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Hi Steve!

I was shocked to hear a contestant was caught reading How to Win the Bachelor at the mansion. I thought contestants were not allowed access to books during filming. Do you have any idea how the book got on set, how Gabi got access to it, who caught her with the book, and what happened to the book after she was caught with it?

Any more light you are able to shed on the book mystery would be much appreciated!

Comment: They aren’t allowed to bring any for the most part. That’s the problem. As I said when I brought up the story, I know you all are going to have questions, and I’m not gonna have any answers. It’s possible she snuck one in there? It’s possible it was planted by production? What does getting “caught” even mean? What if the whole thing wasn’t a big deal? There’s only one episode left in LA and it happened there. And it really doesn’t look like it’s getting brought up next episode, so, we can chalk it up to not being a big deal in the end, something I made sure I said when I reported the story. It definitely happened based on what sources told me. Just didn’t end up being a big enough deal for them to show I guess.

Hey Steve,

I am a loooongtime reader of your site for many years. Just wanted to share my thoughts on the comment you made re those of us that “only want to read what [you] say and don’t care to listen to podcasts” and how you only post columns when you have spoilers and never write in the off-season. I’d just like to share that I am a person who really prefers reading recaps and have always appreciated reading your columns both spoilers AND recaps. I really do not enjoy podcasts and MUCH prefer reading and have been really disappointed that so many blogs that I used to truly enjoy have now all moved to podcasts almost exclusively. It’s really annoying and frustrating for those of us who enjoyed written columns to be just discarded now as not worth the time of even just posting a transcript of what was covered in the podcasts so us non-podders can still get the info. I really miss the recaps too as they used to be. Now it’s just basically a few sentences and a link to the podcast. Maybe I’m just an “old” but I figured it can’t hurt to share my feedback so you know that not everyone LOVES podcasts. Thanks for considering that fact if you do.

Comment: I understand your frustration. However, it’s the evolution of social media. Like, typewriters went out of business when computers blew up. Then land line phones went by the wayside when iphones happened. Things evolve. Things change. Whether you like it or not, some things are just not going to be like what they always were.

And you also have to look at it from a business perspective. If I see that my traffic is moving more towards podcasts, does it make business sense for me to keep pumping out 5 page columns? I still like to write, but with the advent of social media, and so many opinions and takes happening on the show as it’s happening, there really is no need to dissect the show the way I used to the next day. I know 95% of you probably don’t remember this, especially the Johnny come latelys, but in the early 2000’s, there were a few blogs that covered the show. Probably less than 5-10. I was one of them. And I prided myself on having my column up first thing the next morning before anyone else since there was no social media and it was kind of a lot of people’s first read on what someone else thought about the show. Now? That’s unheard of because you’re hearing peoples non stop opinions all show long and the hours after it’s over. But yes, in the early 2000s before FB, Twitter, and Instagram, that’s the way it was. But then times change. Things evolve. Hence why it’s the way things are the way they are now. Unfortunately, you’re in the minority of people who still want to read recaps. I’m sorry, but the numbers bear it out.

And I think you’re wrong when you say my recaps are “just a few sentences and a link to my podcast.” I think that’s diminishing it quite a bit. I still provide insight, humor, and things that the average fan doesn’t know about in my recaps. I’ve just tried to condense it, but I still feel like I’m covering what was aired, along with what wasn’t shown.

I’m very well aware that not everyone loves podcasts. I’ve acknowledged this numerous times. But I do know by looking at the numbers, America is moving to a digital world where short, edited, soundbite content is more what they’re looking for. Long form reading is dying off unfortunately.

Hey Steve,

Just a quick comment on when your podcasts show up online each day. I’m on the East Coast, and I feel a little jealous of West Coasters. I get up for work at 5:30 am (for a 7 am start) and would love to listen to both shows every day when I’m up and prepping for work.

That’s impossible to do with the present upload schedule, although those in the West are able to catch your podcasts early.

Just thought I’d mention it in case you ever give any thought to scheduling the uploads earlier. Thanks.

Comment: It’s possible the podcasts might move up at some point. I’m liking the way they post now, but I’m not 100% dead set on them always being this way. Maybe I’ll take a poll at some point. Because yes, if you’re an East Coaster and you have a regular 8-4/9-5 job, I get where this affects you. So it’s possible down the line it could get moved up.

Hi Steve,

I too was saddened and surprised to hear of Annie Wersching’s passing. I primarily knew her from Bosch, but she also had a recurring role on ABC’s The Rookie. (It’s overall a pretty awful show, but that’s another story. Her storylines were definitely the most interesting.)

A few months ago she appeared in a her final episode of the show, in which it looked like she was wearing a wig. I noticed it right away and actually looked her up to see if she was battling cancer. Like you, I couldn’t find anything on it. Later in the episode, the wig turned out to be part of a plot twist and it made sense why her character was wearing it. All that to say: I’m pretty impressed with the writers over at The Rookie for seemingly incorporating Wersching’s reality into the script, and in the process not “outing” her illness to the public. Very classy and pretty darn clever, too.

Comment: Very cool of them to do that. The whole thing is just so sad. And the fact she kept it quiet and just continued to work acting gigs is a credit to her. She was such a great addition to “24,” and even in just those two seasons, played a MAJOR role in Jack Bauer’s life (for those that still haven’t watched the greatest show in television, I don’t want to spoil it). Just a shitty thing to read about on Sunday and my condolences go out to her family. Actually a time where “thoughts and prayers” is actually relevant and nice to say to someone.

Hi Steve,

Bachelor fan from Glasgow, Scotland here. Really enjoy reading your columns.

Just wondering… as everyone seems to agree, Zach was a very strange choice for Bachelor given we know so little about him, his age, lack of camera presence etc. However, in my opinion, the only logical reason they chose him is because their success rate has been so low in recent years that all they care about this season is an engagement that lasts longer than a couple of months. He was always the “ready” one… he’s SOOOO “ready” for marriage. For this, I feel they’ve sacrificed a (potentially) more interesting and compelling lead to improve their track record.

That’s the only explanation that makes sense to me. What are your thoughts?

Comment: I don’t think success rate really matters to this show. If it did, they would’ve been cancelled a looooooooong time ago. I think Zach’s actually been good these first two episodes. Handled conflict well so far, seems vulnerable and into the whole thing, and is doing what a lead is supposed to do.

Game of Roses says Christina will be the next Bachelorette? But she isn’t in your top 4. Could both things be true? I tend to believe you.

Comment: We’ve never had a “Bachelorette” that finished worst than 7th on their “Bachelor” season – Hannah Brown. ADDITION: Katie finished 11th. Those are the only 2 of the 19 Bachelorettes that didn’t finish top 4 of their Bachelor season. If they actually choose someone that finished 14th as Christina did, that’ll definitely be a shocker. I just don’t see it at all. I think they’re saying that because they think she goes far. They don’t read spoilers so they don’t know she’s gone next week. If they say AFTER next week they still think she’s gonna be the “Bachelorette,” then we can start calling them crazy ha ha. But no, I don’t see it. The audience won’t be invested in her come March when the finale airs and we’ll get to know so many more women and they’ll have such stronger built-in storylines for a “Bachelorette” season.

Please send me your weekly email with spoiler updates. Thank you.

Comment: Ummmmm, sure.

Hi Steve,

I listened today to your sports daily podcast (added that to my daily listening). When you said you had something regarding a Philly fan my ears perked up. I am an Eagles fan and have lived my entire life in this area. I have seen some crazy ass shit go on. But your example quite honestly was so mild – I kept thinking…and? Here’s the thing – as an opposing fan or in this case someone that could be recognized – you do NOT engage. You give them a smile and move on. These folks in the parking lot arrived around 6AM (they tailgated in line to wait to get into the lot when it opened). They are cranked up. Nothing good comes of engaging and frankly I’m shocked someone wouldn’t realize that. Last week the parking lots delayed opening before the game due to a lacrosse game at the Wells Fargo arena. Well, not to be deterred, 10,000 Eagles fans bought lacrosse tickets just so they could show their stub and get into the lots early. The lacrosse team couldn’t figure out why their ticket sales soared yet their arena was empty. If this guy on Sunday had laughed and kept going my guess is it would’ve ended there. I’m not defending them I’m just saying as a matter of fact – you don’t engage. Is that not the case everywhere? I live in a Philly suburb and we have several native NY neighbors who are Giants fans. They go to games all the time and even wear Giants jerseys (carefully I might add). But they never engage. It’s like you give them a wave and a smile and they will almost always back down. Might even offer you a beer. Look the crazy is legendary. In the fall I went to the game clinching pennant game of the Phillies (best sports moment of my life I might add when Bryce hit that homer). As you’re probably aware our pitcher Nola, had a brother playing on the other team. The guy behind us was very mild mannered looking but when the brother comes to the plate he stands up and yells “you were a mistake, your parents like Aaron better”. I said to him – that’s cold don’t you think? He just shrugged and sat back down. Philly fans are creative and you never know what they might say. Yes, they’re crazy (during the last super bowl a fan famously swore he’d eat horse poop if they won and then made good on the proclamation on Broad St when the police came by on horses – which prompted one sports writer to tweet on Sunday late in the game that he shouldn’t have to say this but no one should feel they need to eat any poop of any type at the conclusion of the game).

Also I totally agreed with you today on Romo. I hadn’t heard him yet this year and wow I felt he was all but unwatchable. I couldn’t take the shouting. Maybe I was just worn out from the Eagles game but I just kept saying make him stop. He never shuts up. That’s not broadcasting, that’s obnoxious. Good luck on your Eagles bet!

Comment: Well, I really disagree on your take. Bosa really didn’t engage other than yelling back at him. There was no physical confrontation, just some f-bombs thrown back and forth. But for you to defend the Philly fan in this situation and make it all about how Bosa SHOULD’VE responded is missing the point. Why is it on him? Why did the Eagles fan have to act like an ass and clearly wanted to instigate and catch something on tape, with hopes of probably something escalating so he could sue or send the video to Barstool and/or TMZ? I get it. You’re an Eagles fan and you’ve seen worse. We know there’s been worse. I wasn’t saying this was the worst behavior I’ve ever seen. I was saying it was uncalled for and unnecessary by the Eagles fan who was probably drunk and acting like an ass. You seem to be defending pre-gaming, getting drunk, and instigating other players/people. Everybody can tailgate all they want. Drink all you want. Just handle yourself like a decent human being. That guy wasn’t.

Romo is just bad now. He’s a caricature of what he first was when he broke into the industry and was getting praised by all media. Now he’s getting destroyed by them because they can see how badly his work has slipped.

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