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The “Bachelorette” Gabby/Rachel – Finale Recap, Thoughts on the Aven/Rachel BS, More of Zach’s Women Coming Today & Your Daily Roundup

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As far as Gabby and Erich go, I did appreciate the fact that they didn’t try to discredit Amanda and her text messages. I mean, it would’ve been foolish of them to because it did happen, but I was really expecting them to discredit her to be honest. Say like she’s crazy, or it wasn’t that big of deal, or she’s lying – something to where it made her look bad. So that was good that Erich acknowledged what he did. Here were some of the things I wrote down. Phrases that Erich threw out there during his time on stage about the Amanda ex-girlfriend text message situation:

“Handled it poorly.”
“Led her on.”
“Took easy way out.”
“Don’t hold anything against her.”
“Mistake on my part.”
“Not mad at her.”
“Taking cowardly way out.”
“Didn’t see a future.”
“Didn’t see it long term.”

So one of those phrases sticks out to me the most and that’s “led her on.” Erich admitted that last night. And while it’s a noble thing to admit it, I just question why that’s kinda being easily dismissed here? He admitted on live TV last night that he led Amanda on because he didn’t see a future with her and basically instead of telling her the truth, kept something going he wasn’t into. Ok great. So why are we supposed to believe he’s not leading Gabby on? Because he tells us he isn’t? Because he shows PDA on a live show? It’s Gabby’s life, her choices, and she can do whatever she wants. Clearly she is. I’m just offering my opinion on what I saw last night and, if I were her, that would bother me more than she’s seemingly letting on.

Also, having spoken to Amanda again last night to get her thoughts on what she saw, she still says he downplayed the relationship last night. And he did. He’s spent more time in his life with Amanda than Gabby at this point, so you can’t say she’s speaking out of turn. And it’s very easy 6 months after the fact for Erich to sit on stage and say, “Well yeah, I should’ve told her I wasn’t into it and been honest.” Very easy to say that after the fact. But while he WAS in the relationship with Amanda, he’s telling her all these things about wanting a future together, about wanting to see her as much as he can, and about some very personal things about himself. Now six months later he’s like, “Yeah, that was me just leading her on. Didn’t mean it. Didn’t see a future.” Huh? What? Way too convenient for me. So yeah, he did still downplay the relationship with Amanda last night and I think makes it worse he was so easy to dismiss someone that he was VERY into less than 6 months ago. But whatever. If that’s the way he feels, I think that should kinda been given more attention to.

In the long run though, I don’t think for a second Gabby and Erich are gonna make it. I think Gabby’s star is on the rise, she’s gaining popularity, she’s gonna be on DWTS for at least another two months for sure, and Erich is just there. I think she will eventually see the light so it’s not like I’m holding out hope that these two will be buying china sets together anytime soon. Hell, I even thought last night Gabby’s mind set seemed more like, “Yeah, lets wait until DWTS is over and then when we can have a normal public relationship we’ll see how this goes?” Did anyone else get that vibe or just me? It could just be because Gabby always seems to be joking, but that was the feel I got. I don’t think SHE even knows how serious they are, even though they’re engaged, if that makes any sense. I mean, the People magazine cover story is of Rachel & Gabby together, not even Gabby and Erich. Kinda weird.

And to anyone that’s the least bit surprised the show dropped the ball completely on not addressing Erich’s blackface issue, I mean, what did you expect from this show? Like they’ll ever take a race topic seriously. How embarrassing and disgraceful for them that they focused on the Amanda texts and not even bring up the Erich blackface issue once. It’s one thing for him to address it on social media with a statement. That’s a start – at least. But wouldn’t it have been more meaningful and we could’ve maybe seen how he truly felt about it all to hear him speak on it, what he’s learned, what’s he doing going forward, etc? Was that too much to ask? Oh wait, don’t answer that. Because when it comes to this show, yes, it IS too much to ask to handle any sort of race issue correctly. Giant fail on their part, yet again. How embarrassing. They need to be called out for that.

One last thing regarding Gabby and Erich these last four months. Everyone who studies social media, and Happy Couple weekends, who thought they had all the answers, and continuously would email me with, “Well it can’t be Erich because this weekend Gabby was here and Erich was here,” and “Erich’s spending time with all the guys from his season,” and every other thing you came up with – WRONG. Did you see both Gabby and Erich’s hard launch last night on IG? Clearly they spent numerous times together over the past 4 months, but, because you couldn’t figure out when, you just dismissed it as they weren’t together. WRONG. Just admit you were wrong and lets move on. There are people so caught up in thinking they know when all Happy Couple weekends happen, they can’t accept that maybe, just maybe, they don’t know something. Here’s a little hint: the show purposely throws you off and tells contestants to do so as well. So I’m sure when next season comes around, and people are trying to figure out when Zach and his pick are having a Happy Couple weekend, I’ll be told I’m wrong again, and I’ll just keep bringing you back to these past four months. Do I know the exact dates Gabby and Erich met up? No. Do I ever? Eh, very rarely. But clearly they did. Yet, I was told it was impossible they were together because the ”sleuthers” had figured out their timeline never matched. Might wanna go back to Sleuthing 101 since you couldn’t have been more dead wrong for the last 4 months. Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Too funny.



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