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Hi Steve, you mentioned yesterday that some of the podcasts by Bachelor alums have ended. Can you tell us which ones? I always thought it was ridiculous how everyone wanted to start a podcast once they came off the show. I mean, how many contestants can talk about the same stuff over and over? I’m curious as to the ones that didn’t make it? Thanks Steve!

Comment: When I said “Bachelor Nation Podcasts,” I realized afterwards that people were gonna take that as Bachelor affiliated podcasts. What I meant to say was just podcasts that either had Bachelor Nation alums hosting, not necessarily that they had to be affiliated with the show. Mike and Bryan’s, Pilot Pete and Dustin’s, Bekah’s are three podcasts to name a few that are no longer. Am I forgetting any?

Diehard Eagles fan here! The video that you posted with Joey Bosa is accurate. Philadelphia was tailgating since the day before! I know people who got to the stadium at 4am. We are just passionate fans! Broad street was wild on Sunday night. There was fireworks and fire trucks everywhere. Everyone was excited even the police!! We are not used to our teams making deep playoff runs and twice in 3 months is insane for us! But the city is still in tact and there was no violence. Just some people who fell down the greased up light posts. We just have a bad reputation. Not our faults people in the 60s threw batteries and snowballs at Santa. They probably deserved it. Also, we aren’t allowed any caps on soda or beer bottles. Not used to seeing that at other stadiums. I guess that video shows why we have a jail in the stadium. Ha ha, well I mean you did win a Super Bowl 5 years ago. And your baseball team was in the World Series LAST year. And your basketball team has been a contender at least the last few seasons. And oh yeah, your college basketball team Villanova, has won two NCAA titles in the last 7 years. So I wouldn’t say your city isn’t used to winners. You’ve actually had a lot of winners just in the last 7 years total. And yes, I saw the video of the morons standing on the light post that fell.

My question is- who is going to win? Should I take the day off for the parade now? How does the eagles stack up against the chiefs? Will the sixers make it 3 championship series in 8 months? They are looking good!

I value your opinion because you always have thought out opinions. I even tell my husband, well reality steve said this and he’s a former sports radio host so he knows a thing or 2. I wouldn’t be surprised if he listens to the sports podcast with me soon!

Comment: If I knew who was gonna win, I’d be rich. What I do know is I bet Philly in July to win the Super Bowl at 23 ½ to 1. So that’s who I’m rooting for and WANT to see win. But will they? I have no idea. Certainly they’re a good team, they have a great defense, and they are 16-1 in games that Jalen Hurts starts this year, so of course they have a chance to win. But Mahomes is Mahomes, they haven’t seen an offense like theirs all year, KC has been there 3 of the last 5 years, and Patrick Mahomes as an underdog in a big game is scary. I expect a great game that’s close come 4th quarter. At that point, anything can happen. I know, not going out on a limb there, but, anyone who pretends they KNOW what’s gonna happen or they KNOW who’s gonna win is just a loudmouth looking for clicks. No you don’t.

Hi Steve,

When Courtney was last on your podcast, she said she was working on something that she would announce in November, and I remember you saying that you would promote it or tweet it out. Did we ever find out what this is, or was it just that she was appearing on the show?

Comment: It’s her podcast that launched on Monday, “Off Contract.” I think she thought it was gonna be ready to go by November but they pushed it back to the start of Bachelor season. She told me about it back then but said she could only tease it because it needed to be announced on “Game of Roses,” since it’s under their umbrella. Totally understandable. But yes, the podcast is what she was talking about. It’s been in the works since September or so.

Hi Steve –

I’m not a sports guy so I will bring up 2 sports items you have probably covered on your sports podcast. Damar Hamlin – the anti-vaxxers have claimed the collapse was due to the Covid vaccine. Now they claim he has not recovered and it is a body double. These people walk amongst us and vote. Bengals last minute penalty guy – aside from feeling bad for him for making a big mistake, my immediate thought was “If the Chiefs win, here comes the racism and death threats.” Damar has since released an 8 minute video talking about his health and thanking people for all the support. So I guess that’s fake to the anti-vaxxers to now, right? They’re just gonna admit, “Sorry, we jumped the gun. He’s fine. There’s no body double” right? Of course not.

He even had his own teammate cursing him as they were walking to the locker room that was caught on tape. That teammate has since apologized for being caught up in the moment. But yes, I’m sure somewhere out there, some loser sent him a nasty message on social media because of his penalty and his blaming him for the loss.

Tahzjuan – I only remember her as a sweaty, complaining fool so I could not take her bad bitch bravado seriously. Maybe Courtney will say on her podcast if T trying to become a contestant was real. Most leads have rejected such efforts. I was wondering if the producers told her to do it to stir up some quick drama and it was more of an act. I’m sure there was some prodding behind the scenes. Maybe they suggested it to her, maybe she thought of it on her own once she was on set. But production has to approve it for it to happen, and maybe they already knew Zach would reject her, which is why they let her go through with it. I think Tahz should probably just take a break for a while and stop working with these producers who never seem to paint her in a great light.

Seems like more producer / contestant interaction being shown this season.

You and Bachelor Data spoke about Michelle quitting teaching and becoming an influencer. I get the “easy” money appeal but also wonder if contestants with serious jobs find that they “can’t” go back to those jobs due to the whispers, gossip, etc. that may take place in the workplace (e.g. “Hi, this is Mrs. Jones. I see you have assigned my Jimmy to the Bachelorette teacher for the coming school year. Switch him!”)

Comment: In the teaching business, I guess that’s possible, but I think the money factor well outweighs that. We know how grossly underpaid teachers are. And now getting this chance to make way more money for way less work? It’s a no-brainer. I can’t blame her.

Hi Steve. Short and sweet…another site reported yesterday that Gabi is the winner. It was all over yahoo, so i’m assuming you saw it?? They also gave complete breakdown of all elims. What say you? Do you believe they’re correct or simply doing a WAG based on your final 3 info?

Comment: I don’t concern myself with what anyone else reports spoiler-wise about this show. When I get info from my sources that I deal with and feel comfortable posting a spoiler is when I do it – not because anyone else has already posted something. If that were the case, wouldn’t I have already addressed/posted something about what’s been out there?

That Yahoo article you’re referencing was basically a cut and paste of all the numerous things I already spoiled this season that’s on my spoilers page, and they credited me. So I have no problem with what they did.

Thanks for all your great reporting and holding Production accountable.

In Chris Harrison’s first podcast, he seemed to diminish his own role in the Bachelor Franchise. Claiming he never controlled anyone’s storyline and never had the power to hire or fire anyone.

To me, it seems ridiculous that we have producers manipulating contestants right and left, and somehow, he, the Executive Producer, was pure as the driven snow.

We personally saw him slandering Blake Horstmann, and pressuring Clare and Matt James to get engaged. And those were just some of the things that were actually. I believe he didn’t hire or fire anyone. That makes sense. And I really don’t think he controlled storylines. He definitely nudged people in a certain direction while giving his advice.

However, Kaitlyn Bristowe claimed a longstanding grudge against Chris Harrison for when she was one of two Bachelorettes and Chris Harrison told the men to think of which one would make the better wife. Maybe some context or tone is missing, but I didn’t understand what the big deal was. Yes, women have value beyond being a wife, but the men were presumably there to pick their future spouse, so why not consider that very thing?

Comment: Did she say that? I’ve never heard her say that was a grudge she had against him so I don’t wanna comment since I never heard her say it. Not saying you’re lying. Just saying I never heard it for myself and maybe something got lost in translation.

Was reading your episode 2 spoilers and the emails you received about pyloric stenosis. Pyloric stenosis can absolutely be deadly if not caught early and can cause severe electrolyte disturbances if not found early however yes it’s a simple procedure and babies do well afterwards. But I have been a pediatric emergency room nurse and now a pediatric emergency room nurse practitioner and I have seen all spectrums of this. From the baby who ended up in the intensive care unit who required significant stabilization prior to surgery because of severe electrolyte disturbances to the one that was in the hospital for 24hrs or less and discharged home. While I have been fortunate enough to never see any babies pass from this that is possible. It can be confused for reflux and it can get missed at times. I think there is no way for us to know what Zach’s experience with it was. I also think belittling someone’s experience especially his mothers who had to endure her baby have surgery when he was very little is not for anybody to mock. Sorry to get on my soapbox but with anything in medicine there are simple cases and then there aren’t simple cases. Not for any of us to judge this experience. Thank for reading my email.

Comment: Thank you for that. It’s why I said yesterday I was not gonna question what Zach said. I hadn’t heard of it until the show. If that’s his story, that’s his story. Those emails yesterday I shared were just two people’s opinions.

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