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The Bachelor 26 - Clayton

The “Bachelor” Clayton – Episode 7 Thoughts, & What I Can Report About the Finale

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Just a few thoughts regarding last night’s episode which really took a backseat to the latest news and Fleiss’ tweet:

-I see both sides to the Mara/Sarah feud. Mara clearly had the show get to her and did have a right to be upset with someone getting a second 1on1 before she got her first, but, that happens every season. Mara just got more upset at it than others did. And it’s tough to know what Sarah was or wasn’t saying after her dates with Clayton, or how much emphasis she was putting on her connection with Clayton. It’s possible she just didn’t realize how she came across to others. Or, she was blatantly trying to get people to quit. We don’t know because we never saw the convos. But the fact that the likable contestants this season seemed to side with Mara, well, kinda makes you think.

-We may have a copyright infringement on our hands! Did you notice at both rose ceremonies last night, Jesse said, “this is the final rose tonight” instead of what he’s used most of the season which is “this is the final rose of the evening?” Dammit, that’s Chris’ line! Can he sue? Can he win and add more money to his low 8 figure settlement that never allows him to say a word about the show ever again until the end of time? Inquiring minds want to know.

-Another great breakdown of the Pretty Woman date by Suzana at @Bachelordata:

What does it mean for this season? Really nothing to deduce since you’ve had 5 people who’ve gotten that date that won, and you’ve had people who’ve gotten it and gotten sent home ON that date. But it’s definitely interesting to look at.

-Serene’s 1on1 was interesting because I was looking back on the day I posted those pics and it was Oct. 30th. Well if you skip ahead a few days, Susie had the first hometown date in Virginia, and that was on Nov. 2nd. So they really didn’t spend much time in Vienna at all. We now know the breakdown. Susie’s Pretty Woman date was Oct. 28th, group date on the 29th, Serene’s 1on1 on the 30th, rose ceremony the 31st, fly back to states Nov. 1st, Susie hometown Nov. 2nd. I gotta believe that’s the quickest stint ever at the location before hometown dates. Usually because there’s at least 3 1on1’s and a group date.

-This couples therapy group date was laughable. There’s no way that woman was a real psychologist, right? Doesn’t even get her name on the screen? She’s conducting private therapy sessions recorded for a TV show? Her office looked like it was in a castle. I’m just so curious how they find someone like her. Do they look for actors in the area? If she is a legit psychologist, do they just search Google and call her up? Is she neither and just a friend of someone in production? All questions I love to ask that we’ll probably never get answers to.

-I love how this “psychologist” is, I guess, protecting the sanctity of her job by not telling Clayton who she thought was being performative, yet, she’ll film her sessions with them for a TV show. Ok, doc. You know best. What a horrible group date to be a part of. The guy is not your boyfriend and you barely even know him, yet, you have to sit there with a fake doc opening up about you innermost feelings and emotions? Please. Genevieve did the right thing by bouncing out of there. What a joke.

And finally, as I reported last week, the Women Tell All tapes tomorrow in LA. The women who are going to be on the show arrived in LA over the weekend and are quarantining without their phones. Outside of Genevieve and Teddi who were eliminated last night, if you look at any other possible candidates to be at WTA, none of them have posted in at least 3 days which pretty much confirms they’re in quarantine with no phone, since these women post all the time. Makes sense they’d let Genevieve and Teddi post last night. I saw Cassidy did too so, either she’s not going to WTA, or they let her as well for some reason. But you look at anyone eliminated from 15 down to final 3, and Genevieve and Teddi posted last night. Jill, Sierra, Lyndsey, Hunter, Marlena, Shanae, Mara, Eliza, Sarah, and Serene have not posted anything in at least the last 3 days.

Hopefully I’ll have some WTA spoilers for you next week. I’ll keep you updated. Back tomorrow with your “Reader Emails.”

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