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“Reader Emails,” @BachelorData Breaks Down Monday’s Screen Time, & Your Daily Roundup

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As we move along with this season of the “Bachelor,” ABC has yet to announce their schedule for the rest of this season, even though they started 3 weeks later than they usually do. But from everything I’m hearing, the “Bachelorette” is set to start filming in mid-March like it usually does, which means they are definitely needing to double up on episodes some week. Because a normal season is 11 episodes long and 11 weeks from Jan. 23rd is into April. And that’s not gonna happen if “Bachelorette” starts filming in mid-March. So I’m sure we’ll hear in the next few weeks when they’re doubling up. Although now that I think about it, knowing something major goes down in London and only one date takes place (Gabi’s 1-on-1), I guess technically you could combine the London and Estonia episode into one if they wanted to since you don’t have a ton of footage from London. That’s a possibility. I’ll let you know once ABC does finally announce something, but what I’ve been told is everything is on schedule per usual with “Bachelorette” filming beginning the week of the “Bachelor” finale, which looks to be March 13th. And if they do a two-night finale on the 13th and 14th, that would help too.

Today’s Daily Roundup covers the ratings for the premiere, Greer’s blackface apology, and one of Zach’s women reveals her relationship with a Bachelorette alum. You can listen to that below:

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@BachelorData returns this week with her breakdown of who got the most screen time for the week, and no surprise it was Christina considering she got the only 1-on-1 of the week:

So yeah, one thing I mentioned in the Daily Roundup today is the reboot of “Name That Tune” is driving me nuts. Why? Because I know probably 95% of the songs they play on that show. I can sing along when I hear the lyrics, but I realized there are so many songs I can sing verses and chorus’ too but that I don’t know the title of. And that’s the only way to get it right on “Name That Tune” is you have to know the title of that song. You’d be amazed at how many songs you can sing along to but don’t know the title of. It’s infuriating. Also, Elizabeth Berkeley was on the celebrity edition a couple weeks ago and made it to the final round where you had to guess 7 songs in :30 seconds. I cannot believe one of the songs wasn’t “I’m So Excited” by the Pointer Sisters. Why? Well because of what might be the greatest Saturday morning television scene ever:

Look, I know they were trying to tackle an important issue facing teens back then. Uhhhh, I think. But I’m sorry, that’s just too funny. Caffeine pills? I didn’t know anyone who did that. But hey, at least some credit to the writers of that show for trying their hardest – as laughable as that scene was.

“Reader Emails” begins on Page 2…

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