the show, was confirmed. She was smitten. Clearly. And the show knew that. And they played it up as much as they could.

-Yes, Clare favorited Dale. Probably too much. But you also have to understand that the show is giving you a narrative to push that as hard as they can. Did she take Dale away first on that cocktail party? Yes. Did they show as much as they could of Clare and Dale rolling around on the bed together? Yes. Did they barely show her time with any of the other guys? Absolutely. But you do realize there are hours and hours and hours of footage that weren’t shown of Clare getting alone time with each and every guy at that cocktail party. They’re just choosing to show you most of her time with Dale, and as little as possible with the others to push a narrative.

-Look at it from the flip side. What if in last episode, and then again in this episode, they NEVER showed Clare’s time with Dale, never shoved the Clare/Dale thing down our throat, and instead of showing her time with Dale, we saw her talking and making a connection with, I don’t know, Bennett, Riley, Ben, whoever. Then come next episode all the sudden, Clare says she’s madly in love with Dale and leaves with him. Then what would you reaction be? “What the hell? Where did that relationship come from?” So what exactly is it you want? I know you’re trying to say that while it’s ok she liked Dale, she didn’t have to disrespect the other men by being so “Dale, Dale, Dale” all the time. What I’m trying to say is she’s being “Dale Dale Dale” all the time because that’s what the show is choosing to show you. Again, not saying it all would’ve mattered in the end since she was picking Dale regardless. I’m just saying production is making it worse than it probably was.

-However, if you’re one of the other guys on the show, you definitely have seen that she clearly likes Dale, so I get why they’d be a little bothered. However, it’s not like when Tayshia gets brought in, the 16 guys remaining all leave the show in protest because they all wanted Clare. They seemed to be fine with a new Bachelorette being brought in. I would love to hear what they say at the Men Tell All. But even moreso, maybe on social media when the show is over. I honestly don’t think the guys were as bothered by Clare/Dale as the show is making it out to be. And by the way, when Clare addresses the guy next week to basically tell them she’s leaving with Dale, I don’t know which guy but it is brought to her attention about some thinking she and Dale were in contact before the show. And Clare swears on her deceased father that she wasn’t, according to Robert Mills. So yeah, if you still wanna die on that hill, and you just know that Clare and Dale were talking pre-show, go off. Didn’t happen. Clare said it didn’t, Dale’s sister said it didn’t (on IG during filming), Michelle Money said it didn’t (who Clare is very close with), and I heard it didn’t either. But again, it’s like people absolutely cannot or will not accept something as truth unless they see/hear proof of it. And why is it so hard to believe anyway?

-When this was first brought up, you can absolutely go back to one of the lives that Ashley and I did, and even I was like, “Damn, how were these two NOT talking pre-show if she left 12 days into filming with him?” I was convinced they did. But it was based on nothing and just a strong opinion. Then when information was presented to me, I realized that information was much bigger than an opinion I had, so my stance changed. I don’t understand why people can’t do that. Not just with this situation, but with anything really. We’re in times right now where facts don’t even matter to people anymore. Their own self truths do. Well I hate to tell ya’, but sometimes just because you believe in your heart something to be true, doesn’t mean it is. Gather as much info as you can about something and then take a stance. I don’t think enough people are doing that in this situation.

-The clips of Clare and Dale all over each other, then the voiceover of her saying “fiancé” to a producer, and the “can we hurry this up” and “thanks for coming” stuff is such small potatoes to me. I’m not dismissing it, but this episode and the social media reaction that I’m seeing has me disgusted. I’ve been venting all last night and this morning to people about it. And I’m sure on my live with Ashley tonight you’ll get more of it. It’s just a sad state our society is in. If the ultimate end game is that Clare and Dale are happy, seemingly engaged, and together right now, I just don’t feel the need to critique every single thing in the episode. And I’m guessing every guy on that show is happy for Dale and Clare now, so, why the need to harp on how they felt back in July when this was going down? Because like I said, I truly don’t think any of them were as bothered by it as the show made it out to be. But, it’s a TV show, they have to sit in a room with a producer who’s asking, “So what do you think of this Clare/Dale relationship. Do you think it’s fair” blah blah blah. If they say, “Eh, whatever” that’s not a good soundbite. So I get it. They HAVE to play it up and that’s what they did.

Next week we get Tayshia coming in and, well, if you want a “Bachelorette” that’s basically a 180 from Clare, here it comes. That’s neither good or bad. I’m just telling you, it’s gonna be different. And by the way, you better enjoy the Clare/Dale love story this season – because that’s the only one you’re getting.

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