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The “Bachelorette” Michelle – Finale Thoughts, Those Rumors All Season, TikTok, and Some “Reader Emails”

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Hi Steve,

I have wondered this for a long time and am curious if you have the answer… I know fantasy suites aren’t filmed (for obvious reasons) but are their rooms bugged in any way? I would assume they want to guarantee the lead isn’t going to give away who he/she is picking in any way and how would they know for sure unless the room was bugged? That is so awkward and weird to me but I just don’t believe that they let them TRULY have alone time when the stakes of “drama” and ratings are at stake.

Thank you!!

Comment: No. Not bugged. And yes, leads have given away in that overnight date things that maybe they weren’t supposed to. But it’s happened.

Hey Steve,

A couple 12 dates of Christmas questions.

1. Did they film during the holidays and just release it a year later? Or did they film a few months prior to releasing (a la bachelor)? And the family has to pretend it’s Christmas in July and their meet up in NY for New Years was completely fabricated? Knowing reality tv I can see both scenarios. It was my biggest issue with the show. It was filmed Feb-April in Lake Tahoe. Nothing about any of that filming had to do with the holidays. And that’s not me breaking any news. All you had to do was listen to either of the podcasts I did with the cast and they even said when the show was filmed.

2. Was their entire wardrobe provided by the show? Most of their outfits were so specifically themed and put together I find it hard to imagine they had to provide it themselves. I have you to thank that while I am watching any reality show, I’m constantly thinking what is going on behind the scenes. I find peeking behind that fourth wall intriguing and makes reality tv that much more bearable.

Comment: Of course. Yes, the show provides a lot of the wardrobe. Especially on that show with so many themed dates.

Hi Steve,

I recall seeing a clip where a Bachelorette cast member accuses Nayte of being an actor. Is he an actor or is that a known goal for him?


Comment: Clayton actually addressed this on his IG after his filming was over and just said he never accused Nayte of that, so it must’ve been someone else.

Hi Steve,

What percentage of the time do you think the lead tells someone in the fantasy suite whether she’s going to pick them or not? Tough to know. I just know it’s happened before.

Also, do you know anything about Mikey P and Madi P? He posted recently that he is anxiously waiting to meet his future wife, but based on the comments, it seems like he doesn’t even open the messages that women send him.


Comment: No.


This is Sunday. The finale is not until tomorrow. But I am seeing these clips.

With Brandon, she asks if he wants to know her feelings and then tells him how much she loves him knowing she is picking Nayte.

I mean, that is just mean.

She didn’t have to tell him that. She knows how smitten Brandon is. What is the purpose? Doing it because the producers told her to in order to make a better TV show and keep us guessing? I would have thought she would have more respect for Brandon.

And …no one seems to be calling her out for it.

As I recall, she did something similar with Joe in the fantasy suites and no one even mentioned it.

Who in real life tells someone you love them and then breaks up with them a few days later?

Comment: She gave her answer to him at the ATFR. At the time, she hadn’t made up her mind. That’s what she was feeling in the moment. She felt she’d be doing the relationship a disservice to not share it with him.

Hi Steve,

1. The most unpopular question you’ll get for tomorrow’s Reader Emails-Are Michelle and Nayte still engaged? Through all the hoopla the last few months, and all the rumor starters and BS stories, the spoiler always remained the same. I just let people fly with baseless, evidence-less rumors and stick to what my solid sources told me. Have they been wrong before? Yes. But every time they have been wrong and it was corrected, those ended up being right as well. I’ll take my sources every day of the week and twice on Sundays over speculation, rumor, dissecting promos, social media, innuendos, and what not.

2. If so and things are rocky have you heard that there may be a switcheroo on AFR? To Brandon?

Merry Qwansaa to you and Luka and thank you for all you do! What would we do without you?

Comment: There was never anything to any rumor you heard all season. I could only say it so many times all season. At that point, people are gonna believe what they want to believe. Two weeks before Michelle’s first episode aired, I spoiled she was engaged to Nayte. Before anyone had even seen the first commercial for the season. There’s not much else I can do.

Hi Steve,

Long, long time reader. Everyone knows me at work as the Bachelor spoiler person because I always know the spoiler (thanks to you) but never give it away and still converse as if I don’t. I love watching the show with a different angle.

No bachelor questions: I am 33 weeks pregnant. I got my last moderna Covid shot in June. Can you ask Emily (the contestant from Bens season who has been on) if she suggests getting the booster? Just a little worried since people I know seem to really be reacting to the booster and I am getting closer to the end of my pregnancy. This question was cut and pasted and I texted it to Emily. Her response that I sent back to this reader was this:

“Yes! The American college of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends boosters for pregnant women, as does the CDS. This will be especially important as Omicron becomes more prevalent since boosters seem to help against Omicron. If it were me, I would do it now before baby comes and I have less time/energy.”

Question 2: Thoughts on Xander not getting a single vote on Survivor? I was shocked. Maybe it was editing but I felt he definitely deserved to win if not he should have been close in the votes. Wonder if you agree.

-pregnant, survivor and bachelor super fan

Comment: This and a whole lot more will be discussed in tomorrow’s podcast as Stephen Fishbach and I break down this season of “Survivor.” It’s another good one because Stephen is a true encyclopedia when it comes to this show. His perspective and insight is spot on.

Hi Steve –

This past week had some big finale episodes (writing this before The Bachelorette finale) so I’ll ask you about them.

Survivor – Did you pick the winner correctly going into the jury questioning? Did you feel she was a “deserving” winner? Admittedly, I was wrong. I was rooting for Xander as he was on the bottom the whole game, somehow stuck around, and made some clever moves. The outcome made me feel like the jury just didn’t like him and appreciated the more subtle game Erika played plus, possibly, feeling good about voting for a woman and POC. Overall, I felt like the jury was paying little attention to Deshawn so I felt he had no chance. I hope they get rid of that fire making challenge at 4. I’d prefer something one cannot train for. Nope. Not even close. I had 3 people I thought who’d win throughout the course of the season and none of them did. You’ll hear who those were and much more in tomorrow’s podcast with Stephen Fishbach.

Challenge – CT just may be the GOAT. His athletic ability, puzzle solving and way he quickly assesses the best way to play the challenges is incredible. Even in an interview when asked about Bananas praising him, CT looks for the angle and says that Bananas’ comments are a plan to put a target on CT should Johnny ever come back. As a sports guy, which pro athlete would you liken CT to in terms of “CT is the _________ of The Challenge”? Brady? Jordan? Someone in more of an individual sport? Kaycee could be another multi winner but I want to see how she fares against past champ Jenny in the future if she ever returns. Devin could be a champ someday but he needs to improve his athleticism so much that it is a longshot. What would you have done with the $ decision? Hmmm, tough one. Bananas has more titles, so I say he’s the GOAT. CT lost his way there for a little bit and took time off. Glad he’s back and refocused. What we need is a CT/Bananas final somehow. That could settle the score. But right now, Bananas is top dog for me in terms of competitors. He’s got the most titles. You can’t take that away from him.

I thought CT and Kaycee would keep $900k. Figured they’d give 2nd place $75k and 3rd place $25k. I thought they’d at least stagger 2nd and 3rd. To give them all the same amount certainly was different, but, I see how it makes them look for future seasons. Very much a game play on CT and Kaycee’s behalf.

I give a lot more weight to winners in recent years given how much simpler the game was in its formative years. I just binge watched the Fresh Meat season on Netflix – 20 minute episodes. The elimination challenge was the same thing each time. It was also interesting to see what was tolerated then which would not be now. Just as you took down writings from the old days which represented the Old Steve pre growth, I am surprised MTV would make this available to be seen. Wes was so verbally abusive to his girlfriend and his partner in addition to a comment about how he would not lose to a gay guy that I believe he would be removed from the current game and banned. Wes wasn’t the only one. Plenty of guys from this show have some serious problematic footage from previous seasons. Jordan, Bananas, Kenny, Evan – the list goes on. It is pretty crazy some of the stuff said and done on past seasons that, while it’s living on the internet and select group of people still talk about it, it hasn’t gotten over mainstream enough for these guys to be banned. Maybe it will some day.

Masked Singer – The first hour was fluff that I could not bring myself to watch it. Did you like the change to a 2 contestant finale with 2 songs? Maybe (probably) I am an old fart at 54, but I was happy Jewel won as I don’t view the Bull guy as a celebrity. I get that there are YouTube and Tik Tok “stars” but I’m not there yet. I had to yell out to Alexa to ask who he is.

Comment: Ha ha yeah I hear ya. I liked the new format and was pretty sure that was Jewel for the last few episodes. And of course if Jewel is on your show, she’s gonna win. I liked the finale, even though no matter what the format is, I think the best singer usually ends up winning.

Hello Steve,

Fans of and figures in BN still seem to be questioning why Clayton is the next bachelor so I figure I’d throw my 2 cents in. Obviously I’m going to biased towards who I’m attracted to, but I don’t think we’ve had a good bachelor since Ben Higgins. I liked Arie on Emily’s season, but I didn’t see him as a catch 7 years later; Nick Viall, no need to comment; Peter? He was and still is extremely immature. Colton? Speaks for himself. Matt? I totally support a black bachelor but him? No personality and a random outsider. (Still confused as to why Mike Johnson or Eric Bigger weren’t chosen…) Clayton is the ideal Bachelor because he is super attractive, but not arrogant or flashy. He’s just a naturally good looking dude. Plus, he has the Midwest-guy-next-door down-to-earth vibe. Almost all the guys on Michelle’s season were so….bedazzled….Dyed hair, facial piercings, jewelry, tons of tattoos. (Ok maybe just Martin). The main demographic for this show wants a Clayton or a Ben Higgins or a Sean Lowe type of guy: traditionally masculine, WASP, good-guy vibes. That’s not a knock against the push for more diversity, but I think Clayton is the type of guy your average viewer wants to watch because he’s the type of guy they want to be with. Probably pretty accurate.

Ok my questions…

1) Do you think Clayton really is a sweetheart or is he actually just a player? I know nothing about him, really.

2) Old news, but do you know why Mike and Eric were passed over in favor of Matt James? No.

3) Have you ever had contestants who were booted off contact you with spoiler info? I let people believe whatever they want when it comes to spoiler sources. I don’t talk about them.

4) What do you think of the real Bachelor jobs page?

Thanks and it’s always a pleasure reading your column.

Comment: I’ve seen it. While it seems like they put in an awful lot of work to it, I just question why. What do they gain from doing all this? Like do they think all the audience ever really cares about these peoples’ jobs pre-show? Hell, half of them aren’t even real anyway. And most of them want to quit that job and become influencers after the show. If it’s something egregious, and illegal work is happening, or money is being stolen, or someone/some thing is being defrauded, by all means, there needs to be attention brough to that. It just seems like from what I’ve seen, and I’ll admit I haven’t looked at all their posts, is that they’re trying real hard to cancel people and maybe make them look worse. Why is someone’s job pre-show that important to them? Just seems like an odd hill to die on. But to each their own.

Hey Steve:

I am really confused about the audience mask situation in studio tonight. I swear at the very beginning of the episode, no one had masks on. Then we hear Kaitlyn say they’ll be masked the rest of the time out of an abundance of caution.

What made them make that change as the live broadcast was airing? Clearly it wasn’t a decision made pre-show but during the show, they pivoted.

Comment: Based on what Kaitlyn said, it was definitely from the response coming from online during the show. That was live, so, they had the ability to read what people were saying as it was happening and they changed accordingly. Better late than never I guess, but that was a poor read on there part to begin with.

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