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The “Bachelorette” Tayshia – Episode 9 Recap, ABC Spoils Their Own MTA, & a “Bachelorette” Parody

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-Actually, that got me to thinking. Lets take Tayshia’s final 12 guys. Basically everyone that started on the show before last week’s episode. You realize only 4 of her final 12 were part of the OG cast back in March? Ivan, Noah, Blake Moynes, and Demar. Only ones. The other 8 – Zac, Ben, Bennett, Brendan, Ed, Riley, Spencer, and Eazy – were all part of the re-cast in July. Which kinda lends even more support to the theory that they knew they were bringing Tayshia in and cast guys more suited for her. That’s just too coincidental not to be. Do people even remember the original cast from back in March? I’m guessing most don’t. Here were the original 32 guys. 17 of those 32 ended up being brought back for the re-cast when they gave us 42 men.

-Group date is a lie detector test, something they’ve done in the past during Andi’s season. Although they withheld the answers to the test til later that season, or maybe it was they only let Andi see the answers. Whatever the case, last night’s was totally ridiculous. I think they may have bought this lie detector kit at Target on sale for $19.99. There was nothing professionally done about any of this and it was clearly just questions and answers from producers that would spark storylines. Namely:

1) Zac “cheating”
2) Riley’s “name”
3) Brendan’s reluctance about hometowns
That was legitimately the only reason this group date activity was done, the questions were pre-determined for each guy, they knew the answers they’d get, and they adjusted the green light, orange light, and red light accordingly. I hope you all could see through that façade last night.

-So for our fake lie detector tests, lets see what questions and answers we got.


Are you falling in love? Yes. (Green light – confirmed)
Are you falling in love with more than 1 person? Yes. (Green light)
Do you regret sending anyone home? No. (Red light – liar!)
Is your husband one of the men left? Yes. (Orange light – inconclusive)
When you were quarantining at the resort while Clare’s season was still filming, did you google all these guys prior to arriving the first night? (Ok, maybe that wasn’t asked)


Have you been aroused around Tayshia? Yes. (Green)
Do you want children? Yes. (Green)
Are you pissed off you’ve basically disappeared since you’re Black Lives Matter convo with Tayshia? (Ok, that wasn’t asked either)


Has a woman ever faked an orgasm with you? No. (Red – liar!)
Are you excited to meet Tayshia’s family? Yes. (Green)
Do you miss your mustache? No. (Red – liar!)
Is Bennett the biggest douchecanoe you’ve ever been around? (Maybe I should’ve been the one asking these questions)


Are you prepared to propose? I hope so. (Green)
Are you ready to meet Tayshia’s family? Yes. (Red – liar!)
Are you ready for Tayshia to meet your family? Yes. (Red – liar!)
Do you realize that we already knew you were getting a hometown, we called ahead to the families so they could quarantine, and your family didn’t want to be a part of it? (See, my questions are 100 times better. Why do you think those were the questions they showed them asking Brendan? Because they knew what was coming)


Have you ever cheated on a girlfriend? Yes. (Green)
Are you falling in love with Tayshia? Yes. (Green)
Do you and Nick Viall ever swap faces in the morning to try and trick people? (I believe so)


What’s your name? Devon Riley Christian. (Red – liar!)
Do you see yourself falling in love? Yes. (Green)
Excited for Tayshia to meet your family? I don’t know. I hope so. (Green)

-So at the after party, Zac admitted he cheated on a 6th grade girlfriend which, if anyone couldn’t see that story coming from a mile away, I would suggest getting your eyes checked. Brendan starts laying the groundwork for his inevitable leaving the show by saying his family has already seen him go through this once, etc. That will become the major storyline for him in next Monday’s episode before the hometown dates. I think he’s either aware his family isn’t coming at all, or that he worries they might not. And that’s what he expresses to Tayshia. I believe he even contemplated leaving before it gets to hometowns, but she convinces him otherwise.

-Riley is the one who opens up to tell Tayshia his backstory of being born Dwayne Henderson Jr after his dad. Had that name for 22 years, but then after learning more about his father, and re-connecting with his mother, he decided to legally change his name to Devon Riley Christian, so Riley is his middle name he uses as his first name. Interesting story and part of the reason I’d love to talk to this guy some day. I found the whole story quite interesting, especially since he seemingly still has his father in his life. Would be interested to know how his father took it.

-Then after the date, Bennett shows up to surprise Tayshia because producers told him to, and throws this ridiculous Hail Mary at her saying he loves her. Puh-leez. Dude, you never even had a 1-on-1 date with her. I know you’re looking for camera time, and I know a producer probably told you, “It’s your last shot. You gotta tell her how you feel or else you’ll never get another chance,” but c’mon. You look pathetic and desperate saying that, when the whole viewing audience doesn’t remotely see any deep connection between you and Tayshia. Not even close.

So that’s where we’re at heading into next Monday’s episode. We’ll start off with Blake’s 1-on-1 date where he’s sent home. And then at the rose ceremony (since Ben is already safe), Brendan, Ivan, and Zac will get roses solidifying her final four. Unless she has impromptu dates with any one of them and gives them the roses there. But before the MTA starts, Riley, Blake Moynes (sent home on his 1-on-1), Bennett, and Noah won’t be getting roses. Four episodes left total, the next two Monday’s and Tuesday’s. Getting down to the nitty gritty. Next week should be verrrrrry interesting.

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  1. thesports007

    December 9, 2020 at 9:28 AM

    Definitely think Ben’s inclusion on this season was exploitative if they knew all of those details – too soon? But if it helps bring awareness to an issue and allows his support system to learn how to be there for him maybe it’s not all bad? I’ve lost a few people to suicide and often they suffer in silence. They don’t reach out for help and when they are gone, it’s too late. All too often you hear friends and family say they had no idea the person was struggling like this. Especially when it comes to military Vets…they are taught to be strong, both physically and emotionally and feel like asking for help is a sign of weakness so they often do not. Veteran suicide rate is alarming. Seeing a lot of positive response that the topic was broached, hopefully he continues to get the help he needs and maybe it helps some others who have been too afraid to ask for help also.

  2. Nahu

    December 9, 2020 at 10:11 AM

    Damn… You’re just so jealous of Bennett, Steve. It’s not healthy. He really rubs you the wrong way for no reason. It reminds me of your hatred towards Derek Peth. It seems the person with an ego problem is you, Steve.

  3. sumguy

    December 9, 2020 at 3:00 PM

    Oh Steve. Felt like this entire entry was about how big of a douche you think Bennet is. Everything you wrote about him came across condescending. Maybe take a lesson from the guy and pay attention to how your words come across. A lot of the things you accused him of can applied to yourself.

  4. andreasol

    December 9, 2020 at 9:42 PM

    I agree with sumguy and nahu. You need to stop hating on Bennett. You don’t know him, you should be the last person to form an opinion on someone based on the way they’re portrayed on a highly edited and produced TV show.

  5. dbla31

    December 10, 2020 at 10:51 AM

    I know you don’t read these comments anyway Steve, but just showing my support regarding your take on Bennett. You could not be more right.

  6. rob22

    December 11, 2020 at 11:35 AM

    I see that Bennett’s family & friends sock puppet accounts have weighed in. Look, you can like Bennett and still see that he’s extremely condescending… and lacks self awareness. Bennett oozes privilege, entitlement and condescension. For some, that may not be off putting. Maybe it comes across as confidence to some. I think it comes across as budding narcissism. If we was 22 years old it could be tossed off as immaturity. Dude is over 30 and went to an Ivy League school. And honestly, his performance doesn’t make him look very bright either despite his name brand education. And people should realize why people get into Ivy schools is as much (or more) related to pedigree as it is to intelligence. My Dad went to an Ivy League school & they were practically begging me to come there… family of donors gets to cut in line (it’s definitely not that I’m smarter than everyone. Note: I went to state school.) I don’t see his act getting better with time, especially if he’s part of a family & friends group that doesn’t call him out for it.

  7. idontcare

    December 23, 2020 at 12:34 PM

    He says he doesn’t read them but in fact he does. He has blocked people and they come on again under a new account and talk about it. He blocks those that call him out. Lol

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