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Hi Steve,

Hope your surgery recovery is going well!

I don’t have a real question, just caught something funny on the MTA last night. I think it was during the Logan switching “teams” segment, and Nate said something like:”real men hold other men accountable.” Think he’ll be holding Dustin accountable for his misogynistic podcast episode? Not to mention he hasn’t really been held accountable by anyone in the franchise.

Thanks as always for everything you do!

Comment: Well that’s definitely not happening. Hell, Dustin isn’t even holding himself accountable for what he said on his pod. It’s been 12 days and he’s said nothing AND quit their podcast yesterday by announcing it on his IG. Even if he tries to say something now, it’s BS. He’s had almost 2 weeks to say something and he hasn’t. Nate certainly isn’t going to either. My Daily Roundup today and page 1 should tell you all you need to know about that situation.

(1) Why did Jordan V. not go to paradise? Was he not invited? Any chance he is up for the Bachelor gig? He got an incredible edit on the date where Rachel dumped him and again at the MTA (I think a lot of people are still scratching their heads as to why he was so promptly dumped by Rachel) and handled the situation with such respect and dignity. Plenty don’t go to Paradise. I have no idea if he was asked or not. What’s with the Jordan V. for Bachelor talk? We barely know him.

(2) Sorry if you’ve already commented on this (I am pretty good at keeping up with your columns and podcasts but sometimes miss the daily ones)— But what do you think about the conspiracy theories about whether or not Logan really had Covid (and that was the reason he had to leave)? A lot of the other podcasts have covered it, but it is definitely suspect that he would be the ONLY one to get it, they only mentioned it once, and when Jesse was telling him he had to leave Jesse wasn’t wearing a mask. Logan’s insta statement about his time on the show and dismissal was vague too. Is Covid really the reason he had to leave? What do I think? They’re just that. Conspiracy theories. All circumstantial evidence. Nothing concrete and just people’s opinions. He had COVID from everything I heard.

(3) I listened to your daily podcast where you mentioned you are coming around to the idea of them picking someone outside of the franchise as lead. I agree. However (and I think you have dismissed this idea before), what are your thoughts on someone outside of the franchise but semi-famous/known being the Bachelor? I’m not saying an A-lister or even a B-lister (obviously they don’t need this show) and I know an active professional athlete would be out of the question (since this show films during NFL/NHL/MLS/NBA season), but why wouldn’t a C-list actor/child star/former athlete/news anchor/etc. not want to do this? And why would production not consider that? They would have a built-in fan base, and it would actually be believable that a bunch of women are vying after the lead (rather than just instagram fame).

Comment: I mean, they could, but I think it becomes too gimmicky at that point if you cast some C or D list celebrity. This show doesn’t like casting people who’ve been on other reality shows previously. At least people who were main characters on other shows. I just don’t think people would be clamoring to see some C or D list celebrity find love.


Do you think that your revelations about Nate will have a lasting influence on the show? This is based on how they handled his session in the hot seat.

Yes, they allowed him to avoid the fact that he dated someone for a year and never even mentioned that he had a daughter, however I think that the fact that they even acknowledged the ‘rumors’ and had him address it at all is significant.

This just confirms what you said about him getting the bachelor edit – otherwise they would have glossed over it or just not addressed it.

More evidence of how this has had an impact is the fact that the serious non-spoiled blogs have accepted that the main issue is him not even telling women that he had a daughter. One example is Ali Barthwell, who challenged this very point in her review of Men Tell Nothing – er all.

Does this have legs or will they just never mention it again?

Comment: I mean, it all depends on if he remains in the franchise or not. If he’s the lead, of course it’ll be a topic. If not, and he disappears, then there’d be no reason to talk about him anymore. I certainly wouldn’t unless he does something that makes the news.

Hi Steve,

Just now watching last nights Bachrlorette episode.

I can’t even look at Nate! The edit he’s getting is ridiculous. Wants to come across as a Woman champion and “looking out” for them. IMO he’s so phony.

He had just played two ladies before getting there. Is he not aware of social media? What rock has he been hiding under?!?! Thinking this wouldn’t come out.

Red flags! He’s selfish. Dating Kelsey whether it was on and off and not telling her he has a daughter is wasting her time. What if she was like Gabby and didn’t see herself as a mother?! Only to find out after a year and a half AND through the show.

Also, he’s trying to win the audience by saying “I’m not that person anymore”
Ohh reaaaally? A couple of months later, what made you a changed man?! Yeah right!

Only time looked at the tv when he was on was when Jesse asked him those questions, just to read his body language. He’s trying so hard to back peddle and be seen in a better light. I don’t believe anything that he says mie or later.

Finally, glad Gabby got rid of him. That wouldn’t have lasted.

Thanks Steve for getting us this info, you rock!

PS did you notice he wasn’t clapped as louder than others during the intro?
I would have boo’d him.

Comment: His MTA performance is exactly what I expected. Wasn’t surprised at all.

Long time reader here, first time questioner.

1. Do you know long the one on one dates are time wise? Do they break in between somewhere to get ready for the night portion? They last all day. And yes, they go somewhere to change. Usually wherever they’re headed for dinner that night, or if it’s a hotel after party, they change there.

2. Did both engaged couples get happy couple weekends? If so you know where? Also, do BIP couples get those too? Yes, engaged couples get Happy Couple weekends. They’re usually always in LA at different vacant houses. And BIP couples will occasionally get them as well. I mean, Johnny and Victoria clearly have since they were pretty bad about hiding it on their social media.

Much to the dismay of others, I loved this season. It was refreshingly different. I agree that we need a fresh face next season though. I took off three seasons of religiously watching. So it was nice to come back to something new. Keep it different every now and then and you’ll reel old watchers back in.


Comment: We’ll know in the next few weeks what’s gonna happen. They have a chance to finally do it. The question is, will they?

Hey steve!

I’m not sure if you mentioned this or not already, but has there been any mention on why Zach self eliminates or chooses to leave? Not sure the exact reason. I just know that talk he has with Jesse leads to either him self eliminating or starts a conversation with Rachel that leads to his elimination. I just know he finished 3rd, so whatever happens after overnights, he’s gone.

I’ve also always wondered the point of showing the hometown dates out of chronological order. Why don’t they just show it the way it happens, and follow they story line that is true? I think it would’ve seemed much more real if they would’ve shown or mentioned Rachel having a stronger connection with Aven than Tyler. Maybe they have their reasons! They do have their reasons. Ones we’ll never understand. Especially this season because it didn’t make much sense.

Last thing.. the way that Jesse Palmer was reacting to Hayden’s instances, he obviously seemed very put off. Why did they have him go to paradise if they had so many negative things to say. I feel like they didn’t even slam Shanae that hard, but maybe I’m not remembering. Because they clearly don’t care how you act on the show. If you’ll raise a few eyebrows when you appear, seems like nobody is off limits to ever show up again. We’ve seen it time and time again.

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