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The “Bachelor” Matt – Episode 4 Thoughts, Matt’s Off Screen Behavior, the Irony Behind Anna’s Accusations, & More Spoilers Including (EXCLUSIVE) Where the “Bachelorette” is Filming

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-Last night’s episode started off totally bizarre. Especially for people who don’t cover this show for a living and essentially turn off their brain from Monday night until the next Monday night and don’t think twice about this show when it’s not on. So last week’s episode started with rose ceremony #2. Then the next batch of dates start. We had the group date where they girls read Matt their fantasy porn, Serena P. got her 1-on-1 date, and then just about as the date card was going to be read for the second group date, Sarah came downstairs, all hell broke loose, and the rest of the episode was dedicated to the Sarah drama and then her ultimately leaving. However, when last night picked up, it’s like they expected everyone to remember that because, well, here we are already at the night portion of the group date. Huh? Whaaaa?

-Pieper, Magi, Mari, Jessenia, MJ, Abigail, and Chelsea are all at the after party of a group date that:

1) We didn’t even know they were on until this scene aired
2) Apparently didn’t have a day portion to it. If it did, they just skipped showing the audience what it was

Bizarre if you ask me. Anytime the day portion of a group date has been cancelled, we’ve seen the lead telling them the reason for it. Peter did when Hannah Brown showed up and he got all those feels again and told the women he’d see them later that night. That was the last one I can remember. This time? They just completely ignored it. So if any of those 7 women want to address on their social media if there actually WAS any sort of day time portion of the date, feel free. Or if they just skipped the whole thing completely and their group date literally consisted of just talking with him at night time. Chelsea ended up getting the group date rose when literally her and MJ were the only two we even saw Matt speak with at that after party. And he made out with Chelsea, so once again, it was clear as day who was gonna get the group date rose.

-Back at the mansion, we see this ridiculous conversation that Victoria initiates with Katie. Before we actually saw the night portion of the group date, the girls not on the date were all sitting around and Victoria said after Sarah self eliminated that “the trash took itself out.” Katie took offense to it, told Victoria to basically shut up, and Victoria didn’t like that. So this was Victoria’s way of confronting Katie about it:

I know, right? There’s like 900 things wrong with how Victoria handled that. But here’s the problem. She doesn’t care, nor does she think she’s done anything wrong. Did you see her on GMA this morning? All she did was say the girls knew her real personality, nothing was ever meant to be malicious, and just joked about how she acted because the girls “really know who she is.” Whatever. It’s almost pointless to keep giving Victoria air time, but they will, because this show for years and years and years has promoted women bullying other women. It’s what they thrive off of. It’s one thing to not like someone else in the house, maybe disagree with them, or hell, maybe just flat out hate them. But there’s still a way to have those feelings and just not interact with them. If production sees that, they make SURE you share those feelings because in their eyes it makes good drama. The hell with empowering women. They’d rather them tear each other down. Oh sure, production will bear no responsibility, and lets see how many Bachelor-approved podcast hosts even bring up the fact that production is behind this. My guess would be zero. Yes, Victoria is respond for her own actions. But do not absolve production from any wrongdoing on this because they love it.

Basically Victoria is getting rewarded for incredibly shitty behavior. Does that seem right to you? The louder you are, the better soundbites you give them, even if they make you seem completely unhinged, if it gets people talking, they’re going to air it. Victoria is playing the villain role perfectly. Then afterwards just sits back and claims she was fine, the girls knew how she really was, etc. I guarantee you none of these women are going to stick up for her publicly post-show. Or at least very few. Because it’s not good for their brand to back this girl. Let her live on her own little island where she thinks how she acted on this show is appropriate and leave her be. Clearly you can’t convince her otherwise, so why even try? She’s embarrassing herself. Just continue to let her. Do I condone the death threats and hate emails she claimed on GMA this morning she’s been getting? No. But again, that’s Toxic Bachelor Nation for you. She deserves criticism, not hate and death threats. Big difference.

-The rose ceremony came and the breakdown went like this:

-3 women were safe with roses: Rachael, Serena P., and Chelsea
-18 women were on the chopping block
-5 women were then brought onto the show (Brittany, Michelle, Kim, Catalina, and Ryan)
-17 roses were handed out at the rose ceremony, leaving us with 20 left once it was over. 3 were eliminated: Kaili, Kim, and Khaylah. Bad day to have a name beginning with “K” I guess.

Brittany was the new entry that had most of the girls gasping since she immediately made out with Matt to “make up for lost time.” This in turn had Victoria calling her a “slore.” Slut/whore. Lovely. We would expect nothing less from you at this point Victoria. Name calling, degrading women, horrible attitude – ahhhhh, so refreshing isn’t it? Also, when Catalina entered, being a former Miss Universe Puerto Rico, she had her crown on that Victoria took right off her and put on herself, you know, because she’s the queen. To which on GMA this morning she just brushed off as “maybe something I shouldn’t have done.” The lack of self awareness is astonishing to me.

Anyway, these 17 women got roses: MJ, Pieper, Bri, Magi, Michelle, Mari, Ryan, Kit, Serena C., Abigail, Katie, Victoria, Lauren, Brittany, Jessenia, Anna, and Catalina. Meaning 4 of the 5 new girls got roses. Kim was the only one who didn’t.



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