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Bachelor in Paradise 7 Spoilers

The “Bachelorette” Katie – Episode 3 Recap, BIP Filming Info, & Rachel Lindsay Shares Her Experience

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-When Thomas came back to the rest of the group, nobody was happy he stole time with Katie which, I mean c’mon, we’re 41 seasons into this franchise. People stealing time because they’re told to by a producer is the oldest, most tired, most drawn out storyline ever. Yet every season, contestants get upset. I get that you would be since time is limited on this show, but they never dive into the production aspect since they know it was orchestrated by them, yet they can’t say anything. That’s why the “they stole time away from me” bit I’ll just never put much stock into. We know it happens, deal with it. We don’t even know who the guys are on Michelle’s season yet and her season hasn’t even started filming. But I can already tell you one thing that will 100% happen. At some point during the season, probably more than one time, one guy will walk in and steak Michelle away from another guy and that guy, along with probably others, will be pissed. Wash, rinse, repeat.

-Anyway, when Thomas came back from his second time with Katie, he tells the rest of the guys that he told Katie he was falling in love with her. Ummmm, excuse me? We never saw Thomas telling Katie that. Talk about digging yourself an even bigger hole with the rest of the group. Geez Thomas. Apparently you didn’t read “Bachelorette 101” before going on the show. Or hell, maybe you did and this is going exactly according to your plan. Hell if I know. But just know every guy there seems to be annoyed with you with every fiber of their being. And oh yeah, all your ploys and tricks didn’t work on Katie as she ended up giving her group date rose to Connor B. for fear of him squishing her brain with his hands next time they make out.

-Michael’s 1-on-1 date is up next and they rode dune buggys during the day portion. It wasn’t until the night portion where he told her about his past, meeting his wife in college and immediately knowing she was the one, marrying in I believe 2012, having a child, then her getting diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016 (?) and tragically her passing away in 2019. I saw some chirping online about how can he possibly be ready for a relationship when the mother of his child and ex-wife only passed two years ago. That’s a bit unfair. Everybody grieves differently. You can’t tell someone when they can and can’t start dating after a death like that. Not sure where people get off with that take, but then again, this is social media and while everyone is entitled to their opinion, most people don’t realize they don’t HAVE to share it. People are having a hard time comprehending that. There honestly really isn’t much to say about Michael’s date. You all watched it. Incredibly heartbreaking to hear his story, America is on his side right now, and Katie gave him a rose as expected. Besides, it’s the Thomas show this week!

-Just like all the guys came to a consensus that Karl was basically a loose cannon spewing off lies to Katie, they’ve come together to have a little intervention with Thomas for what he said on the group date yesterday. Hunter is leading the charge in regards to asking Thomas what his intentions were coming on this show and specifically asked him, “Was being the Bachelor – was that a prerogative for you?” To which Thomas replied, “OK, I can’t be disingenuous to you guys, and I’m not gonna be. Yes, coming into this, one of the thoughts on my mind was potentially being the next Bachelor.” Now here’s the thing, we know ALL these guys once they were cast had that in their mind at some point. It’s impossible not to once you know you’re one of the 30 guys. And then once the numbers start dwindling down, of course it becomes more and more of a reality that you’re in the running. So for the whole group to sit there and pretend they NEVER thought it themselves seems a bit hypocritical.

-With that said, Thomas being so open and blunt about it is what made it worse for him. I don’t think he gets points for being honest about it that early in the game, because yeah, it does come across as pretty insincere and calculated. And for the guy that has fallen for her quicker than anyone else, and knowing all the glowing compliments he’s showered Katie with, for him to be the one that’s admitting it’s crossed his mind and worst case, he comes out of this building a platform for himself? Yeah, not a good look. Is Thomas the worst human being ever? I don’t even think he’s worse than Karl. I just think this is more a game to him than maybe some of the other guys and he’s in it for the notoriety and to parlay this into a trip down to Paradise where he most certainly is involving himself with more than one woman. So I think Thomas is pretty much getting out of this experience exactly what he wanted to from the get go.

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