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“Reader Emails,” Reaction to the Nate Story, Fleiss’ Weird Tweet, & Your Daily Roundup

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Have a question about Arie. When Arie went back to Lauren’s home to ask her to go out within him, did Lauren know he was showing up in advance? Or when she opened that door, she was genuinely surprised?—

Comment: Yes, because he had spoken to her on New Year’s Eve and they had been in contact. Production knew what was going down that day and made sure to have everything set up. She knew he was coming to talk to her. Maybe she didn’t know the exact reason, but I’m guessing she at least had an idea of it.


On one of your recent round ups, you said you didn’t understand what the big deal was about calling the men Team Gabby and Team Rachel. Also you didn’t think they were pitting the two leads against each other. Is that accurate?

If so, I want to add my two cents. I don’t think the names Team Gabby and Team Rachel are that big of a deal. But in terms of pitting them against each other, they are showing their one on one’s side by side so we are comparing everything Gabby and Rachel do. So I think there is definitely some competition there.

I know Gabby and Rachel are saying everything is fine in interviews, but they can’t really be totally honest. I guess I’m just seeing that maybe as competition surrounding the TV aspect of it, but actually real life competition while they were filming if that makes sense.

The main issue is that the producers are not treating either of them well. They are focusing on their weaknesses. They show Gabby upset about her Mom, for example. They show tons of shots of Rachel crying and upset. They manufacture as much pain for her as possible. such as having men reject her rose and then taking it away. Now they are scheming with Logan and not allowing him time at the cocktail party to talk to the two women to build up the switch so Rachel will be wrecked again.

The bottom line is the show has a lot of footage. They could choose to lift these women up and show their joy and the good times and they are choosing for the most part to focus on their weaknesses and their unhappiness.

They did the same thing with Clayton.

I am not sure why the show is moving in this direction. But in my opinion, it is not a good look or appealing to me as a viewer.

Comment: That last part I agree with. The show is doing them no favors. And the doom and gloom for the rest of the season is a classic misdirection on their part. That preview for the rest of the season absolutely makes you think these women are miserable and end up alone. Funny.

Hi Steve,

Love your daily round ups pod cast. I think Hayden totally made up the dying dog story. Just to get attention, but it kind of bit him in the butt! I’d love to know if any of your readers out there know him or his friends. I’ll bet you money it’s not true!

Comment: You think he made up the fact that his dog has a brain tumor? Hayden may suck at verbalizing things towards women. And he may be oblivious to producer manipulation. And he may not be the most self aware person we’ve seen on this show. But he’s not lying about his dog having a brain tumor. It’s documented on IG well before he ever went on the show.

Hey Steve,

Just wondering if you saw that Erich is hanging out with Logan? This seems really weird to me if he’s currently engaged to gabby especially since gabby in an interview this week called Logan a dumb ass. Jason is also liking some Jason and Gabby edits on Instagram which is making me think Jason and gabby are together?? Idk I was just wondering if you heard anything more!

Comment: I saw. Didn’t think twice about either one.


First off just wanted to say thank you for all you do. You have helped me harass my wife and mother for years as I always find out as soon as I can who won and mess with them. Its all in good fun. My job is complete then.

I do have a question though that you may or may not have insight to. Lately, it has been a huge, huge topic of female empowerment, sexualization of women and anti body shaming. It has been very evident that the Bachelorette and Bachelor franchise has done a nice job of not focusing on women’s bodies and their “assets” in the show. However, I cannot help but notice the treatment of men in this regard could not be worse. They have literally turned men into meat heat, body builders. Every season is filled with making them strip naked, give lap dances and eventually get into boxing matches with each other..

My question is, why does ABC (and the world) think that that is OK? They are openly and happily sexualizing the literal hell of out men now. I will be the first to say it wasn’t good when they did it to women, so why is it OK for men?

Again, thanks for all you do and sorry for such a heavy topic.

Comment: They’ve been doing that forever in this franchise. Longer than you even think. They don’t seem to care. It’s unfortunate but maybe they think they’re making up for how they’ve treated women on this show before with ramping up the men sexuality now. I’m not sure.

Hey Steve! How’s Luca??? Did you hear that Lauren Lane is pregnant with another baby? Have you heard from her at all?

Comment: Yes. Heard from her? Like, did Lauren contact me or are we in touch? No. Was there something that made you think we would be?

Hey Steve,

I actually don’t mind the 2 bachelorettes, I think it gives them a support system much like Joe Millionaire. The crying is getting to be a bit much. I’m not sure what Logan thought he would accomplish, do you think the producers were behind the switch or encouraged it. I didn’t think Rachel was that into him, that she would be so upset to cancel the group date. I think because this season is loaded with cancellations of dates and cocktail parties, that one just added to it.

Have you seen Snake in the Grass? It’s former Survivor contestants and 1 Naked and Afraid contestant. One tries to throw the other contestants off and they try to guess who the snake is. It’s different contestants every week.

Also have you seen Claim to Fame? Its relatives of celebrities and they try to guess who they are related to.

FBoy Island-neat twist at the end. If it comes back, maybe they could choose to bring one person back from Limbro.

Here’s hoping to a speedy recovery from your Achilles injury.

Comment: Haven’t seen either of them. Not sure if they interest me enough. FBoy could do that, but, I think they eliminated them for a reason. I guess the only reason to bring them back would be if the women eliminated someone they were convinced was an FBoy but after elimination found out they were a Nice Guy and realized they made a mistake. Kinda like what Tamaris did with Nico this season.



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