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Hey Steve,

What in the world? What do you think the purpose was of them bringing on the two actors from Bro’s? I’ve never seen so much time dedicated to a preview for something that has nothing to do with the show. I noticed when they first came on, Rachael and Gabby genuinely seemed bored and maybe even a little taken aback with them there. I mean the bachelorettes are meant to be the focal point after all. They gave this segment almost a full 10 minutes, R and G didn’t even hit the stage until 1:20 in. So they had 25 minutes in total. I have to wonder did they really have nothing else to talk to the girls about and therefore brought these two in to kill time? Ironic because I’m sure prouduction thought Double the lead = double the drama, but it seems there was little to discuss with these two.

Comment: Yeah it was quite bizarre. They’ve done promotions before for movies, but nothing like that I can remember. Very long and drawn out. But to answer your question, no, I really don’t think they had a lot to talk about with the guys. Then again, Tyler got called up to the hot seat and they never even showed that segment.

Do we know if Rachel and Gabby saw each other to talk off-camera? I don’t see why they wouldn’t have.

If they stayed together, traveled together, were there unfilmed communications between the two? Of course.

Why did having two leads work less well with The Bachelorette(s) than that other show with two leads, do you think? What was the difference?


Comment: I think because Joe Millionaire was built for having two leads. We have had 45 previous seasons of this show without having two leads throughout the whole season so I don’t think they thought it through ahead of time. A little planning might’ve helped.

Hey Steve –

First, I commend you for labeling things as spoilers versus just putting them out as tweets. I was excited to see how Big Brother went on Sunday and then got hit in the face by a tweet announcing the hoh and nominees that morning. The lie about Joseph is pretty funny as no one actually believes the after party that he somehow went nuts.

While you goof on the travel map on Bachelorette, please consider people like Kyle and Alyssa who discuss whether Paris is in London. Excellent point. That was pretty funny.

The “blooper” / extra scene I would love to see would be the footage of Tyler’s family after they thought the cameras were off. As a NJ guy, I have to believe they ripped into her pretty good. At least they didn’t see her hometown mom jeans outfit. They need to rethink the bloopers segment of the Tell All. Too much of the same every season.

I loved the guy putting platinum Roby in his place. Meatball has proven himself to be one of the franchise’s top buffoons. I did not check Hayden’s social media to see if he addressed being bashed and called a coward – probably best to lay low. Had Hayden called himself Rambo, the costume guy and signs may have made sense to me. As Rambo is (was?) a dog with cancer, it was less funny to me. I don’t think Hayden’s said anything. And shouldn’t.

Pre injury, you indicated you were going to try a nitro soda. Ever get around to it?

Comment: Ha ha, no. But I can drive since my injury is on my left leg. And I’ve started going back to the gym this week, so next time I have to fill up my car maybe I’ll go in and try one since that’s where I saw the sign.

Hi mate,

Hope you’re doing well

I thought Nate from show opening to his hot seat appearance looked like a cat on a hot tin roof! Was clearly nervous and not looking forward to what was coming. As you’ve said he’s been genuinely caught out, and his responses last night were no different to leading up to the show

And then some of his responses calling out other guys for the way they spoke to the leads??? And we are sitting there watching knowing he was playing two women at once! Wake up mate you’re not any better! It was a below average performance to say the least.

Here’s a long shot theory for next bachelor..

Rachel’s comment after they had spoken to Jordan, something along the lines of ‘I’m sure Jordan is going to more than ok’

1. He’s a nice guy, good looking should have no problem meeting the right girl, or
2. (Long shot) he’s next bachelor, and gets his chance? What do you think?

Keep up the good work

Comment: Yeah, that’s quite a long shot. Somebody who lasted 2 episodes and got sent home on a 1-on-1 would never get cast as the lead.

Hi Steve! Longtime reader…

Why did some of the hometown dates start off by meeting the families, rather than ending the night by meeting them? Also, now that you have extra time on your hands, you may wanna check out “All-Star Shore” on Paramount. Angelina from Jersey Shore is the main star, but Blake Horstmann comes across as very likeable. Definitely check out Black Bird on AppleTV too!

Wishing you a speedy recovery… Luca must love having you home so much!!

Comment: Did one of them start with meeting the family? Geez. Shows you how much I was paying attention. I thought they all started with meeting 1-on-1 first.

I haven’t watched it and heard it was decent. But I just don’t have the time for another show.

Hi Steve! I was dying laughing at the Yung Gravy segment on your podcast today, and you probably do not care but maybe this backstory might be entertaining.

Yung Gravy (Y.G.) is known for dating “milfs”, as a lot of his rap songs are about that topic. When Addison’s mom Sheri’s ex-husband Monty was revealed that he cheated on her with a 23 year old girl, it was a running joke that Y.G. would make videos and comment about dating Sheri since she deserved better and was single, in which Sheri also would play along in her videos and reply. Monty would make super cringy tiktoks responding to all of THAT trying to get Y.G. to fight him/box him/whatever the kids do these days to make money.

I’m guessing this is a publicity stunt at the VMA’s or something because Sheri’s body language looked super uncomfy and rigid, but guess we will see. All I can say is poor Addison, going through this super publicly.

Hopefully this entertained you! Happy Tuesday.

Comment: Yeah, the underlying message from that whole scene of the VMA’s is how embarrassing this must be for their kids. Dad calling mom “leftovers?” Mom tonguing her new boyfriend or whatever on the red carpet? Yeah, not a good look for your kids.

Hi Steve, long time reader, first time emailer!

Something has been nagging me about the Nate/Kelsey situation and I’m curious about your thoughts.

Logistically, how could he have hid the fact that he had a daughter for so long/so many hangouts?

It sounds like she hung out with his friends a number of times…Did none of them ever ask how Mila was doing: “How’s Mila she must be getting so big!” , “She’s so cute can I see a pic” , or anything like that? Was she never the background on his phone or a picture of her accidentally pop up of her on his phone from the daycare/babysitter? Did he never have spit up on his shirt? Did he never have to make phone calls in front of her with Mila’s doctor or babysitter? Was there never a rogue sock, crushed cookie, or toy in his bag or car? How did he not slip up and tell a cute story about her? or see a cute cartoon and say ‘awww my daughter would love this”? I just feel like you can’t hang out with someone for more than a few hours and not know they are a parent if they are. I totally get him wanting to keep a distance between his daughter and his dating life but it seems like he must have been actively trying to HIDE it. Has this been covered anywhere that you know of!

Thanks for listening/reading!

Comment: All great questions, and all the more amazing that no, none of that happened because Kelsey never knew until he went on the show and started promoting it. He was definitely actively trying to hide it. There’s no other way.



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