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“Reader Emails,” Reaction to the Nate Story, Fleiss’ Weird Tweet, & Your Daily Roundup

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Hey Steve –

Not long after you commented on the loud Southern gibberish from Big Brother’s Jasmine, you suffered an injury similar to hers. Hopefully, it is a coincidence and not a curse. If you end up with a scooter with a squeaky wheel sound effect, hear a spring sound effect when you hop on your good leg, compliment people by comparing them to chicken wings, or become a crazed muffin investigator, it is a curse. Ummmmmm, I purchased a scooter online today from Amazon. So yeah, the timing sure is coincidental. However her injury, based on what I can tell, is she just rolled her ankle. Probably swelled up pretty good. I’m much worse off than Jasmine.

I saw #KKKyle trending on Twitter over the weekend and learned Kyle was expressing some kind of concern that a Cookout 2.0 could form. Without seeing it, not sure I am ready to label him a white supremacist just yet. Yeah, even if that was his thought process about another Cookout, that somehow makes him a KKK apologist? People online are certifiably crazy.

Loved the A&E bios of Kurt Angle, The Undertaker, and Lex Luger. It was fun to spot a Survivor contestant in Lex’s. Of the bios, I’ve only watched Takers. Haven’t watched Angle and Luger yet. The Rivals one on right after it is just as good. To me, those could easily be two hours as well.

When Rachel canceled her date, I felt bad for the businesses or tourist spots that were expecting to get promoted.

Comment: Bruges will live on in all our hearts with their chocolate and their waffles and their beers and, ummm, whatever else they do there.


Big fan. Let’s get into it.

I think Pete Davidson’s only next move is to get with the Queen or Britney Spears. Laypeople play checkers, Kris Jenner plays chess, but Pete Davidson has the chance to play Catan with this one. Not gonna lie. I had to Google Catan. Never heard of that game. Whoever his next gf is, it 100% will be an A-lister. That’s pretty much all he dates. It will also not last.

A random question, but do people ever send you spoilers or news about non-Bachelor things? Does real-world news ever get to you before it breaks? Yeah. Got one yesterday. Wasn’t any major spoiler but just video footage of the Real Housewives of Atlanta filming. I’ll get pics or vids of other shows filming, but unless it’s something scandalous or major, I won’t do anything with it. If anything, I’d try to find someone online who does cover those shows and just give it to them anyway.

I saw the email last week about Take The Money and Run. I literally thought that show was a fever dream… I’ve thought about that show for so long thinking I dreamt it. It definitely happened. I remember watching the first episode. Apparently didn’t hold my interest long enough since I never remember ever watching another episode.

Are there any Bachelor or Bachelorette final couples who you think, roles reversed, wouldn’t have wound up together? As in, had (Nayte) been the Bachelor, he wouldn’t have picked (Michelle). If so, who? I’d really have to think about that one. But it’s hard to answer your Nayte question because you’re saying “Would he have picked Rachel?” Well, who was Rachel competing against? We don’t know the 25-30 other women. So I’d have to see the rest of the women Nayte would have in his batch along with Rachel to know if he’d pick her.

Just read the column. Underwhelmed. It’s sus behavior by Nate, but nothing unheard of. This certainly doesn’t change my perception of him. When does your big story come out? Can you hint at who it’s about?

Thank you!

Comment: Nobody said it wasn’t unheard of. THAT’S what you took from that? It’s just “sus” in your opinion? You found absolutely nothing incredibly sleazy, manipulative, shitty, love bombing or anything else about it? To each their own, but…yikes.

Hi Steve!

First of all, I’m really enjoying the daily roundup. I like how you’re keeping them short and sweet, but interesting. Keep up the good work!

My question: do you know what they were referring to in the teaser at the end of last night’s episode when Jesse said that there was a “situation” with Logan, and it appears that he has to leave? He seemed to handle the whole switching “teams” from Rachel to Gabby really respectfully, so I would actually be surprised if there was some kind of villainous behavior by him!

Comment: No.

Hi Steve,

Long time reader and first time writing.

Thank you for definitely doing the work you do and I commend you and taking the approach where you require recipts from people if they make a claim. I’m sure most stories are true, just people aren’t willing to be put in the spotlight.

I wanted to comment on the Nate fiasco as I’ve been in a similar situation in the past. It wasn’t until after 5 years after the break up did I finally get the reason why he didn’t tell me he had a child. He said he didn’t see me in his future and he didn’t expect that we’d go that far as those weren’t his intentions with me. Yes it sucks but some lapse are just that inconsiderate.He ended up meeting someone else and told her about his kid immediately because he said he could see himself long term with that woman and they are happily married now.

The way Kelsey tells her timeline, doesn’t look like a very serious relationship to me and I’m sure Nate didn’t take it that serious either. I don’t think he intended for that relationship to go on that far which is 1000% wrong on his part. It seems Kelsey was way more into him than he was into her. He never made an effort to introduce her to his family, but she did. You can tell that she was the one in the relationship and pretty much not him. She was someone who was accepting his mistakes and ignoring them. His friend told her they slept together 2 weeks prior but she still continued with him and even after finding out about laree, she still continued with him. No man is gonna take you seriously when they know they can walk all over you and you’re ok with it.

There’s always two sides to every story, not saying Nate was in the right but I think Kelsey ignored the obvious because she didn’t wanna face the results of it all.

Comment: So if his reasoning is it’s bc he didn’t see a future with her, that means he shouldn’t even tell someone he has a child? That makes zero sense. How does that not just come up in small talk? You have a child. You spent hours upon hrs on the phone, in texts, and in person dates/trips w her and you don’t mention it bc “eh it’s not going anywhere w her?” Sorry. Don’t buy it.

If it’s a one night stand or a side piece – no. You don’t tell her. No need to. That’s not what this was. Yes NOW Kelsey sees how in the dark she was about the relationship. But in the moment? All the things he said and did didn’t make it seem like she was a side piece. I would put zero effort into someone I wasn’t into. I certainly wouldn’t introduce them to family, meet theirs, go on trips, etc. I really hope you’re not making this about what Kelsey did wrong, because it kinda sounds like you are, and I do not for the life of me understand that line of thinking and the immediate jump by some people to criticize Kelsey for how she navigated a relationship.

Hi Steve,

Happy Tuesday! Hopefully I got this in on time. Regarding the Bachelorette… I have some observations.

First, I know you’ve mentioned how Gabby’s favourite word this season is “yeah,” but have you noticed Rachel’s use of the word “truly”? If not, make note of it for next episode – I promise once you hear it you won’t be able to ignore it! Actually, @BachelorData on IG does a “buzz words” breakdown of every episode. I think “truly” was a top 5 word used. Or at least top 10. So you’re right on that.

Also, is it just me or does Logan remind you of Jordan Rodgers? Not necessarily his personality or the edit he’s getting, but for some reason I can’t look at him and not see a bit of Jordan. I don’t see it, but ok.

That’s all I got! I’ve really been enjoying your Daily Roundup podcasts – they’re the first thing I listen to every morning while I have my coffee and it’s been such a great way to start my day! They’re the perfect length and I would be lying if I said I didn’t love the intro music.

Hope everything goes well with your surgery this week & you’re on a speedy road to recovery!

Comment: Thank you for listening. I think starting next week I’m gonna move it up an hour and it’ll be in your podcast feeds by 8am EST. Doesn’t hurt to move it up at all. Can only help.

Hey RS…

Big fan here but also someone who lurks on Reddit. I know you’re not a fan, but you should’ve seen them lose their marbles last night when you tweeted you were gonna wait on the spoilers for another 24 hrs. They acted like you owed them something and they were sooooooo mad!!!! Those people are insane I tell ya’. There was something like 1000 comments yesterday on their spoilers post and none of them knew any spoilers. They try and figure everything out by analyzing promos which we know are purposely misleading. They put so much time in talking about the show, but when you do, you get criticized for it. And you don’t spend all day every day posting about it like them. If you ever want a good laugh, go over there and check in.

Anyways, good luck with surgery. You’re the best! Thanks for all you do!

Comment: Thank you. And I do not care what their reaction is towards anything.


Do you think Nate will respond to what Kelsey and LaRee gave to you? Do you think he will ignore it or will the show not allow him to. I saw he commented yesterday on it briefly but that didn’t say much. Was wondering your thoughts. Thanks!

I address this in todays Daily Roundup but yeah, I think if he addresses it, he’ll wait until he’s off the show, which is next Monday. As for what he’s gonna say, your guess is as good as mine. If he chooses to go after Kelsey and Laree’s credibility, it’s only gonna make him look worse. We’ve seen the receipts. Quit while you’re behind dude. Own up to being fuckboy, apologize for leading women on, say you’ll do better and move forward. However, based on his “there’s two sides to every story” remark from yesterday, sounds like he’s going to do the exact opposite. Good luck.

Hey man,

I think I’m one of only a handful of guys who follows your account. I have no idea your actual stats, but it wouldn’t shock me. I got into the show with an old girlfriend and the spoilers are what hooked me. I’ve been hooked on all your content since. It’s 95% women/5% men. At least that’s what the podcast breakdown is. Congrats on being a 5 percenter.

I think the Nate thing is a bad look for him, but I also think other aspects of the story seem off. They dated for 1.5 years and she was only at his apartment once? Seems hard to explain away, in my opinion. If we’re giving her the benefit of the doubt on that, assuming there’s a logical reason for that seemingly odd thing, then we have to offer that to both sides. Let’s hear from Nate on the daughter thing. The cheating thing is different, but also since when do we persecute people from this show for having cheated in the past? Have I missed it? Has it slid under the radar til now? I’m interested to hear from Nate. Story is underwhelming. We’re basically defending the levels of bad behavior. Like, it’s shitty what he did but it’s not THAT shitty? Is that what we’ve come to? There are levels of cheating as well. I’d say the scheme he had going wasn’t just your standard “Oh, hooked up with a girl one night while I had a girlfriend” kind of cheat. I see it completely different than you.

Are any of the big 3 shows of BN (Bachelor, Ette, BIP) notably easier or harder to spoil? If so, why is that? BIP usually is because producers don’t care nearly as much. Nailing every detail of it? Impossible. But overall there’s just so much out there, it’s not that hard to find out info.

What’s your favorite thing about the franchise?


Comment: Favorite thing? Calling out all its flaws in production and editing. And oh yeah, spoiling it for the last 13 years.

Send all links and emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Instagram name is RealitySteve, or join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page. Talk to you tomorrow.



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