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    Reality Steve Live Video Chat – Thursday, February 4th 9:00pm EST/6:00pm PST

    Spreecast is the social video platform that connects people. Check out Reality Steve Live Video Chat 2/4/16 on Spreecast.

    Join me live tonight at 9:00pm EST/6:00pm PST as I return for the live video chat taking all your questions on anything “Bachelor” related and whatever else is on your mind. If you’re on desktop, you can ask a question by clicking the blue “Question” button above. On mobile/tablet, to ask and see questions, you have to download the Spreecast app. See you tonight

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    “Dr. Reality Steve” & Live Video Chat Returns Tonight at 9:00pm EST/6:00pm PST

    Vegas Vegas

    So I’ve made the decision that I will return tonight to do the live video chats at 9:00pm EST/6:00pm PST. Sure it won’t be easy at first, but once I get going I think it’ll be fine. If there’s one thing I ask any of you who are going to email in with a question, it would be that we just keep the Maddie talk to a minimum. Most of you who view the video chats every week I know have seen Maddie in them over the years, and you probably took the time to email me sometime in the last week offering your condolences. I appreciate all of those sentiments. I’m just asking politely that you don’t need to mention it again before you get to your questions tonight. Just something I would hope you’d respect. And by you not saying anything, it’s not that I think you aren’t sorry or anything like that, far from it. Just that the constant reminder that she’s gone is what is toughest at this point. It’s still … Continue reading

  • Reader Emails

    “Reader Emails,” Blogs, Parodies, and Deleted Scenes from This Week

    Oliviamouth Oliviamouth

    Settling back into the daily routine after last week, as of right now, I think I’ll be good to go tomorrow night for the live video chat. Yeah, it’ll suck without Maddie anymore and feel a little different just knowing she’s not here, but I’m pretty sure I can get through it. Again thank you to everyone who continues to email and/or donate on Maddie’s behalf. It’s definitely been a weird feeling around my house. I was telling a couple friends this but when you have a daily routine for almost 8 years, and suddenly it’s take away, it’s just a bizarre feeling. Like, every time I have to leave my house for something recently, I always had to make sure my mouse pad was put up higher on my desk (because she was starting to eat it), my remotes were put up on the counter (eating those too), close all bathroom doors (she liked getting in the trash), and I let her out in the backyard. Had to do that every time before I … Continue reading

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