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    “Reader Emails” & Happy 4th of July

    Photo Credit: ABC

    I know there’s really nothing we can do about the calendar, and every year certain holidays are gonna fall on different days, but isn’t the 4th of July falling on a Wednesday the worst possible f***ing day for it to fall on? Like, if it’s a Monday, you basically can get a 3 day wknd. If it’s a Tuesday, meh. Thursday, I would guess most people would take Friday off as well and make it a 4 day wknd. But Wednesday? All day yesterday was running around doing pre-fireworks stuff and as I sit down to watch fireworks (which by the way got cancelled because it got too windy here last night), I felt like it was a Friday. Then I realized it was Tuesday. … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” BIP Cast Announced & Info, Breakups, & More

    Photo Credit: ABC

    A lot of little Bachelor Nation stories to get to today before “Reader Emails.” Obviously the biggest news was the release of the BIP original cast yesterday. Yes, I’m well aware that I haven’t given you much BIP info. Give me a little time. The season just ended. There are some things I know and there some things I don’t know yet. When I get everything I need, then I will spill the info to you. There is a lot to gather when it comes to BIP because of so many different dates, rose ceremonies, etc. The basics of who went out with who is sometimes even hard because obviously people date multiple people. With that said, yes, I am aware of … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” This Week’s Podcast Guest, & a Lincoln Email

    Photo Credit: ABC

    You know I love taking it back old school on occasion with my podcast guests, and this week is a perfect example of it. Inevitably when some media outlet does a countdown list of dramatic moments, or lists of show’s villains, Trish Schneider will always be a part of it. And she should. She is the original “villain” of this franchise. There had been 4 seasons of the “Bachelor” and two “Bachelorette” seasons that had aired before Jesse Palmer’s season began. In those 6 seasons there were certainly characters, but no one had ever been established as a true “villain,” like the one everyone was talking about at work the next day. That is until Trish came around. We talk about all the things that … Continue reading

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