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Listening to the daily roundup now and funny that you said apologizing isn’t in Nick’s vocabulary. One thing you missed from just reading the quotes (probably the only thing missed) was Kaitlyn asked Katie if Nick ever apologized, Katie said “no.. we’ll he’s blocked so maybe but I doubt it” and Kaitlyn made it sound like she was definitely not surprised that he wouldn’t apologize. To me it was pretty clear that Kaitlyn isn’t a fan of Nick.

Comment: I missed that part. I don’t know if Kaitlyn isn’t necessarily a fan of him, but she isn’t someone who will kiss his ass like other podcast hosts will do.

Hi Steve,

I was reading your Reader Emails today and wanted to answer your questions regarding Claim to Faim.

I totally agree with that reader on how good of a reality show it is!
When the show first started, we (the audience) were told a couple of the contestants’ celebrity relatives in their “diary room”. But, when the contestants introduced themselves to each other, they had to give 3 “facts”. One of those facts could have been a lie. Then, as the season has progressed, we are learning more and more based on either the contestant telling us, or by the clues that the contestants get in challenges or by winning the challenge, but we still do not know all of them. If you want to get spoiled, then you can go online and try to google them. But, some are not using their real names.I think they are doing a great job as the season is going along, but it started off pretty slow. I did see that one girl that absolutely looks like Simone Biles, so I’m assuming she’s related to her. Any other ones, on a quick glance, I have no idea.

Are you watching Love Island USA? That is by far, my favorite reality show. Yes, it’s 6 nights a week, but for 45 minutes a day, I am hooked!!!! Nope. Too much commitment.

What do you think about this season’s Big Brother? I used to read recaps of the live feeds, but this cast doesn’t even have me interested in doing that. I am still watching all the episodes, but I am not loving any one particular player this year. Loving it. Can’t wait for tonight’s episode considering the controversy surrounding Kyle. Curious to see what’s shown.

Can you explain the differences between The Challenge on CBS and The Challenge on MTV? I never saw the MTV version, but definitely like the CBS version.

Thank you for all you do!! Wish you continued healing! Love the Daily Round Up, too!!

Comment: It’s the same thing, except the CBS version is only pulling their contestants who’ve never been on the Challenge before and are people from CBS shows – Love Island, Survivor, Big Brother, and Amazing Race. The MTV Challenge is still happening, only on MTV, with all the regulars and legends.

Hey Steve:

I know this won’t get used until next week, but I read readers emails today and remembered I totally wanted to ask you something. Maybe you could answer on your daily roundup?

With this whole Nate situation, I wasn’t sure if you heard the Chatty Broads take on the situation and your role in it? I listened to a Dave Neal video breaking down their take, and they seemed very supportive of what you did and how you did it. They acknowledged they’ve been critical of you and your past – stating that they felt you did the right thing this time.

Did you listen at all or have any comments on their take? I know y’all aren’t BFFs or anything like that, but in my opinion, the fact that even they agreed with you and how you handled the situation amplifies the fact that people like Dustin or anyone else criticizing you — they are just plain wrong.

Comment: I did hear what they said because numerous people told me about it. Glad they could put aside their differences with me and look at each situation separately.

In response to your question about Claim To Fame – some of the contestants celebrity relative are revealed to the audience and some are not. There have been spoilers about this show as well. Right now L.C. is Keke Palmer’s sister. That has been revealed to the audience. Louise – everybody knew from day one she is Simone Biles’ sister. Lark has not revealed her identity yet but she is supposedly Cindy Crawford’s niece. Pepper is Dean Martin’s granddaughter but that hasn’t been revealed. Logan has not revealed his relative yet but he is supposedly Jason Aldean’s cousin. Those are the contestants left. Of the ones that were eliminated a couple revealed their famous relative to viewers but not all of them. They get clues to try and figure out another person’s relative. It’s a really good show. Hope your recovery is going well.

Comment: Well, I don’t watch so I had no idea who any of those people were other than seeing a quick clip of Louise. Even though I didn’t know her name. Just remembered seeing someone who looked exactly like Simone Biles.

Hi Steve!

I listened to the Daily Roundup today. I’m so sorry that your contact isn’t getting back to you. I have no idea what the topic is, but as an assault survivor, I can understand someone getting cold feet to talk publicly about their trauma. It sucks for you as a reporter though!

In terms of reporting, I wonder if an alternative solution (*on top of* privately contacting the necessary folks behind the scenes) could be to do it blind item style, and then have an expert on the topic speak about the subject matter. Like when Dave Neal has Dr. Diane Strachowski on to talk about various relationship-related issues in Bachelor Nation.

That way, you’d be raising awareness about the subject matter and empowering those who were/are victims.

Not sure how that would jive with the situation specifically, but it’s an option to think about!

Anyway, I appreciate you being so mindful of this woman’s consent and privacy. I’ve been reading/listening to you since Jason’s season, and seeing your growth over the last few years has been very encouraging!

Comment: Yeah, it’s not gonna happen that way. I don’t have any intention of sharing, or even hinting, what this story is because this fan base will go nuts and run with it and start guessing and people will get falsely accused. So I’m not going to say or hint who it is or what it involved. Clearly the subject in question has bailed and doesn’t want to do the story anymore. I’ve stopped trying. I plan to reach out to the show today though to give them a heads up about one of their contestants. They need to know. Whether they do something or not is up to them. But again, we’ll never know since I don’t think this is ever getting out publicly. At least not by me unless the subject decides to come forward.

You may have (probably have) answered this in a recap but if so, I haven’t caught it in the Daily Roundup or weekly episodes – any idea what resort they filmed at for Bachelorette when they moved to Mexico? Or was it not a resort at all? The preview from last week made it look like a resort but who knows!

Comment: I know at least some of it was filmed in the Vadanta Riviera Maya.

First- do you watch Bachelor seasons from other countries? Tino’s parents last week was every family in Australia, where they are super skeptical about everything every season. And in Australia, that version doesn’t require an engagement at the end. No. Never seen one.

Second – what are they thinking with Shanae and that nonsense being brought back for Bachelor in Paradise. My wife texted me a link to a story on the cast and said, “The shrimp lady is back so we aren’t watching this.”

Comment: Because they seem to love to reward bad behavior on this show. Hayden’s back too and they loved continuously telling us during the MTA about the things he said and made sure the guys spoke poorly of him. And they LOVE having their redemption edit storylines, which is what Shanae will end up getting.

Jesse: Rumors on social

Media (referring to the philandering Nate). Doesn’t that kind of piss you off when you presented documentary evidence? I guess MTA was the Nate rehabilitation tour. Really looks like he’s going to get the gig.

Comment: I mean it does, but what can I do? Nothing really. And they certainly were making him a priority by defending him so hard after the story came out. But it’s still weeks away. Anything can happen. Nothing is set in stone with their lead.

Hey Steve,

I’m curious to know if Rachel got work done to her teeth this season? They look different than they did on Colton’s season to me, but my friend doesn’t think so.

Comment: I have no idea. Haven’t paid attention to her teeth.



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