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The “Bachelorette” Tayshia – Episode 9 Recap, ABC Spoils Their Own MTA, & a “Bachelorette” Parody

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-7 guys left, and JoJo walks in to tell them next week is Hometowns where Tayshia will be meeting their family. And in her experience, “This was the week that I knew I was falling in love with my fiancé Jordan.” Yes, that might be the case. But it was also the week that his family (or most likely production) decided to set up an empty chair at the dinner table to let EVERYONE know that 1) Aaron Rodgers is Jordan’s brother and 2) he wouldn’t be attending their family dinner. One of the most awkward and uncalled for moments this show has ever had. For those after 40 seasons that still might actually think these producers care about their contestants and their well being and aren’t interested in exploiting every possible situation to their advantage, look no further than that Rodgers hometown date. We all knew Aaron wasn’t showing up and there was a strained family relationship at that time and the show didn’t care. They made sure everyone else knew too.

-JoJo has planned an “oasis” date for Tayshia and Ben for his 1-on-1 as she rides in on a scooter. For the record, JoJo Fletcher riding a scooter > Chris Harrison running a lemonade stand. And it isn’t even close. By the way, I’ve never heard it called an “oasis” date. Am I out of the loop? I thought this was basically like a scavenger hunt. You go to a bunch of different places and do different things, and at each stop there’s a letter or a clue that tells you about the next place to go to. I’ve done this before. They’re awesome. And really cool when you put thought into them and plan them out. Of course at La Quinta they basically had to travel like 17 feet to get to each stop, so it wasn’t nearly as exciting as the one I did years ago. But yeah, never heard it called an “oasis” before unless I just completely misheard what she said.

-So in this “oasis,” they rode scooters to a pool of tennis balls where another letter was placed, which then led them to a fountain that had a letter in a bottle, which then led them to pinatas. Ben and Tayshia beat the living piss out of some of the pinatas but of course it wasn’t til the last one that the letter was in. By the way, I’ve got a question about pinatas. If you really do pinatas correctly, and the swingers are blindfoled and someone is moving the pinata up and down, I’m sorry but unless that swinger is cheating, there’s no way they should ever get a good hit on the pinata. How many times have you seen someone knock the wire that holds the pinata first? And can we all admit that the pinata is probably the most overrated children’s birthday game ever? At least with Pin the Tail on the Donkey you get to spin someone around and watch them try and not act like they’re drunk. Seriously with the pinatas? Bc inevitably, unless someone cheated, it’s a bunch of swings and misses, barely any holes, then we get a complete give up, they’ll let someone take the blindfold off, or the person moving the pinata just stops moving it and the swinger is hitting a stationary target. O-VER-RATED! Clap, clap, clapclapclap…

-So we all know what the night portion of this date centered around Ben and the story he told Tayshia, which was that in 2018 and 2019 he had two failed suicide attempts. He also mentioned that he had held that in and never even told his sister who was seemingly hearing that for the first time. I can’t begin to put myself in his shoes to know the depths he fell to to get to that place where he felt that was his only option – twice. And I can’t imagine that was easy to talk about to essentially a complete stranger on national television. All the credit goes to Ben for having that conversation with Tayshia. He didn’t HAVE to share that, but he did. He’d already opened up last week about having a 15 year eating disorder, so clearly Ben has had some struggles in his life. Maybe it was cathartic for him to talk about it. But to tackle suicide on this show is just something they don’t do, so props for allowing this to the forefront, especially considering where we’re at as a country right now and the mental health state of a lot of people right now. Maybe they needed to hear that. And it was a solid touch by them to include the National Suicide Prevention Hotline as they went to commercial break. A powerful segment for sure. HOWEVER…

-…I found the whole thing very exploitative. I feel that production knew about Ben’s past, and either told Tayshia directly to get it out of him, or at least told her “hey, he’s got some really deep stuff that you should try to see if he’ll talk about it,” without giving her the specifics. Because Tayshia was definitely prying for something during that convo by saying things like “I know you’re holding back” and “there’s hurt there.” So maybe she didn’t specifically know Ben had two failed suicide attempts, but I believe she was definitely coached to get something out of him. Outside of that, I just have an issue with Ben being on the show in the first place. Like, did you HAVE to cast Ben knowing that he attempted suicide twice in the last 3 years? Isn’t there some sort of mental health threshold this show should adhere to? Where do you draw the line? It seems like that line is skewed now.

-While Ben seems to be doing better and we all applaud him for that, I’m not sure this show was something he needed to do. Like, if Ben wasn’t cast this season, we all would’ve been fine. But by putting him on the show, then hearing that story last night when it’s not something he’s even told the person he feels closest to in his sister, how can I NOT think that they used him for exploitative purposes? My opinion is I don’t think he should’ve been on the show in the first place. Anyone who attempted suicide JUST LAST YEAR, while seemingly doing better now, is still struggling. Probably always will be. We’ve heard all the stories of vets and their struggles after getting out of the service. Ben is a prime example. The whole thing just made me feel icky and I felt they exploited Ben and his issues. Remember, Ben wasn’t part of the OG cast back in March. He was part of the re-cast of a lot of new guys in July.

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  1. thesports007

    December 9, 2020 at 9:28 AM

    Definitely think Ben’s inclusion on this season was exploitative if they knew all of those details – too soon? But if it helps bring awareness to an issue and allows his support system to learn how to be there for him maybe it’s not all bad? I’ve lost a few people to suicide and often they suffer in silence. They don’t reach out for help and when they are gone, it’s too late. All too often you hear friends and family say they had no idea the person was struggling like this. Especially when it comes to military Vets…they are taught to be strong, both physically and emotionally and feel like asking for help is a sign of weakness so they often do not. Veteran suicide rate is alarming. Seeing a lot of positive response that the topic was broached, hopefully he continues to get the help he needs and maybe it helps some others who have been too afraid to ask for help also.

  2. Nahu

    December 9, 2020 at 10:11 AM

    Damn… You’re just so jealous of Bennett, Steve. It’s not healthy. He really rubs you the wrong way for no reason. It reminds me of your hatred towards Derek Peth. It seems the person with an ego problem is you, Steve.

  3. sumguy

    December 9, 2020 at 3:00 PM

    Oh Steve. Felt like this entire entry was about how big of a douche you think Bennet is. Everything you wrote about him came across condescending. Maybe take a lesson from the guy and pay attention to how your words come across. A lot of the things you accused him of can applied to yourself.

  4. andreasol

    December 9, 2020 at 9:42 PM

    I agree with sumguy and nahu. You need to stop hating on Bennett. You don’t know him, you should be the last person to form an opinion on someone based on the way they’re portrayed on a highly edited and produced TV show.

  5. dbla31

    December 10, 2020 at 10:51 AM

    I know you don’t read these comments anyway Steve, but just showing my support regarding your take on Bennett. You could not be more right.

  6. rob22

    December 11, 2020 at 11:35 AM

    I see that Bennett’s family & friends sock puppet accounts have weighed in. Look, you can like Bennett and still see that he’s extremely condescending… and lacks self awareness. Bennett oozes privilege, entitlement and condescension. For some, that may not be off putting. Maybe it comes across as confidence to some. I think it comes across as budding narcissism. If we was 22 years old it could be tossed off as immaturity. Dude is over 30 and went to an Ivy League school. And honestly, his performance doesn’t make him look very bright either despite his name brand education. And people should realize why people get into Ivy schools is as much (or more) related to pedigree as it is to intelligence. My Dad went to an Ivy League school & they were practically begging me to come there… family of donors gets to cut in line (it’s definitely not that I’m smarter than everyone. Note: I went to state school.) I don’t see his act getting better with time, especially if he’s part of a family & friends group that doesn’t call him out for it.

  7. idontcare

    December 23, 2020 at 12:34 PM

    He says he doesn’t read them but in fact he does. He has blocked people and they come on again under a new account and talk about it. He blocks those that call him out. Lol

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