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Hi Steve , would you ever consider doing DWTS if ever approached? I mean, it’s never going to happen. Ever. It’s not even worth talking about.

I was listening to your daily roundup earlier and you mentioned that Charli is the best dancer that this show has ever had, did you watch season 18? They had Meryl Davis paired up with Max, and I think she was the best the best tgey ever had ir she could be tied with Charli for the best 2 they ever had , Meryl and Max won season.

Comment: I’ve watched every season. I’ve seen every ringer this show has ever cast. Meryl was great. But my opinion stays the same. Charli is the best dancer this show has ever had.

Hey Steve –

Thank you for helping all of us get through our profound sorrow and grief over Rodney and Eliza. Also sad that Mara Nara is not with Meatball. It is fun watching women compete for a twin they really don’t care about.

Did you notice on SNL that very few people compared to usual were on stage with Chapelle for the end of the show. As he is being criticized for the monologue, I’m wondering if it was a sign of disapproval from the cast. I actually never noticed that there were some missing. I actually don’t think I even watched that last segment. I rarely do. But if there were some not out there it definitely could’ve been something to that effect.

In the past, you expressed a lack of interest in politics. I guess that has changed! Only during elections is when I care. Watching/talking politics makes me wanna slam a frying pan against my head 1000 times.

Jordan continues to amaze me on The Challenge. The only time I remember him not being able to adapt to overcome his disability was a poll wrestle against Fessy (who has become Faysal for some reason). What’s funny is when Jordan first appeared, it was like he thought he was better than he was. Remember when he called out Bananas and got steamrolled? I can’t remember what season that was. Now, he’s easily one of the most feared competitors. So credit to him, he’s backed up his talk.

Masked Singer just had a 90s music night and the best they could do was Tag Team as guest performers – sad!

Comment: I missed that one. But if that’s the best they could pull, then DWTS wins hands down.

Hi Steve,

Were you able to secure any Taylor Swift tickets? If so, what was your experience? It took me about 6 hours from being on the website to actually buying them but I am excited to see her. It’ll be my first TS concert! I never even got the code to be able to wait online like I’m guessing most people did. The prices are outrageous on the secondary market. So it’s just a matter of what I’m willing to pay. But it definitely doesn’t look like I’ll be seeing her in two cities anymore unless some cheaper tickets become available.

How weird is it to show Gabby (and Rachel) showing off their rings on the same day that the ending of the same engagement is officially announced. Does the show execs and network care at all that their relationships are barely lasting after the finale? Would they try to change things up for that sake? Or do you think that the issue is more so because contestants don’t sign on “for the right reasons”?

Comment: If this show was worried about relationships not lasting and that their future was dependent on that, this show would’ve been cancelled loooooong ago. They’ve literally had one Bachelor marry the final woman he chose in 27 seasons, and I think the Bachelorette is at 4 marriages now out of 19? Maybe 5? So remember, any couple that actually gets married is the exception, not the rule. This show is not about making sure a couple gets married and never has been. It’s trainwreck television and if a relationship comes from it, that’s just an added bonus. But it’s not their focus.

Hey Steve,

I’m in the middle of watching tonight’s BIP episode and just getting frustrated with production’s treatment of Logan. I really don’t think he did anything wrong (both with going from Rachel to Gabby, and on BIP). Gabby didn’t seem to have a problem with it during the show, but suddenly now does? I’m sure production got into her ear. You’re right. He never did. I said that over and over during Rachel and Gabby’s season. He respectfully told Rachel he wanted to pursue Gabby, and while she probably wasn’t thrilled, she let him do it, and Gabby accepted it. I kept saying all season what exactly did he do wrong. Especially when we KNEW before that season even started, there’d be one guy into both of them.

Not that Kate is remotely getting a good edit, but the double standard on dating around on BIP is mind boggling. Kate jumped from Jacob to Logan, then went on a date with Hayden. And she’s clearly not all in or satisfied with Logan (obvious even without spoilers). To give him so much crap about being indecisive is just hypocritical. I just don’t understand her arguments at all. Yes, they are quite hypocritical. She’s making no sense. And as I said last week, these women going to the men telling them “I wanted you to tell me not to go on this date,” is such a mind fuck. Why can’t they just say “I don’t want to go on this date.” This validation they need from these guys is putting them in a no-win situation.

Also on Aaron/Genevieve – Aaron’s reactions to disagreements are very extreme. Having an off and on girl back home doesn’t make it make sense to me. From what we’ve seen, he just seems to have an incredibly short fuse. I had an ex like that, and that kind of toxic relationship is crazy making. I wish the story about the girl back home had come out before the reunion so we could see how he’d address it.

Had to get that out there, don’t actually have a question.

Thanks for all you do!

Comment: He absolutely has anger issues, has no idea how to argue with someone close to him and, well, go read those DM’s from two women who were seeing him up to BIP filming and tell me if you think his behavior with Genevieve is a giant coincidence or a pattern of behavior.

Yikes, Steve.

Aaron’s interactions with Genevieve remind me of my coworker. ? I’m one of two people in my immediate office area. I work closely with a man that speaks in examples all the time and often they have nothing to do with anything we are discussing. It’s quite aggravating. He always HAS to be right and if we have a different opinion, he grinds it into my brain. It’s exhausting. My female mind gets really irritated constantly. Our working relationship has had difficult days, that’s for sure.

The turning point came when I realized I’m not married to my coworker and my husband is much better at expressing himself than my coworker. At this time I just agree with my coworker and let him steamroll everything. Which isn’t healthy either. But guess what? I’m not married to my coworker (Amen) and one of these days, this will all be over. But it’s not worth me getting upset.

Anyway, glad for your spoilers and hope that Aaron’s interactions with his current lady are healthier than what we see with Genevieve.

Comment: Yeah, we can sit here and talk about how dumb the itch vs pain argument was or how it’s even a thing. That wasn’t even my issue with it. It’s how vehemently he defended his side on something so ridiculous that didn’t deserve either of their breaths, wouldn’t let it go, and couldn’t admit he was wrong. That’s a giant red flag. And after today’s story, I’m sure he won’t say a word either. I don’t ever see this guy admitting to any wrong doing which is just sad. It’s a macho, ego, pride thing with him and he’s much too stubborn. But the bottom line is he was an asshole to both women pre-show for having a sexual relationship with both and lied to each one about the extent of his relationship with the other, and he was an asshole to Genevieve down on the beach. I expect him to say nothing going forward and that’s a pretty telling sign about what you need to know about him.

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