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“Reader Emails,” Reaction to the Nate Story, Fleiss’ Weird Tweet, & Your Daily Roundup

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Today’s the big day. No, not spoilers. That’ll be tomorrow. I had to push it back today. I have my Achilles surgery today at 1:00. The surgery isn’t the reason I pushed it back though. I don’t have a podcast for tomorrow. The podcast guest I thought I was gonna record with yesterday fell through. So now I don’t have a podcast for tomorrow, so I’m just going to do the spoilers on that. Will still have a Daily Roundup, and then an hour later my regular Thursday podcast will be me just verbalizing the spoilers I have for this season. In addition, for those that would rather read than listen, the spoilers will be written out in the column. So you get the best of both worlds. It just makes it easier that way for me. I know you’re put out another 24 hours, but there’s nothing I can do when a guest has to push something back. Doesn’t happen often, but it does on occasion. So look for that tomorrow. As for surgery, lets just hope I’m not too loopy still when I record later tonight.

Today’s Daily Roundup focuses mostly on the reaction to yesterday’s column about Nate and then Fleiss’ bizarre tweets.

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Nate responded, albeit briefly, by saying in one of his IG captions “There’s two sides to every story.” By all means, can’t wait to see it. And I’m not being sarcastic. I really do wanna know exactly what his side is when we have proof of the other side. Judging by that response, sounds like he’s about to attack Kelsey and Laree’s character, which is about the last thing he should be doing. Take your L, apologize for treating the women the way you did, admit you were being a fuck boy, and vow to be better in the future. That’s how he SHOULD address this. But it doesn’t look like he will. He’ll now seemingly go after the women and their credibility and that’s why I’m so curious to what he says. It’s not like I just relayed a story through a game of telephone. I spoke to each one. Numerous times. They provided pictures and text screen shots. What exactly is his “side?” Saying he didn’t think their relationship was serious enough to tell her he had a daughter at no point over a year and a half? Ok. I just don’t buy it. I dive into it more on the Daily Roundup today, but I’m so confused on what his reasoning is. At the very LEAST, he’s guilty of being incredibly shady during these “relationships.”

And oh yeah, within an hour of the story going up yesterday, I had two more reach out to me with stories about the guy – neither of them positive. One of them from this past weekend. So again Nate, for your own sake, quit while you’re behind. I don’t think you want more coming out.

Did you see this doozy from Fleiss yesterday?

So basically, he’s completely invalidating what Kelsey and Laree gave me. Does he not know what “allegations” means? That means information given without proof. He does realize what they gave me were pictures clearly showing Nate and Kelsey seeing each other numerous times over the course of 18 months, and Laree clearly having some form of a relationship with him that overlapped with Kelsey. Way to dismiss women immediately, Fleiss. But hey, I’ve reached the point now where, why not? Make Nate the Bachelor. I dare you, Fleiss. Do it. I’m sure he’s at least being talked to about it or Fleiss wouldn’t even bother tweeting that last night. So lets call his bluff. Cast the guy. The jokes will write themselves. The amount of Kelsey and Laree references I’ll be able to make, along with everyone else, will be high comedy when he’s on dates with other women and calling someone his angel on earth. Do it, Fleiss. I dare you.

One final thing before we get to “Reader Emails.” Will be very interesting to see how the Bachelor Nation podcasts handle this news. US Weekly covered it yesterday, so they can’t just avoid it because it only came from Reality Steve and they can pretend like I don’t matter. What about Peter and Dustin who are Nate’s boys? How do they cover this? Or anyone else who’s put Nate on a pedestal all season? Do they cover it objectively, or immediately dismiss the women? And yes, I’m well aware I’ll somehow get blamed for this when all I did was give them a platform. I told everyone over a year ago my reporting negative info or tea about contestants will only happen if the people coming to me will put their name to it, provide evidence/receipts, and I deem it to be legit. All three of those things happened in this case, so that’s why it was reported. I can’t thank Kelsey and Laree enough for coming forward and sharing this. Spoke to both yesterday and the response was very positive, which I was hoping for for them. We know how batshit crazy the stans can get.

Hey Steve,

I’m sure you already know this but the twins married to twins starred in the first (and only so far) season of Extreme Sisters on TLC. It aired in 2021.

They (both couples) are very strange and they definitely need psychological help, to be honest. They have a lot of anxiety about being apart. And, I mean being apart for a few minutes. Both couples even share a closet and dressing room. They met at a twin convention, too.

Anyway, in case no one told you I thought I’d mention it.


Comment: I’ve had quite a few people come and tell me this. Never saw the show, but not surprised TLC did one on these two couples. And yes, that is totally bizarre.

(1) did the show really rent that whole entire cruise ship just for 18 guys, 2 bachelorettes, and the production crew (assuming the crew stayed on the ship)? A boat that size would require sooooo much staff/engineers just for maneuverability, multiple watch shifts, etc.— seems like it wouldn’t be economical for the show or for Virgin cruises (regardless of the free publicity- I know the show works on trade). Were there other paying guests on the boat and the contestants/production were just sequestered to certain parts of the boat? From my understanding, they had the whole ship to themselves. In fact, I thought I read that people who had previously booked during the weeks the show used it were sent a letter cancelling their trip. I thought I linked an article to that way back in March when this was first announced. If I didn’t link to it, I know I read it.

(2) of the other successful non-show bachelor podcasters out there, are there certain ones that you have a better relationship with than others? I’m assuming you’re in good with Dave Neal and Game of Roses. Love when you have them on your pod, by the way. However, I was recently listening to a “she’s all Bach” pod and someone was like “oh am I allowed to say ‘reality Steve’ on here?” So I was curious if that meant you guys have beef, and if so, why? I’ve never spoken to “She’s All Bach,” but I know their podcast is fairly new. I don’t have any beef with them. I see their clips in my IG/TikTok feed a lot. No idea why they would say that on their podcast. I’ve never spoken a word about them before.

As for others, clearly Dave and Game of Roses are the only other two I’ll listen to, but that’s not on a weekly basis. I just don’t have time to listen to everyone’s weekly, or daily, stuff. Just like they don’t to mine. Any Bachelor related ones? The only time I listen is when I’m told about something they said and I have to go in and get the exact quote. Other than that, no interest. Just always remember, they have an agenda and will never give you the full story because they are being paid by the show AND want to keep good relationships with contestants. Me? I don’t care whether contestants like me or not. I’m not trying to kiss their ass and buddy up to them. If someone happens to become a friend/acquaintance, by all means, I’m fine with that. But I don’t openly go into it trying to, which is a huge difference. We know who’s there, constantly posting about them, constantly kissing up to them, and constantly trying to let everyone know they hang out with them. To each their own, but not for me. And it’s kinda hard to objectively cover someone that you’re close friends with. Or at least trying to be.

(3) I know people have been throwing around and misusing the term “gaslighting” (and I, like you, am sick of it being thrown around loosely or misused), however, the more I hear about Nick Viall, and specifically after your podcast with Chris Conran, I can’t help but think Nick Viall is a classic gaslighter. All the people who have issues with him have a very similar story where instead of apologizing he turns the tables: Katie- “you’re lucky to have such passionate fans”. Chris- “you shouldn’t be liking negative tweets about me. Not a good look on YOU.” Basically turning the tables to make people believe they (or in Katie’s case, her fans) are the ones in the wrong or causing the commotion (even though he in fact is is the one starting everything.) Whatever you do, don’t tell Nick that. He’ll mansplain to you how wrong you are.

(4) do you think there is a better chance of the next Bachelor coming from:
-Gabby’s men
-Rachel’s men
-A past season
-Someone random/not in the franchise

I think it’s gonna be from this season. But this show has pulled stuff out of their ass before. We’re still a month away, so anything’s possible.

(5) do you recall which Bachelor season it was when they started basically taking a runner-up/final 4 and making them the Next Bachelor? I was in high school/college during the early years of the show so I didn’t follow the show super closely, but I remember the early years when they would pick a seemingly “perfect catch” single guy (a “prince,” “an heir,” “a doctor,” “an actor,” “professional football player”— Lorenzo, Andrew Firestone, Travis stork, Charlie O’Connell, Jesse Palmer). I understand the formula of using a runner-up is working now, but it’s also kind of weird that you can get 30 stunning women to fight for an Fboy that they could easily pickup at a bar any day of the week. After Brad’s first season, the next one was Jason and almost all since then is when they started doing a guy from the season that just aired. I believe only Brad 2.0, Arie, and Nick were the only two that broke that mold.

(6) do you watch “Below Deck”? It’s great- and seems like something you would like!

Comment: No. But I did have someone come to me wanting to spill some tea about a dude that was on that show. I didn’t respond.

I love your daily podcast. I listen to it every morning when I start work! It’s become part of my daily routine. Also, I’m obsessed with that starting song. It reminds me so much of fast times at ridge mount high, which is the greatest teen movie ever. Were you an 80s movie fan especially, John Hughes movies and the brat pack. What was your favorite? Honestly, that was a great era for movies! Absolutely I’m a brat pack guy. Breakfast Club is #1. Pretty in Pink #2. Sixteen Candles #3.

Also, I hope you feel better with your foot injury. The boot is actually the worst, especially in the heat. But you get used to it pretty quickly. I hope you do not need surgery. Too late for that.

I asked about the crazy stuff you have heard. I’d like to follow up. It could be from any season. I just want to hear some crazy and ridiculous things that you have heard. I mean, if I do that, then I’m basically turning into Ducks Moy and I don’t wanna do that. You will hear me spill tea when it’s backed up with, you know, actual proof and evidence. Crazy, I know. But soooooooooo many don’t do it because they just want the click bait, the followers, the attention, etc. Just show them the same vitriol you showed me back in the day when I reported something without proof/evidence. That’s all I ask.

Thank you for all you do! The only spoilers I believe! Also, I get pissed when someone steals your spoilers and hardly give you a mention. You work hard for what you do and it’s crazy that they steal from you. I stopped following a few because of the blatant stealing from you! Keep up the great work!

Comment: Thanks. I appreciate it.

i was listening to your daily roundup today and heard your question around nitrogen infused drinks. i used to work for starbucks, the nitro cold brew was by far the best thing on the menu.

the nitrogen changes the mouthfeel and makes it a lot smoother than carbonated soda. definitely meant to be COLD and poured into a glass, the small mouth opening of a soda can can alter the experience. i know this all sounds very bougie and complicated, mostly because it is lol. my husband will sometimes get the nitro pepsi’s as a treat and they are sooooo good.

Comment: Well there you go. Now I have my answer. Since I’m not a coffee drinker, I guess I’ll have to try the Nitro Pepsi just to see.

Hey Steve! Love your podcast and love that you stick up for the reality TV stars you talk about. Just wanted to start by thanking you for that.

Something I wanted to mention about how they could change things up for the next season of FBoy Island…like my subject line says, FGirl Island?! After seeing the finale for this season, I think it would be so cool to have it switched up. But the concern would be the hate the women would get from these internet trolls. Especially after hearing what someone said about Tamaris. What are your thoughts?

Comment: That’s the exact reason I don’t think they’d do it. While it was a boss move by Tamaris, I don’t see them casting three FGirls as the leads and playing the show out that way. Society isn’t ready for that. Women already hate on women enough as it is when it comes to reality TV. Now you’re putting women on there who openly admit to using men for sex and just having fun? Ohhhhhh, the conservative mommies will be out in full force spreading their wrath of hate towards those women if it ever came to that. I think the biggest change they could make for season 3 is not allow the guys to reveal their status halfway through.



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