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The “Bachelorette” Gabby/Rachel – Finale Recap, Thoughts on the Aven/Rachel BS, More of Zach’s Women Coming Today & Your Daily Roundup

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-I think it’s a bit harsh to base Zach’s upcoming season on how he forgot the womens names on stage last night. Really? You really think that’ll determine if he has a good season or not? Getting put on the spot on live TV, it’s awkward for everyone involved, and now it’s gonna suck because he didn’t remember their names? Let me refresh your memory since a lot of people have short term memory when it comes to his show. Hannah Brown was an absolute disaster on her live ATFR when she met her 5 guys. NOBODY thought her season was gonna be any good and were asking how could she carry a season after that live performance where she barely said anything to the guys, had her tongue tied numerous times, and couldn’t really formulate a sentence. Go back and watch her 5 men introduction on her live ATFR to refresh your memory. She. Was. Awful. And what happened? She had one of the more memorable seasons. She’s the most followed woman in the Bachelor franchise on IG, and Tyler Cameron is the most followed guy from her season. So lets tap the brakes on crucifying Zach because he was nervous up there last night.

-In addition to telling you 30 min before the show started that Aven was gonna show up for Rachel, in the commercial break before the women came out, I also tweeted this:

Soooooo yeah, knew that too. Told you. Magic. I should have my own residency in Vegas with all this trickery I’m pulling off. “Whaaaaa? But how did you know…” Magic. That’s my answer from now on. Anyway, we know who three of them are:

Cat Wong, who I gave you in yesterday’s column.

Christina Mandrell, who is the niece of famous country artist Barbara Mandrell

Bailey Brown, who I don’t have a ton of info on yet other than she graduated from Univ of Tennessee and she’s a recruiter in CA now.

I don’t know the last names or IG’s of Brooklyn or Brianna (the one who won the public first impression rose), but I’m guessing I probably will by the end of the day.

Christina is a divorced single mom with a daughter named Blakely. Cat’s profession is “professional dancer.” I’m sure more will be coming rolling in the next few days. I was talking with @BachelorData last night going over what days of the week in the past they’ve released the potential cast list on the Bachelor/ette FB pages. Here were the answers of just the last few seasons:

Katie’s men – Thursday, March 18th 2021
Michelle’s men – Monday, July 26th 2021
Clayton’s women – Saturday, Sept. 25, 2021
Gabby/Rachel’s men – Wednesday, March 23rd, 2022

All those dates were minimum 3 days before filming actually started. So knowing filming begins this upcoming Monday the 26th, I would think that means we’ll be getting the release of Zach’s women probably early Friday morning, or at the latest Saturday morning. Also, I will be releasing more women today that I expect to be part of that cast list announcement. At the moment, I have 5 new ones to give today. I went to bed super late last night, so after this posts, I need to take a little nappy nap, but when I wake up, I will post the new ones on my Twitter and IG stories. It will be just their basics of Name, age, city, job, college, and their IG handles and pics. So look forward to that in a few hours. Or whenever I wake up.

Thanks again for another great season. I started the Daily Roundup the day of the Gabby/Rachel premiere and it’s been a blast to do and the reaction has been super positive thanks to all of you. I know today’s is 35 min long, but they won’t always be like that as you know. Trying to keep them all around 20 min or so. A great season, and now we’re on to Zach’s, which begins filming Monday, and BIP begins airing on Tuesday. We’re only 1/3rd of the way through basically 9 straight months of Bachelor programming. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

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