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The “Bachelorette” Katie – Episode 3 Recap, BIP Filming Info, & Rachel Lindsay Shares Her Experience

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-We start off the episode with, well, Karl. Every guy is coming at Karl as we pick up where last week’s episode ended – them asking Karl why he threw them all under the bus. Karl is speechless. When they ask which guys he was talking about when he told Katie that 100% of the guys weren’t 100% here for her, or whatever babble math equation that didn’t make sense he was saying. So again, all the guys were asking for is who he’s talking about when saying they weren’t there for Katie. And Karl refuses to throw anyone under the bus. Oh well that makes sense. Throw them ALL under the bus, just not anyone specific. If someone could explain the enigma that is Karl to me, go ahead and try. Seems like a lost cause at this point. Holy crap this guy is confusing. Just answer the question and maybe a house of 21 other guys aren’t asking for your head on the proverbial platter.

-Which then leads us to Katie stepping away getting some air outside and Greg comforting her. Of course they 1) had Greg be the one comforting her and 2) made sure they showed us. It’s been the Greg Grippo show for 2 episodes and 10 minutes now, so I guess you might as well continue it. By the way, Greg Grippo sounds like the name of a TV villain in the 80’s, doesn’t it? “Oh, you don’t wanna trust Greg Grippo. He’s shady.” It’s bad enough the whole show has revolved around him for the first two episodes, but I just can’t shake the 80’s hair and almost-too-good-to-be-true villainous name. I half expect to see him with his collar popped bullying kids at the lunch table next week. There have been a ton of guys over the years in 17 seasons of the “Bachelorette” that have appeared. I can’t think of one who has a more evil, he’ll-steal-your-girlfriend name than Greg Grippo. If you have any other suggestions, I’m all ears.

-Because all the guys are ganging up on Karl, even he has to step away to:

A) Catch his breath
B) Contemplate the massive lie he told Katie
C) Shadow box

If you guessed A and/or B, you should’ve been right. But you’re not. Greg is acting like he’s got Logan Paul coming in a couple weeks and for some reason is throwing right jabs in a dress shirt at a resort in New Mexico for some ungodly reason. Like I alluded to earlier, your guess is as good as mine when it comes to Karl Smith. I don’t have a clue what this guys’ deal is. But hey, if you wanna book him for your next motivational seminar, be my guest. Seems like a pretty rational guy.

-Rose ceremony time. Thomas, Greg Grippo the 80s villain, and Andrew S. already safe with roses. Katie: “Here to find a husband…here to fall in love…appreciate your honesty…confused…following my heart…I’m kinda believing Karl at this point. Please someone, anyone, step up and say something or else…”

David, Hunter, Connor C., Mike P. get roses. However when Mike accepts his, he tells her that all the other guys in the house have agreed that what Karl told her wasn’t the truth. She asks the rest of them if that’s true, and they agree. She steps away to talk to Tayshia and Kaitlyn. Comes back in and resumes the rose giveaway. Michael, Connor B., Quartney, Tre, Justin, Andrew M., Christian, Josh, Brendan, and James get roses.

Tayshia: “Well gentleman, this is the final rose of the evening. When you’re ready.” WHOA. Hold up. Do you realize for 41 seasons and 19 years, when one rose is left on the plate, we’ve only heard one sentence and that is, “Gentleman/ladies, this is the final rose tonight. When you’re ready.” Tayshia called game on this one. Threw in a “Well” and changed “tonight” to “of the evening.” I mean, how do we recover from this. Might as well have spoken Chinese at this point because I’m sorry, I just don’t understand this brand new sentence. Last week, Kaitlyn did the final rose speech and stayed on track, word-for-word from Mr. Chris Harrison. I’m gonna go over here, take a sip of water, and gather myself. Be right back.

Aaron get the final rose. So for those that don’t know all the guys’ names, that means Karl, Kyle, Garrett, and John were eliminated. And this tweet from Katie after that rose ceremony was pure comedy.

Remember when I originally said I was 99% sure John was final 4, but then I reported not only was he not final 4, he didn’t even make top 8. Well, maybe I should’ve said he didn’t even make Top 18. So much for that trip to Duke’s in San Diego. Womp womp.



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