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The “Bachelorette” Gabby/Rachel – Two Women Speak on Nate Mitchell

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2/6/21 – Nate went to Atlanta. I didn’t know it at the time, but he met a girl named Laree on Tinder and went on a date with her. Full name: Laree Starke (IG: @cola_ree). They have an early Valentine’s Day dinner. As she told me this for the first time last month.


2/14/21 – 8 days after his date with Laree I never knew about, we had our Valentine’s Day date. This is when I first thought things were getting serious.


2/26/21 – Went out to dinner with my dad and his girlfriend. Their first time meeting.


3/14/21 – Gave him a shirt with my face on it and necklace.


4/15/21 – First trip together. Tulum with friends & other couples. 100% exclusive at this point.


5/22/21 – Came to my cottage for the first time for my dad & fiance’s birthday party. Met my whole family. Brought us both flowers.


5/27/21 – Came to dinner with his twin brother and my dad and my twin brothers and I’s friends.


6/27/21 – Came to dinner with me and my mom. Couldn’t look her in the eye. Things started getting rocky.


7/4/21 – Got upset at him because he didn’t come to my cottage. Went home for the weekend and I don’t know why. Ghosted me for a week.

8/14/21 – Laree messaged me for the first time because she noticed I started deleting photos of Nate off my IG page, so I texted Nate right after.

8/18/21 – Responded to Laree’s message after my text conversation with Nate.

Nate and I kept talking and hanging out from July-November of 2021.

11/3/21 – I went to Mexico for my birthday and he was flirting with me on text/IG. Thought he wanted to work things out/get back together.

11/23/21 – Hung out. Thought we were getting back together.

11/25/21 – Broke up through text. Still wished me a Happy Thanksgiving. Ended on a good note.

1/7/22 – Saw his friend from the ski trip who told me she’d hooked with him two weeks prior. She told me he was dating someone new (met her at a wedding he didn’t invite me to) and that he was hooking up with her friend. Got pissed and texted Nate “I always knew you were sus.” Cut ties with him officially and deleted his number.

3/23/22 – Found out he was going on “Bachelorette.”

-The episode before his first 1-on-1 date is when I found out he had a daughter for the first time.

-Two weeks ago I found out from Laree for the first time that he was once married and his divorce wasn’t finalized until Dec. of 2020.

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  1. justsaying

    August 9, 2022 at 3:11 PM

    Nate must be superhuman. It sounds like he has a real job being an engineer and all AND he has a child AND he’s two timing. There’s only 24 hrs in a day.

  2. realitynyc12

    August 9, 2022 at 5:49 PM

    Good grief. Are majority of the guys that go on this show complete f-boys? Is no one safe? This is the guy who dropped that amazing line on Chris about manipulative guys damaging good women, I practically gave my TV a standing ovation, that was next level well said, daaaamn. What a hypocrite he turned out to be, this is bordering on sociopathic behavior.
    I think they need a much more thorough psych exam for these contestants before they sign them on.
    There is two timing and then there is this, something is loose in some of these dudes heads that go on this show.
    Shaking my damn head….. lol

  3. jillmarie

    August 10, 2022 at 11:30 AM

    Wow! Thanks to Kelsey and Laree for being brave and sharing their stories. I notice they seem to be giving Nate a Bachelor edit, I suspect he might be in the running. I hope he isn’t! I’d much rather see Aven as Bachelor.

  4. ctrealitygirl

    August 10, 2022 at 12:17 PM

    I hated reading RS’s recap of the Nate drama. When I watched Monday night’s previews for next week’s episode, I was sad watching the scene where Gabby is obviously letting him go, telling him she’s afraid of not being a good mother to his daughter. He’s been my favorite all season. I was disappointed about him getting let go, but had high hopes he might be named the next Bachelor. But now this mess. And I think RS is correct about Mike Fleiss’s tweet about not making quick judgments. Sounds like Nate was a front runner. I like Aven but not sure he has enough charisma for the starring role. The only guy I see with enough charm is Tino if Rachel doesn’t choose him. But looking like that’s a slam dunk. I originally felt that Zach was neck and neck with Tino, but seems like he’s falling behind now. I also like Johnny, but know that he goes on Paradise and gets engaged. Bummer!

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