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    Daily Links – 12/1

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    It’s Dec. 1st. 32 days until the “Bachelor” begins airing. My guess is next week is when the ABC headshots and bios will be released, just going off past seasons releases. Still waiting to get certain things filled in on your episode-by-episode spoilers. Essentially I have everything from St. Thomas on, and now I’m just looking to fill in stuff from episodes 1 through 5. I think there’s maybe 4 dates total in those 5 episodes that I don’t have yet. In Wisconsin, we know that Raven and Danielle Lo had the 1 on 1’s because they were public. In New Orleans, we know Rachel had a 1 on 1 because that was public as well. So stuff like that obviously I don’t need filled in, but other things surrounding aren’t quite as clear yet. Once I have a solid number of how many girls went to Wisconsin overall, then it’ll be easier to fill in eliminations by working backwards. But even if I’m off by 1 number, it throws everything off, and right now, … Continue reading

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    Daily Links – 11/29

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    Things are slowly but surely coming together for the Reality Steve Podcast. My hope is to have the first one posted some time next week. There have been a few equipment issues and glitches thus far, but hopefully I’ll have the first one up next week. If not, surely the beginning of the following week. The plan right now is it’ll essentially replace the live video chats and be posted on Thursdays. I’ll record it on Wednesdays then post it right around the time that “Dr. Reality Steve” goes up on Thursday. It’ll be available on pretty much all formats – Itunes, Soundcloud, etc. I think the first couple of podcasts will kind of be an introduction to things – me, Nick’s season, the “Bachelor” in general. Stuff like that. Once the season starts in January, the plan is to do a mini recap of Monday’s episode (hopefully with a guest), a “Reader Email” section where I save a few that I didn’t post in the Wednesday “Reader Emails” in the column, cover any “Bachelor” … Continue reading

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    (EXCLUSIVE): Your Final Four Breakdown and Who Did Nick Choose?

    bachelornick bachelornick

    Nick Viall is this season’s “controversial” Bachelor. Granted, that word is somewhat exaggerated in this sense, but the fact ABC is already promoting it that way pretty much goes to show they went more for shock value this season, rather than this BS company line of “We just kept coming back to Nick. He deserved it.” Nick didn’t deserve the lead role any more than the next guy. That’s a cop out and they know it, but at the time of the announcement back in September, it was considered “controversial” so they went with it because they knew it’d get people talking. And it did. So filming started Sat. September 24th in LA and ended in a little under two months, wrapping up this past Friday, November 18th in Finland. Pretty much the exact same schedule they’ve used for the “Bachelor” for the last 8 seasons or so. Nothing’s changed. This is the same show and always will be, albeit with just different cast members each season. People are still going to watch, just like … Continue reading

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