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    Podcast #56 – Interview with “Survivor’s” Eliza Orlins


    I got caught up in running errands yesterday before my trip to California today so I never got around to writing your episode 1 recap. If you check my Twitter yesterday, I broke it down as well as I could in tweets, but next week, you will have your episode 1 recap, I promise. Lets face it, there was a part of me that was so giddy about seeing “The Last Jedi” tonight that it was hard to write the episode 1 recap. Not to mention, I was also prepping for Friday’s podcast that I’m taping in LA which you’ll hear next week. I’ll tweet out a picture of us Friday once we’re done. As for this week, so excited to venture into the “Survivor” world since it’s my favorite reality show of all-time hands down. And my first guest is a friend of mine, Eliza Orlins. You remember her from “Vanuatu,” and the first season of “Fans vs Favorites.” Had quite some memorable moments during her time on the show for sure, and we … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Arie Spoilers

    “Bachelor” Notes, Arie Spoiling His Own Season, New Info on “Winter Games”

    Photo Credit: Hollywood Reporter

    Been almost 9 months, but heading back to California this weekend for some pleasure. And business. First up on the pleasure list? Yes, my inner Star Wars geek is psyched about going to the premiere tomorrow night. I may or may not have bought tix over a month ago. For those asking, no, I haven’t read any spoilers. Nor do I want to. And no, I will not be wearing a costume. Bring my light saber? Maybe. But no costume. I don’t think. Look, when my prime childhood years centered around the release of “Star Wars,” “Empire Strikes Back,” and “Return of the Jedi,” then of course I’m going to freak out when a new movie is released. Only been waiting two years for “Last Jedi.” The business side of the trip? Well, I’ll be recording a podcast out there to run next week. You know how I am about jinxing these things, so I don’t want to say anything yet. It’s happening Friday, and assuming everything goes as planned like it should, I’ll tweet … Continue reading

  • Floribama Shore

    “Floribama Shore” – Nell Kalter’s Episode 4 Recap


    The family that brawls together stays together. Yes, I’m quite certain I heard a holy man whisper those words once. (Full disclosure: it’s a definite possibility I hallucinated that it was a holy man speaking when actually it was a Real Housewife from New Jersey.) But whoever it was who uttered that plastic philosophy, one thing I know is it’s now fully applicable to the world of our Floribama Shore friends who have bonded like Super Glue after collectively throwing punches outside a bar to protect whatever is left of Nilsa’s honor. Kortni and Aimee swung their fists. Gus tried to block even more violence from going down. Kirk, Codi, and Candace barged right into the thick of it. Jeremiah watched the proceedings from a safe distance so he wouldn’t harm his dabbing arm. And Nilsa? She was stunned that strangers got in her face for seemingly no reason whatsoever. But what nobody here is saying is there is a reason random people approached and then provoked her. The girl is SURROUNDED BY A CAMERA … Continue reading

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