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The Bachelor Zach – Episode #2 Recap, Fans Question Zach, Sports Fans Losing It, & Your Daily Roundup

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While we may be losing some podcasts from Bachelor Nation alums (which is probably a good thing), we also gained another one starting yesterday. Courtney Robertson now has a podcast called “Off Contract,” which is under the “Game of Roses” label. Her first guest was Ashley Iaconetti. Courtney has been a multi-time guest on my podcast over the years, so check out her new podcast when you get a chance. I will be on her podcast at some point and I already told her I will reveal something on her podcast that I’ve never revealed before. I can’t remember if I’ve told Courtney privately about this, but I know I’ve never said it publicly. But hey, I’ll be a good guest and drop a little tea once she has me on which she said will be happening at some point. Looking forward to doing that. “Off Contract” is the name of the podcast so go check it out. She launched episode #1 yesterday.

Don’t forget to send in your emails for “Reader Emails” tomorrow. Email me at with any questions, comments, or thoughts you have and it will possibly appear in tomorrow’s column. Hey, maybe I’ll even include some from the Q&A I did on IG this past Saturday night. But I’d rather not, so get your emails in today as soon as you can so they can make tomorrow’s column.

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Last night when Zach was talking to Jess, he told her about how he’s close to his mom, because when he was born, he had pyloric stenosis and he almost died. I had no idea what pyloric stenosis even was until last night and I received two emails on the subject within a couple minutes of each other:

“thought you might be interested in this….. Zach is completely insufferable to me. When he mentioned his childhood “disease” of pyloric stenosis and that he almost died…… I was yelling at the TV. Pyloric stenosis is a very curable surgical condition, not a deadly disease. Oooh vey.”

“Oh ffs. Pyloric stenosis? Didn’t know if he’d live? Yes, it makes babies vomit but it’s an easy diagnosis and the simplest surgery ever. I literally laughed out loud.

So maybe Zach’s was a more traumatic case of it. I have no idea. I’m not gonna sit here and tell Zach, “No, you didn’t almost die” when I have no idea the severity behind it. But just wanted to show you two of the reactions that I did get about it.

Just wanted to bring this here because I talked about in The Sports Daily today. Take a look at this video before the Eagles/Niners game yesterday:

That’s Joey Bosa, brother of Niners DE Nick Bosa. And an Eagles fan taunting him. I’m all for a little jab here or there. That’s not what that was. That was a fan, probably drunk, acting like an asshole trying to get a rise out of an NFL player just so he can say he did. And if Joey Bosa was drinking anything other than, oh I don’t know, that seltzer in his hand, he probably would’ve speared him through the concrete Roman Reigns style. And you know what? I would’ve been fine with it. Not that I condone violence, but where do we draw the line at what’s acceptable fan behavior? To me, that wasn’t. That wasn’t playful bantering. Bosa was doing nothing but hanging with his crew, and this moron with a cellphone wanted to be famous. It’s good he didn’t hurt the guy because it would’ve been assault and a black eye for him and the league, but why can’t fans act like normal people? Is it that hard? Why does the guy with the camera have to act like a horses ass trying to instigate something? And yes, he was instigating. You can’t convince me otherwise. I swear, some sports fans are equivalent to Toxic Bachelor Nation. Because lets face it, that’s what that was. Dude is lucky Bosa was sober. Or at least acted sober and just called him a “fucking loser” and a “broke bitch.” Fans like that are the worst.

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