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Hi Steve! First time emailer, long time listener (of the podcast).

Love the shout out to John King! That man either has a steel trap mid or he’s the hardest working journalist on CNN. Maybe both. Did you know he also has MS? I’ve read articles where he spoke about the challenge of managing his disease during election cycles where it is long hours, fast paced, and high stress. And, as you said, he’s at the top of his game even so. Even more reason to respect the hell out of what he’s able to do. Yes, the MS diagnosis makes him all that more bad ass to me. That’s why he’s John F’ing King.

I did want to let you know that he isn’t only trotted out during election cycles, even though it may seem that way. He’s a popular pundit on CNN shows almost every day. He also has his own show on CNN called Inside Politics that’s on Mon-Fri at 12pm and 8 pm Sundays. Now you know where to get your John King fix, even when it’s not election season! The magic wall is pretty cool, but he’s great even without it.

Thanks for all you do, love listening to your daily roundup podcast every morning. Hope your leg is healing!

Comment: I knew he was on a lot on CNN but I guess didn’t know he had his own show. Politics talk makes my head explode so I doubt I’ll become a regular viewer, but he deserves all the shows he gets. If anyone wants to have a 24 hr John King, I’d be all for it.

Hi Steve!

I absolutely love listening to your daily podcast. I’ve literally built it into my morning routine haha. Helps make unloading the dishwasher not feel so painful and monotonous. So sometimes you’ll say something or ask a question or wonder out loud and I’d love to respond or give input but I don’t think there’s a way to actually comment on the podcast itself – right? Do people just respond on twitter or instagram or something? Or is there some way to actually respond to an individual podcast? If not, I wish there was. I’m not a big social media person, I like to stay private and I’m much more of a lurker than anything. I mean, you can reach me in any way. Whether it’s to DM me on Twitter or IG or just email me. That’s the only and easiest ways to do it.

Speaking of podcasts, I listen to Game of Roses now ever since you had them on your podcast. They crack me up. For the first time ever, I’ve actually stopped watching this cringey season of BIP because between you and Game of Roses I get all of the information I’m actually interested in. I’m kind of torn about this though because if viewers aren’t watching then there won’t be a show for you to report on and I definitely don’t want that to happen! Any thoughts on this dilemma? You can watch. Just don’t take it seriously, don’t ever let it affect your mood, and don’t ever personally attack any of the contestants on social media. I’d say that’s fine.

Also on the topic of Game of Roses – do you think you’ll have them on your podcast again any time soon? Would love if you did. They keep talking about the “sauce wars” and while I kind of understand what they’re referring to I’d love for you to get them to dive deeper into when and where that term came from, why they use it, how they use it, etc. I’d also LOVE to hear you talk to them more about any “coaching” Bachelor Clues has done behind the scenes since you last interviewed him. I was fascinated the first time I heard about that on your podcast! There’s no doubt they’ll be on again.

Moving on to…Taylor Swift!!! I’m a HUGE Swiftie and I think it’s so cool you are too. I know some people immediately asked what your favorite songs were from the new album but being a Swiftie I know that is SO HARD to decide when an album is first released. At least it is for me, my opinions definitely morph over time. Now that Midnights has been out for a while and you’ve had time to listen, what are your top 5 songs? Mine are (in no particular order): Maroon, Karma, Midnight Rain, Anti-Hero, andddddd…..AHHH #5 is so hard! I think I’ll go with Dear Reader. Or WAIT maybe Mastermind. But Paris, The Great War, Question, and Snow on the Beach are close behind. Honestly it’s so tough to rank songs past my top 5 or 6 because I truly like all of them.

Okay I’ll stop now. I could talk about Taylor for hours lol.

Anyway if you made it this far thanks for reading!! Oh and Nick Viall sucks. I absolutely despise that little weasel. That’s a really nasty thing to say about weasels.

See ya!

Comment: I haven’t decided my top 5 songs. I can’t. It’s literally impossible.

Seems kind of odd they have never picked Leonardo DiCaprio, even when Titanic was a thing. But they do repeats.

Comment: Good point. Yeah, how has Leo not won it? Now? No way. But back in his prime off of Titanic? Or maybe they thought he was still too young back then. I don’t know. I don’t remember his age in Titanic or what the average age is of the men who win Sexiest Man Alive.

I really enjoy reading your column and don’t do the podcast thing so appreciate when you summarize them in your column as well but lately have been frustrated with having to expand to Twitter for “more info” as I refuse to support that platform anymore and have disabled my account there, as I am sure many others have as well.

Have you considered moving away from Twitter considering the current lean of that platform?

Comment: We’ll see where Twitter goes. Twitter is just a way to get my info as soon as I post it. Along with IG stories. I’ll almost always have whatever I post on Twitter and IG in a podcast and the column, but it won’t be til the next day at the earliest.

Hey Steve a couple of non-paradise related questions this week.

Firstly out of boredom and curiosity I decided to listen to an episode of Nick Viall’s podcast this week but literally turned off after about ten minutes because of how annoying and patronising he was being, afterwards I was like why did I listen when I knew that was how he was gonna be which got me thinking of the reasons why you agreed to go on an episode of the Viall files when you knew what an d-bag he was before you agreed so just wondering your reasons for appearing? Because I thought he wanted to have me on for an honest interview where we could have a healthy back and forth. That didn’t happen and he had an agenda from the second he wanted me on. Not only did he not accomplish that agenda, but it backfired on him. Will he ever admit that he handled that interview terribly, only had me on to try and make me look bad, and when he didn’t blamed my fans for being passionate? Of course not. Because that’s who he is. Just like Aaron, hey Nick, it’s ok to admit you’re wrong sometimes. It’s healthy.

Secondly just wondering if you have ever considered having Holly Julien as a podcast guest, I know her and Blake often get overlooked as a couple on this franchise probably down to producers trying to pretend Bachelor Pad never existed but I find her adoption journey really inspiring and I’m sure other listeners will too!
Thanks for everything you do and I hope your achillies is continuing to heal well.

Comment: It’s possible. I wouldn’t be against it but I don’t know if Holly would. She’s under the impression I hate her which I don’t. I wasn’t a fan of how she handled things over 10 years ago and I wrote about it. If she still harbors that against me when I literally haven’t thought about it since, then I doubt she’ll come on. But if she can get past that, then I’d love to have her on.


Am I the only one who is so annoyed with everyone using the phrase”my person”?!?! I don’t remember who first said it, but it was several seasons ago and since then , it’s the buzz word. Have you noticed this?

Comment: There are a lot of phrases in this franchise that I wish would be thrown into a dumpster and burned. But it ain’t happening unfortunately.

Hey Steve,

When new girls/guys come down do producers tell them who to ask on a date?
I feel bad for the girls who come in late after everyone is coupled up. At this point why rock the boat. Part of the game is try to stay as long as you can to get as much money and get more followers and create a little drama. If you find someone great, if not oh well. In the real world Kate wouldn’t even look at Logan. They know who everyone is interested in. But we’re 8 years in now, and these contestants know if they’re last in, they basically have zero chance of success. But they don’t get to choose when they come in, producers do. So you’re at their mercy.

Believe it or not, I think Shenae played the game the best. She met a lot of guys and was open to having fun. I was surprised how fast some gave up and went home.

I see they are still looking for seniors. They couldn’t create this kind of chaos for older people, could they. It would be sad.

Comment: I’ll believe the senior show when it actually airs. It’s been a 3 year running dream now with no results.

I googled the dates and I’m not following why you picked this Saturday for the starting the movie at whatever time you did. I’m going to listen again but I feel like it went over my head. Help.

Also I laughed so hard at this. But not at you. More at your excitement and that you watched with a friend. So funny.

Comment: Well of course I’ll help you out here. Any chance to talk BTTF, I’m down. In the movie, Marty gets transported back to 1955 where he runs into his parents and, unfortunately, ruins how they met which he then has to change or else basically he’ll never be born. He succeeds and then has to go back to 1985. The only way he can get back to 1985 is channeling lightning into his DeLorean since it runs on plutonium in 1985 and there was no plutonium available in 1955. So the clock tower was struck by lightning on Nov. 12th, 1955 at 10:04pm. Hence the reason why I wanted it to be that in real time when I got to that point in the movie on Saturday when I watched. It’s silly. I know.

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