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(EXCLUSIVE) More Info & Spoilers for Zach’s Season

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Well it’s been a while, but I’ve finally got some more info and spoilers for you on Zach’s season. For those who haven’t been following, this may be your first introduction to any spoilers this season. Back on Nov. 15th, I posted all the spoilers I knew up to the final 3 in Zach’s season, and you can find those right here. If at any point you want to refer back to them, on desktop, just go to the top of the page, click the “Spoilers” tab, and the drop down list brings you to “Bachelor Zach’s Spoilers,” and that column will appear. On mobile, just click the tab “Zach’s Spoilers.” Today is an addendum to the things I posted on Nov. 15th. Some new news and spoilers from Night 1, from their time in LA, and also from when they travel overseas. Some of them aren’t complete details yet, but things I know happened, so, I suggest waiting til certain things play out to see exactly how they’re shown. Regardless, at no point should any information mean you should verbally attack any contestant in their DM’s or on any of their social media platforms. Watch the show, have a laugh, but nobody’s behavior or anything they say or do should bring you to that level of hatred for them to where you should feel the need to attack them on their personal pages. That’s pathetic. I know I say it every season, and I’m going to continue to say it, even though it usually falls on deaf ears. As you’ll see below, I don’t have details on a couple major new spoilers, so lets just hold off on pre-judging.

Everything you see written below has been added to the spoilers post from Nov. 15th and is in today’s Daily Roundup, which you can listen to here:

More Night 1 Info & Spoilers

-Christina I had mentioned arrived on a party bus for her limo entrance. After everyone was inside and the mingling began, Zach went out to the party bus with a group of girls and at one point was pouring champagne into Greer’s mouth. And also spilled champagne on someone’s dress. Can’t remember who.

-Lekha stopped the first rose ceremony in the middle of it to tell Zach she tried to talk to him the entire night, and that producers kept reassuring her she would and that the rose ceremony would not take place until Zach got to talk to every girl first. Well that didn’t happen because Lekha and others never got to talk to him night 1. This is common for night 1, so nothing new here. But will it get shown? Probably not because Lekha calls out production when she stopped down the rose ceremony, and I can’t imagine they show that. And oh yeah, out of the limo, Lekha licked Zach’s ear. Not sure why or how it went over, but, she didn’t get a rose night 1.

-Madison was the first to pull Zach aside and interrupted him numerous times during night 1. Zach ended up sending her home because she was interrupting too much, although, I’ve already seen online I’m assuming people from her camp saying she eliminated herself because she wasn’t feeling it with Zach. It’ll probably get shown that Zach is the one that sends her away before the rose ceremony.

More Info & Spoilers from Episodes 2 & 3

-Christina is the girl in the previews who you see sleeping on the stairs of the mansion because she drank too much. She even referenced this on a TikTok after the previews came out, but in case you missed it, that’s her on the steps. She apparently drank quite a bit night one and, well, the rest of the time she was there. Her sleeping on the steps happens in episode 3 during the pool party.

-Hate labeling people “villains” on this show since Toxic Bachelor Nation then feels the need to tell them to go kill themselves and writes horrible things on their IG. Not to mention, there’s levels of villainy on this show, so not everyone is the same. In the first 3 episodes, Christina and her behavior is going to get the most attention. We know she got the first 1-on-1 of the season in episode 2, then was eliminated at the 3rd rose ceremony. So that kinda goes to show Zach wasn’t too thrilled with her behavior.

The third rose ceremony cocktail party was cancelled in favor of a pool party earlier in the day, something they’ve done many times before. Apparently Christina is the ring leader in regards to Brianna and her self-eliminating. Christina was the one who I guess was sort of the instigator and telling Brianna that the first impression rose she got was from America (at the live ATFR), and not from Zach. It all escalated at the pool party and this is when Brianna ends up quitting. This doesn’t mean people need to call Christina names or call her a terrible mother on her IG, like some have already done. But yeah, Christina is going to have a rough three episodes on the show.

-Kind of a major storyline, or not at all because I don’t know the details behind it. What I do know is that while they are still at the mansion, Gabi is seen reading Game of Roses “How to Win the Bachelor” book. I know that’s going to lead to a slew of questions. I don’t have any answers. I don’t know if this is a big deal. I don’t know if the other women even cared. I don’t even know if it’s going to make air. Would be kinda weird for this show to promote Game of Roses book since it basically unmasks the fantasy of the show that people like to watch for. We know Gabi is at least final 3, so yeah, I’m sure some people who now hear this might change their opinion of Gabi since she’s reading a book about “winning” the show. I have no idea what it means, if anything. Could she be reading the book and still be interested in finding love? Sure. Could she be reading it and this whole thing was a game to her? Absolutely. We just don’t know yet until it plays out – if it even does. I just know it happened in the mansion, and I guess we’ll see how it’s handled on TV. I have no opinion on Gabi either way before I heard the news and after. I just don’t have enough info right now, so I hope others treat it the same. I did talk to Chad last week to give him a heads up of what I’d heard (he hadn’t heard anything about it), so I’m guessing they will address it at some point this week on their podcast.

More Info & Spoilers from Overseas:

-There is something that happens in London that kinda changes the landscape of the show. Problem is, I don’t know any details behind it. If I did, I’d tell you. All I can pass on is what I was told. I was told this is something production had zero control over and they were scrambling to figure out what to do. It wasn’t bad, but it was unplanned and it had a significant impact on the production of the show.

For example, Gabi got the first 1-on-1 date in London, and then whatever this thing is that happened, basically ended all other dates in London. There was no group date, nor was there another 1-on-1. So Gabi is the only one who has a date of the 11 women that go to London. It’s 5 episodes in, so hopefully by the time we get to the London episode, I will have heard more. But that’s all I was told up to this point. If/when I hear more, I’ll let you know.

-Mercedes was eliminated in London. Apparently she got food poisoning there. Now, I don’t know if that was the reason she was eliminated in London. I just know that’s when she’s sent home and she happened to get food poisoning while she was there.

-In the spoilers originally, I had Charity with the first 1 on 1 in Estonia, which we know because I posted pictures and videos of it that day. Then there was a group date, but I had a ??? for second 1 on 1 in Estonia. That second 1 on 1 went to Ariel.

-We know Christina is going to be a polarizing figure in the first three episodes. In the back half of the season, that role will pretty much be taken over by Brooklyn. Just heard she was a pot stirrer and was in the middle of a lot of drama. We know she gets to episode #7 and is eliminated on her 1-on-1 date. But from all I’ve been told, just liked to instigate things that seemingly would keep her on TV. Again, this doesn’t mean name calling and sending threats to her IG are acceptable. It shouldn’t be for any of these women. Just watch the show and lets see how it plays out.

-So whatever it is that happens in London and sets the tone for the rest of the season, that’s apparently the reason why trying to figure out who gets sent home in Estonia & Budapest is off. It’s nothing like someone leaves and returns. I was told it WASN’T that. But that it’s something the show hasn’t dealt with before and didn’t see coming. That’s all I got on it. Wish I had more. But hopefully I will before the London episode takes place.

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