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The “Bachelorette” Gabby/Rachel – Episode 8 Thoughts, Nate’s “Apology,” & Your Daily Roundup

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-I know we have one episode of hometowns every season, but that’s because it’s had to only cover 4 hometowns. This season we know was different since we had 7 guys getting hometowns. And it ended up being 6.5 because Tyler didn’t have a night time portion. But, it was still pretty bizarre to just have Aven’s on a completely different episode. Like the rest of the season, just seemed totally disjointed. If there was also something that screamed “Aven doesn’t win” it’s his hometown getting shoehorned into the MTA episode. They wouldn’t do that with somebody who won. Could they have squeezed it in last weeks episode? Well no, not without sacrificing someone else’s time. And Johnny already only got 8 minutes of his hometown shown. But this just all goes back to how poorly this season was formatted. Jesse said last night with two Bachelorettes we got “double everything,” when it was really the opposite and we got half of what we normally get.

-An the biggest indictment of the disjointed season happened literally within the first minute of Aven’s hometown date. We see a shot of Rachel walking in Salem, MA and a voiceover of her saying, “My last hometown, with Tino, didn’t go as I planned.” For those that have been following all season, you know that not only was Tino not her “last hometown” she was referring to, she never had ANY hometown before Aven’s. His was the first one. Here’s the clip:

Yeah, the dubbing in of “with Tino” was blatantly obvious. This is nothing new. They film the hometowns usually in a logistical order, or, to accompany the families schedule. But then they more often than not air out of order. However, I don’t ever remember them harping this much on something that was such a blatant lie. An emailer even said to me that Aven’s mom even asked something to the effect of doesn’t she have 3 more men still to see and Rachel said yes. So yet another screwup if that’s what happened. I can’t say I was listening attentively all night, so I missed that. But man, they really dropped the ball on this date making it seem like it actually took place after some of the other dates when it was her first one.

-Was there anything more Massachusetts than the Love Witch they went to go see? I didn’t think so. She had to be a paid actress, right? And when they got her in casting, did they tell her to make sure you ramp up her Baahhhstan accent 100x? You know, kinda like how the Big Brother producers encouraged Jasmine to yell in the Diary Room and make her Mississippi twang 1000x thicker. You notice when Jasmine was evicted last week and spoke to Julie she didn’t have nearly as thick an accent and talked regularly during their convo? I sure did. But lets just all be thankful her DR interviews are now over and she’s the jury’s issue now. Again, I’m sure she’s a wonderful person, but that was straight up acting in the Diary Rooms and it was incredibly annoying. That’s all.

-Didn’t Rachel tell Tino on his hometown date last week that was falling in love with him? She said this to him to his face, right? Or something to that effect, but the point being she expressed her feelings towards him right after he told her how he was feeling. Well, Aven told Rachel last night “I’m falling in love with you,” and Rachel responded with…being so happy that Aven told her how he felt about her. “I’m so happy right now.” Now, to be fair, in her ITM she did say either “I’m falling in love with Aven” or “I can see myself falling in love with Aven.” But I think it’s quite telling that she didn’t say that to his face like she did to Tino. Gee, wonder why?

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