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    “Reader Emails,” Updated Leo News, & An Apology To Colton

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Well, you’re gonna get almost 2 hours of me talking to Sean Lowe on tomorrow’s podcast. There is so much to cover with him since he’s had a pretty extensive career on the show. But even his career post-show has a lot to get into. I tried to get to everything I could, but it’s definitely not like past interviews with former contestants. If I would’ve sat there and run down every date from every season, just from him on the “Bachelorette” and being the “Bachelor” could’ve easily been two hours alone. I tried to touch on the biggest things and talking points from each season. Probably left some stuff out and/or forgot things, but hey, he’s got two little boys under two years old … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” BIP & “Bachelor” Talk

    Photo Credit: ABC

    One thing that I know I constantly harp on about this show and its contestants is that so many of them love the perks that come with the show (i.e. – the travel, the shilling, the appearances, the social media adoration) but very few seem to be able to handle the criticism. That manifested itself earlier this week when Colton just decided to go scorched earth on Twitter Monday night during the show. Very bizarre. Very defensive in everything negative thrown his way, and this is where these people seem to miss the difference between criticism and hate. If you’re getting death threats, being bullied, etc that’s wrong. We’ve been over that 100 times. But if people are just giving their opinions on social media … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” Jason Speaks Out on Possibly Being the “Bachelor,” & Podcast Guest for Tomorrow

    Photo Credit: ABC

    We’re getting down to the wire of things here on the “Bachelorette,” which means that I fully want to prepare you for the barrage of tabloid stories that are sure to come out. I don’t know what they’re going to say, but almost all will be fabricated stories that are designed to be click bait. I ask that you actually read the stories first, then go back and look at the title and say to yourself, “Did the story really follow through on what the title said?” 95% of them won’t. That’s just the way that business works. I think there already was one of Becca on the cover of one of the mags and the caption read “Dumped Again!” Well, she hasn’t been dumped … Continue reading

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