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The “Bachelorette” Gabby/Rachel – Episode 8 Thoughts, Nate’s “Apology,” & Your Daily Roundup

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You know what this week is, right? Yes, it’s the beginning of college football season. I’m aware that there were like 11 games this past weekend in some bogus, made up Week 0 name, but THIS is the week things officially begin. Full slate of games and I’m ready to go. Now, the thing about Week 1 is these lines were released in May. So basically any value on betting these games is gone. Some have had 8, 9, 10pt line movements. That’s crazy to me and unless you bet it in May, which I didn’t, there isn’t too much appealing on these lines. So I’ll hope to jump in some live betting and see if I can get any value. But just the fact that we’re back to my second favorite sport is music to my ears. Before you ask, no, I don’t have a favorite team. You know who my favorite team is? Whoever I have money on. Then I love them. Can’t bet with your heart when it comes to gambling or you’ll get crushed. With that said, I know this is a total chalk pick, but I don’t see any way 2 of the 3 teams between Bama, Georgia, and Ohio St. aren’t playing for the national championship when it’s all said and done. They’re far away better than everyone else this season. I’d be shocked if 2 of those 3 aren’t playing for the title come January.

The spoilers for BIP have been out for a month, but the “official” cast list was released this past Friday. As we know, there are 42 people who show up on BIP at some point this season which, I say this now but it’s coming, will have people complaining by mid season about too many people coming and going on the show. Just wait. Anyway, that’s the initial 19, but we know Victoria Fuller is there for the first rose ceremony, so she must arrive on the first night. We know they always have someone dramatic enter late and she saunters down the steps, shoes first, then legs, then – the reveal. That’s a role basically made for Victoria Fuller, and since she’s not in this initial cast list, it definitely makes me think she makes her first appearance after everyone’s already on the beach. Pretty funny how they don’t put her in the initial cast list, yet, she’s there at the MTA last night hyping the season. Oopsie.

Here’s the first promo that ran last night for BIP:

Today’s Daily Roundup has now been posted and it covers some of the MTA storylines, Nate’s “apology,” Peter & Kelley together?, Big Brother live feed news, the VMA’s biggest story, and the Manti Te’o Netflix documentary.

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As far as the follower count for everyone who’s already been announced, @BachelorData has the breakdown as of Friday:

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