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The Bachelorette 16 - Clare

The “Bachelorette” Clare – Episode 3 Recap, Allegations Against a Contestant, & The Embarrassing Social Media Response to the Yosef & Zach Situations

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Well as predicted yesterday, last night’s episode was a lightning rod for social media. You can try and reason til you’re blue in the face with me, but I absolutely do not understand the level of hatred being thrown Clare’s way. It baffles my mind. And no, it has nothing to do with her being on my podcast three years ago. Does she have a right to be criticized? Absolutely. I’m talking about pure hatred and vitriol being spewed out from people on Twitter, on Instagram under my post yesterday, on the BacheloretteABC accounts, etc. It’s disgusting. We see it every season, and this season is no different, so I’m not singling out Clare. But she’s literally had 3 episodes and it’s like she’s the worst human being ever. I do not get it. And the fact of the matter is, that plays a role in how people view the show. You don’t have to love her as the lead. Hell, you don’t even have to like her. But I said it at the beginning of my podcast last week, and I’ll say it again: before you tweet something, or post a comment somewhere, re-read what you wrote and ask yourself is it really necessary that I put this out there? Is what I’m putting out there to my 17 followers really that necessary when it’s filled with nothing but mean, nasty, hatred? Nobody’s saying you’re not allowed to have an opinion. But when seemingly all of your opinions are to shit on her, I don’t know, maybe take a step back and re-evaluate your life. Just saying.

Remember this that was posted on the @BachelorNation IG account two weeks before Clare’s season started?

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??? ? Link in bio for more info.

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Here’s a couple problems with that message:

1) If you look at the comments under any post since Clare’s season started on that page, I think there’s 1 post that has over 100 comments. The page itself only has 183k followers. What I’m saying is, that IG page isn’t the main one where people go to leave trash/bully comments.

2) The @BacheloretteABC account has 1.1 million followers. That’s where a majority of the bullying is happening. Go to that IG account. Click on any picture. Read through the 500 or so comments that any picture has and you tell me if this show really cares about negativity or bullying towards their contestants, mostly Clare. SPOILER: They don’t. It’s disgusting what’s over there.

A few things to get to before we jump into last night’s episode. First things first, something that got asked a lot since last Wednesday’s live with Ashley and again after last night’s edit, and that’s the situation with Eazy. Again last night he got the comedic edit and everyone seems to love him. Here’s what I can now report. The woman who contacted me the night of the premiere that I’ve been in contact with ever since, spoke with the legal team of NZK Productions this past Friday for 90 minutes, and told them everything she told me about a prior experience with Eazy. So now the show is 100% aware of allegations against him. Maybe because it was Friday when they spoke to her it was too late to change the edit on this week’s episode, I don’t know. But now it’s 8 days until next week’s episode (which is airing next Thursday instead of Tuesday because of Election Night), so that should be plenty of time to edit him out of the episode. No ITM’s, no focus on his humor, nothing.

Of course they can’t completely edit Eazy out of the episodes because the show is already in the can and he was physically there. If it’s a shot of a group date, of course he’ll be in it. But MTV had the same situation last season when Dee’s past tweets came back to haunt her, and MTV immediately separated themselves from a contestant by putting a disclaimer at the beginning of the show, and, never giving Dee a confessional/ITM the rest of the time she was on the show. It was like she wasn’t even there even though she was. So lets see from episode #4 moving forward how ABC chooses to handle this situation. I’m the only outlet reporting this story. Hopefully others will pick up on it and make it known that ABC is well aware now as of last Friday allegations made against Eazy to their legal team. If he’s not cut out of the show and made it seem like he’s barely there then, well, that’ll answer your question as to how seriously they take allegations. And this woman told them everything she told me. If they don’t take it seriously, they’ve got some major issues.

I will point one thing out before you start asking. No, she did not press charges at the time, and she’s decided she’s not going to press charges going forward. This is something she knows she has to live with now, she was triggered seeing him on TV again, but it’s her decision to make on what to do and she’s made it. It doesn’t make her allegations any less credible because she isn’t pressing charges. I’ve messaged with her numerous times, she’s had to live with this incident ever since it happened, and it’s not something she’s happy about. She made that known to me, and to NZK’s legal, and she’s not in the greatest of places right now. I feel for her and I hope NZK has enough compassion to show this guy as little as possible going forward and make sure he’s never cast on another show of theirs again. Anything less is unacceptable and you can expect me to call them out for it every week if it continues.

I’m sure you’ve seen this by now, but a rather comical story surrounding Dale arose last week when people saw he once modeled for Party City. Kinda funny. Dale in silly costumes. The dude also has modeled for some major athletic brands that I’ve seen. However now after seeing that, maybe I’ll go as a taco for Halloween this year. I mean, I do love tacos. Tacos al carbon. Get it? Hilarious, I know. I’ve only heard that since about high school.

Also as I reported last week, Abigail Heringer received Matt’s first impression rose during the “Bachelor” filming. Right around the time I tweeted that, the local paper in Salem interviewed her mother and we got a little bit of background on Abigail. I guess the most notable thing to come from the interview is her mother saying that she was surprised Abigail talked about her hearing loss because it’s not something she talks about much, but that if it impacts one person, it’s worth it. Either way, Abigail’s presence on this show, and being the recipient of the first impression rose, will go over very well. I’ve already seen plenty of response to how happy people are that someone like her is going to be featured on the show. The tweets, the IG responses, etc. All very positive



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