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The Bachelor 25 - Matt

The “Bachelor” Matt – Overnight Date Recap, ATFR Taping, and What’s the Latest “Bachelorette” Update?

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-The underlying theme on all of Matt’s overnights last night was him telling all three women that he spoke to his dad, and it was an important conversation, and what he took from it was that he’s not his dad. He had all these insecurities about opening up and committing to someone but got a sense of clarity after talking to his dad. Which is reeeeeeeeeallly ironic considering that at the end of this thing, he couldn’t commit anything to Rachael. He basically said, “Yeah, I pick you and lets date.” So all that rhetoric he was running last night felt quite hollow knowing how this season plays out. How could it not? He made SUCH a big deal out of really getting clarity from his dad, yet, didn’t really follow up with that this season, did he?

-Bri asked him during their dinner portion how he felt about an engagement. Matt did his best Fred Astaire and danced around that question like Ginger Rogers was his partner. I know, really cool, hip reference Steve. Maybe I should’ve said Alan and Hannah Brown. Or Kaitlyn and Artev? Is that better? Do the millennials get that reference? Good. The point being Matt threw a word hodge podge together that sounded something like, “relationship with my dad…got intense…him not being ready…affected all of us…I’m my own man…” Great Matt. How about you actually answer her question about how you feel towards an engagement? Then again, I guess we did, since his non-answer was an answer. And that answer was “Absolutely not.” Nobody should be the least bit surprised by what happened at the end of this season. I wasn’t calling him Clout James all the way back last May for no reason.

-I think that’s something that might be getting lost on people. Remember, when Matt was going through this filming from Oct. 10th – Nov. 23rd or so, he knew NOTHING about Rachael’s past or social media activity. So that’s why when we’re judging his actions on the show and his choice on how to end the season the way he did, you have to eliminate everything that’s happened post-show because he had no idea. So before any of this Rachael stuff came to light, Matt is telling everyone how he’s not his dad, he doesn’t want to be like him, he wants to be married and have kids and actually be there for his kids, etc. Then he got to the end and basically couldn’t commit anything to Rachael other than pick her over Michelle. I don’t think it’s much of a surprise to say the guy didn’t really take much about this season seriously, nor does he really care even now. The day after the ATFR taping on Friday, the guy was in Idaho skiing on Saturday. I’m not saying the guy can’t enjoy life, but, he’s been traveling basically every week since filming ended. He realizes we’re still in a pandemic, right? There’s light at the end of the tunnel now, but still, how about you just chill and not post from 8 different states or however many it’s been for you since November.

-I thoroughly enjoyed his date with Rachael. Why? Because it involved ceramics and I’m sure everyone’s thoughts turned to Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. How could it not? Sam Wheat and Molly Jensen doing it while making ceramics. Iconic movie scene. I totally thought that was the route we were headed with Matt and Rachael last night. But then Willie Lopez would come in and try and screw things up because Carl hired him to. That was a hell of a plot twist wasn’t it? And kind of sick. Sam’s best friend hired a hit man to kill him because he wanted to bang Molly that bad. Some crazy stuff I tell ya. Molly, you in danger girl. That movie kinda freaked me out for a while after seeing it. That one and “Flatliners.” Kinda made you think, “Wait, is this really what happens when you die?” I’m sure some people believe it does, but even the exaggerated movie version makes you think.

-Rachael was the girl this season who is shown as the one who can’t handle him being with other girls. She arrived for their date seemingly like someone just murdered her dog. She basically didn’t even want to take part in Ceramics 101 because she had his first two overnight dates on her mind. Matt essentially gave her the assurance she needed by telling her he’s fallen in love with her. Considering he was nowhere close to saying that to Bri and Michelle while in bed with them, even if you didn’t know the spoiler, this episode should’ve given it away to you. Although Matt did have one funny, and ironic, line when he said, “What would life be like without Rachael?” I don’t know Matt. You tell us. Because right now, that is your life. Sometimes this show just writes itself.

Finale is next week and it couldn’t get here any sooner. Hopefully I’ll find out some details regarding the ATFR taping. If/When I do, I’ll be sure to pass those along.

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  1. stacylee

    March 9, 2021 at 8:37 AM

    Long time viewer and RS follower. Enjoy watching franchise as a light, silly, non-reality reality show. While, of course, as a viewer, I hope for the rare occasion when true love is found, I accept that many participants go on the show to develop a “brand” and to increase their following.

    Here’s my issue: I totally believe racism exists everywhere in our society. But, is it shocking to know that POC are treated poorly in this franchise? Absolutely not! A lot of people are treated poorly …manipulated and used for network ratings/money. Isn’t this common knowledge?

    I would like to see the discussion of racism extend beyond this silly franchise. It’s really hard for the general public to take seriously all the participants who have benefited greatly (including you) to trash it for doing what they’ve always done – use people.

    I’m hoping for the conversation to move beyond Rachael and Rachel, Chris and the franchise to how similar words and actions affect and possibly contribute to REAL issues of racism in society. Issues such as poverty, healthcare, education, voter suppression, and representation throughout society.

    As disappointed as I have been with Matt, I do believe he is concerned about the impact of racism on children. His work in NYC reflects that. Hopefully, the conversation can shift….soon.

  2. mgb970

    March 9, 2021 at 8:39 AM

    > But I never thought for a second that tweet
    > was offensive in any way or taking some shot
    > […] But maybe I’m in the wrong here. I’d
    > like to know if I was

    1. Not offensive.

    2. But maybe this is an opportunity for some self-reflection regarding how quickly you (and Ashley) can judge people. Doesn’t feel so good does it?

  3. mgb970

    March 9, 2021 at 8:43 AM


    > I would like to see the discussion of racism
    > extend beyond this silly franchise.

    Totally agree.

    That’s a hard discussion. How can we do that in this country when the moment someone says something even perceived is wrong, they are automatically labeled and slandered.

    People are afraid to have that conversation right now because there’s no upside. Status quo and one can only screw themselves are the only 2 outcomes. Especially considering these days that is someone has a misstep, people try to dox that person and get them fired from their jobs; it affects their ability to do anything in life.

  4. jlal

    March 9, 2021 at 10:58 AM

    A few things:
    1. I too felt the convo with his Dad should not have been on TV. I actually cringed and just felt so sorry for both of them.
    2. I don’t think RS’s teacher post was bad, but I thought the exact same thing so…
    3. Just because Matt didn’t propose, I don’t assume he has a commitment phobia. I wish more would agree to just date and get to know one another, versus break-up a hot second after the After the Final Rose show.
    4. This franchise and this site are not the places to have more meaningful conversations on racism. There are plenty of sites, blogs, shows, etc. where you can get deep about the issue, but a dating reality show and it’s spoiler blog are not the places.
    5. Not sure how I feel about Katie. At first I really liked her, but after watching everything I wonder if she was some of the cause of the toxic environment in the house. Guess we will see next show.

  5. rob22

    March 9, 2021 at 10:58 AM

    I know that it’s hard to take this franchise seriously. I mean OF COURSE they will take advantage of racial stereotypes to build drama and ratings. They’ll do literally anything if it ticks up their ratings. The question really, is should blatantly using racial stereotypes be out of bounds completely. I think we did make a decision back many years ago that black face in minstrel shows was out of bounds. I think we did make a decision that putting black actors mainly in the roles of pimps and drug dealers was bad. But I think there was pushback every time a decision was made to improve the picture being painted of people of color. And so here we are again. The show that was built on drama with pretty white people, with POC mainly playing minor roles is getting called out. Yes, they’ve had two black leads (three counting Rachael). But it’s still the same people producing, so this is what you get. I think the criticism is fair. I don’t put any of it on Matt. Sure, he wasn’t ready to commit, but that’s pretty standard for Bachelors. He just decided not to fake it for a few months. But the show needs to grow up. I’m not sure they can do that. They were built this way from the beginning.

  6. iampunka

    March 9, 2021 at 11:35 AM

    I think it is time to just take the shotgun to this blog, and kill it. It’s best days are far behind it. It is on its last legs and the way it is headed, it needs a mercy killing. Temptation Island just aint gonna happen. Doesn’t have the same cultural zeitgeist. And this franchise is going down, with RS help.

  7. kathyr

    March 9, 2021 at 11:45 AM

    I totally agree, this blog and these trolls have totally ruined this fun show. Used to be silly and fun, now it’s all about putting people down and “correctness” whatever. Way to ruin things people

  8. justsaying

    March 9, 2021 at 1:12 PM

    I do feel they didn’t need to show Matt and his dad’s conversation. Feels so invasive and painful for them to air it all out in public, on top of perpetuating racial stereotypes.

    I really LOVE Bri. She’s so elegant and beautiful. My heart is breaking for her.

  9. idontcare

    March 9, 2021 at 1:38 PM

    You are brave but will probably be blocked. Although Steve says he doesn’t read the comments, you know he does. I realize you probably don’t care if you get blocked. Just saying I know he reads these comments bc I am aware of 2 people who he blocked bc of their comments here. He used to say he doesn’t feel any way towards this franchise but he very much is attached to it. That can be seen clearly. He is invested with money and feelies and addicted. He gets triggered. Best to you.

  10. fishbelt

    March 9, 2021 at 3:16 PM

    @iampunka and kathyr – I feel the same. I remember coming to this website and there would be 25, 30 comments every week, tons of reader emails and Steve’s recaps would be so funny. That’s what I came here for. Steve now has to beg for reader emails, and he’s now a racial studies expert. I don’t think it’s journalistically responsible to voice your opinion in your columns, but it’s his column and he’s no journalist.
    The franchise/show has been ruined, but it had a good run. Time to shut the mansion door. It’ll never be fun again.

  11. therightreasons

    March 9, 2021 at 6:38 PM

    You’ll have to explain this one to me because I’m kind of confused. When you (and Steve) say “perpetuating racial stereotypes (I’m guessing when it comes to Matt and his dad because that appears to be the context),” what does that mean?

    A situation that mirrors (depending on your statistics you get because they vary from source to source and year to year) anywhere from 64-72 percent of that population group that is not simply a “racial stereotype.” It’s an unfortunate truth, is it not?

  12. fishbelt

    March 9, 2021 at 6:57 PM

    @theright – those were my thoughts exactly, too. At the very least, extremely erroneous phrasing.

  13. caffeinequeen

    March 9, 2021 at 7:14 PM

    @therightreasons and @fishbelt, the racial stereotype RS is referring to is that of the philandering, absent Black father. Maybe Matt’s father was those things. And maybe it’s more complicated than that. I’m not making excuses for him. I do agree that it was a conversation that should have been conducted in private. If anything, that exchange was like ripping the band-aid off the wound. Cringe-worthy.

  14. GoingBlonde

    March 9, 2021 at 8:06 PM

    When ya have to continue to beg for reader emails, you have officially become an asshole. Anyone who dares challenge Steve’s woke-ism gets tossed out like yesterday’s trash.

  15. shellylite

    March 9, 2021 at 11:53 PM

    Matt’s discussion with his Dad was awful and painful. It didn’t belong on TV.
    Actually, neither do all these racism accusations against Rachel K with Rachel L’s blessings. Unless there is motive to be hateful or racist, I don’t believe anything RK did was racist, but wow did she get judged fast. Like a lot of others I don’t feel this show is the right vehicle for any kind of racism discussions or accusations. I mean, even sitcoms have diversity probems, like “Modern Family” for example – how long was that a hit show, and how many non-PC things did that show do (A lot) and did they ever have a giant racism discussion/controversy? I don’t know, because I stopped watching it, but I bet accusations about lack of diversity never ruined that show or any show like it. Because some shows are just majority white and some shows are majority non-white, that’s how all TV shows are. Few of them bend over backwards to be truly representative, racially, of our country. Why suddenly make The Bachelor franchise the show that’s supposed to live up to that representation? It’s just a dumb reality show. No one expects anything fantastic to come out of it. And think of all the people who have become famous from that stupid reality show, and one of them is Rachel Lindsay.
    The Bachelor franchise is a really dumb thing to get upset about. Racism is just one of its many, many problems.
    This judgmental blog isn’t helping the show. And I will never watch Temptation Island. It’s even more worthless than the Bachelor.

  16. shellylite

    March 9, 2021 at 11:59 PM

    @jlal I think the point was, Matt really went out of his way to make the point to the women that he wasn’t his Dad, wasn’t afraid of commitment and marriage, and then in the end, he clearly is/was.
    That’s all. It’s simplistic and it makes no sense that he had to talk to his Dad on TV to figure that out. “I’m not my Dad” is what everyone says at some point. But Matt needed that TV conversation to reach that conclusion, and then in the end, he kind of was his Dad after all.

  17. therightreasons

    March 10, 2021 at 7:55 AM

    I’m with everyone that those things are cringy and shouldn’t be on TV. However, these people sign contracts and for the most part probably know what they are getting into. It sounds kind of cold but sometimes people have too much sympathy and admiration for people when most of this stuff is signed and fabricated to a certain degree (I don’t know how much of it is in this situation but you hear all the time about how fake all of this stuff is kind of like the girl earlier this year that left because her parent was dying but she went back to her boyfriend and they were jet setting). When people are truly innocent and get manipulated it is a terrible thing but that doesn’t happen very often and it is usually willingly for fame and ratings.

    Like I said before, something that is a reality for 64-72% of that population group is not a “racial stereotype” and should stop being called as such. That is diminishing a real issue (which has multiplied for pretty much every group but the percentage happens to be astronomically high for this certain population group) that is part of the solution to a complex problem.

  18. justsaying

    March 10, 2021 at 12:18 PM

    @therightreasons Perpetuating stereotypes can create a lot of hate-crimes and divide. We need more love in this world

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