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The “Bachelorette” Michelle – Finale Thoughts, Those Rumors All Season, TikTok, and Some “Reader Emails”

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So Tayshia couldn’t be there because she was exposed to COVID. Yet, the show started with an indoor audience maskless. Look, I get it. We’re all tired of COVID. And there will be people who watched and thought no big deal, and others who called the show out for it. Pointless to debate that. However, COVID isn’t going anywhere. It’s a virus, not a political statement. Of course all of us wish it would just go away. It’s not. Probably ever. It’ll always be around. We will just eventually find a way to live with it where it doesn’t disrupt our daily lives. But in the times we’re in now, and a new variant that’s spreading like wildfire, it was a terrible look for the show. And they realized that, which is why after two segments they made everyone put masks on. Well, except for Becca, Thomas, Joe, Serena, and Michelle and Nayte’s parents. The whole thing is one giant clusterf**k and it’s not getting any better. Communication and messaging surrounding mask usage by those in charge has been confusing and inconsistent at best. And if people haven’t gotten vaccinated by now, most of them aren’t all the sudden gonna have a change of heart and get it now. So, we have to deal with the cards that have been dealt to us. Poor optics by the show last night.

But when we did get going, the show tried their darndest to make you think Nayte wasn’t gonna be picked because of his lack of communication, but you can only do so much of that before it becomes obvious. Like they were going so far overboard in trying to paint him one way so you wouldn’t think Michelle would pick him. Brandon meets the family and they all love him. Nayte meets the family and everyone has questions, they tell Michelle they don’t think he’s ready, etc. All the more reason everyone sitting at home should’ve realized what was coming and that they were setting Brandon up for the big letdown. I mean, even Kaitlyn saying numerous times during the show it was gonna be one of the hardest breakups you’ll ever see pointed to Brandon. Because he was the one gushing over Michelle and telling her every 4 seconds he wanted to be married to her forever and ever. If she would’ve broken up with Nayte at the end, it’ll probably would’ve met with a “whatever bro.” Clearly the more devastating breakup was gonna be with the guy who’s been showering her with all the love affirmations for weeks now.

People getting upset at Michelle for telling Brandon she loved him in her last date. At the time it was confusing, but she gave her answer as to why in the ATFR. She said she hadn’t made up her mind at that point, she was living in the moment, and it would do a disservice to the relationship if she didn’t tell him how she felt. So I guess it’s for each individual person to listen to that answer and react to that answer she gave. Seems like a solid answer. Then on final rose ceremony day, she gave the “I can see a life with both guys, but I can’t my life without Nayte” line. A line we’ve heard from numerous leads in the past. So the choice of Nayte was made, and that’s where we’re at. Same thing for them as I say for every couple. If/When they move in together, then I start taking the relationship more serious. Until then, they’re just dating. Did Nayte say on the show last night he was moving to MN as soon as possible? Yes. So if/when that happens, I think that’ll be a huge step. I just need to see it happen first because anybody can say anything. And these two are saying nothing different than every other couple the day after their finale airs. IG posts expressing their love outwards, posting IG videos of themselves together, etc. Michelle and Nayte aren’t doing anything different than Becca & Garrett, or Clare & Dale, or Katie & Blake did after their finale aired. So just keep that in mind. You know me when it comes to social media. So many have made themselves seem the greatest most happiest couple in the world the day after finale night, and then broke up. We just don’t know anything. Today forward is where their real relationship begins. It’s too early to know anything.

This part was just too funny:

They made everyone wear masks after two segments, but then Thomas and Becca don’t need to? And while Brandon is telling Michelle his thoughts these two have to play kissy face with no masks? Just was bizarre all around.

Quite a few asking about the money for the down payment on the house the show gave them. If you read Michelle’s lips (and could slightly hear her), she was amazed the check was for $200k. I mean, I would assume that’s ONLY for a down payment and if there’s a breakup or anything like that, they don’t get the money. But yes, $200k was what Michelle said in case you didn’t catch it.

Kaitlyn is definitely a company woman. My guess is if she wasn’t reading off cue cards, she never would’ve introduced Clayton on stage as “He needs an introduction, because no one knows who he is.” While that may be true, the host of the show would never say that under any circumstances unless they were told to. Those weren’t Kaitlyn’s words, I assure you. Because that’s just rude. Neither was the Mean Tweets segment. While I didn’t necessarily have a problem with the segment, since I knew exactly what they were doing, I did have a problem with them not showing us the Twitter handles of the cowards who wrote those tweets. Clearly they did it so the audience would feel bad for Clayton that he’s getting all this hate and want to cheer for him. There’s no other reason to trot him out there and make him read nasty things being said about him. At least he took it all in good fun AND there’s much worse being said about him online than that. Probably could’ve had that segment go in a different direction, but I get what they were doing.

Well, another season in the books. One week off, then back at it again as Clayton’s season starts Monday, Jan. 3rd. All the luck to Michelle and Nayte. If they make it, great. If they don’t, that’s ok too. What I do know is no matter what happens to them, my life will go on just the same. Don’t know if I can say that for others, which is pretty sad when you think about it. Have a great Holiday season everyone. Thanks for sticking around all the years, and we’ll keep plugging away at this until it’s over – whenever that may be.

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