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The “Bachelorette” Katie – Episode 3 Recap, BIP Filming Info, & Rachel Lindsay Shares Her Experience

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-So we all saw what Katie shared last night in her story. She also did an interview with Glamour magazine where she talked more about being sexually assaulted at a younger age, and is also on a podcast today talking about it. I guess this is something she hadn’t even told her mother before until a couple weeks ago, nor was she even planning on sharing it that day. But once she heard the guys story, she decided to open about about that experience. Kudos to her since I’m sure that wasn’t easy to share, especially when basically the most important person in her life didn’t even know and she tells strangers first, knowing a national audience will hear it as well. I think she handled it about as well as she could in that instance, while also promoting RAINN on her social media accounts last night during it.

-Something that I never thought I was gonna share, but after last night it felt more appropriate, was that when everything went down a couple months ago and I began to start thinking of what I can do to be better, I reached out to Ashley Spivey to ask for suggestions. She suggested to maybe donate to RAINN, so I did. I know my past writings offended people and had the tone of putting down, not believing, and minimizing women and their stories. I figured that was just one step and the least I could do. No, it doesn’t mean I’m absolved of anything. But for me, it was a start, and doing whatever I can to at least begin to correct a mistake. Like I mentioned, I did this back in April, never thought I’d really share it since I know trolls would look at it as performative in some sense, but honestly, I don’t care if you think that. If I do/say nothing, you’ll think I’m doing nothing to better myself either. I didn’t have to do anything, but I chose to. It’s small, it doesn’t come close to possibly erasing all the things I wrote back in the day, but it felt good to help out in some way. This was my receipt:

-Back at the house, Michael tells his story to Mike P. and Andrew M. about how he lost his wife to cancer a couple years ago. This was setting up his date for later in the show since tonight’s episode could’ve been labeled “On a very special episode of the ‘Bachelorette…’” Remember that back in the day? Like when your favorite sitcom would all the sudden drop in a serious show, they made sure in the promos to say, “On a very special episode of ‘Diff’rent Strokes’…” I mean, anyone around my age knows EXACTLY what episode I’m talking about. Actually there were two that stood out. The Dudley one and the one where Sam got kidnapped. I don’t think I ever missed an episode of “Diff’rent Strokes” growing up. Easily my favorite show. Thought Arnold was the funniest thing alive. But when they dropped in the Dudley episode seemingly out of nowhere, yeah, that was quite eye opening. At the time, I’m sure I really didn’t quite understand it. Ever seen it on YouTube? I remember about 5 years ago going back and watching it. Disturbing to say the least.

-The after party of this group date all revolved around Thomas as you can imagine. First Justin got his time with Katie where they kissed and took selfies with a Polaroid. Connor B. got to get in another kiss with his creep hands clutching her skull like an alien. Wasn’t as bad as last week. Creep hands toned it down a little bit, but, definitely something still going on there that doesn’t look right at all. Then Thomas rolls in and tells Katie that he wants to be open about his red flags. He then proceeds to not give her any red flags, Katie even says that seems like he dodged the question, and he goes into, “Things get realer and realer.” Ummm, I think “more real” is the phrase you’re looking for bud, but go off. This guy seems like he wants to be the perfect contestant by saying all the right things, but unfortunately, it just makes it sound like he’s full of shit.

-After leaving his time with Katie and Aaron goes to see her, Thomas is still thinking about his time and how he might’ve screwed it up. So by golly, he’s going back in there during Aaron’s time to let her know about it. You know, Aaron, the guy who’s already had an issue with Cody. You think this is gonna sit well with him? You thought correctly. So Thomas goes back in there, interrupts, and not to finally open up and tell Katie about his red flags, but to say “fear and love are rooted in the same concept,” and that how special he feels when he sees her, and he hasn’t felt this way for as long as he can remember. Is someone playing the violin in the background? Because every time he goes on and on and on, I feel like that should be happening. It’s just tooooooooo much toooooooo soon Thomas. Just stop.



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