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I know it’s been a couple weeks, but I’m back to give you a brief update today. Something I’ve learned in the last couple weeks? That no matter what I do, it will never be good enough for people. Comes with the territory, I know, but still to receive emails and tweets constantly asking me what’s going on, or accusing me of not knowing anything, it’s kinda ridiculous. How would anyone know what I know? Do you have access to all my information? Of course not. Just is hilarious how some feel the need to call me out on stuff they have absolutely no clue about. Not to mention, I specifically said in my post a month ago that I was going to do things a little bit different this season. I will spoil things when I spoil them. I’ve been holding on to 11 more girls this season for at least 3 weeks now. There is no set time or date as to when I’m going to release stuff. I never know. … Continue reading

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Where is the “Bachelor” Headed for Overnights & Final Rose Ceremony Plus A Scandalous Girl in the Final Four

A few things to get to today, most notably, something we’ve never seen in the show’s history that I can remember. I teased this in a couple tweets yesterday when I said that just when I thought the show was done with “firsts,” they go and completely outdo themselves this season. This one is a doozy. More on that in a bit. Also today I can reveal where the show is headed for overnight dates and the final rose ceremony. Remember I told you back in May I’d gotten a lead of what location bid on the finale for this season? Well good thing I never ran with that because it ended up not being where they’re going. Close to it, but not the exact location. It’s why I try not to run with information until I get complete confirmation, and I never could get it on that bit of information. Then the other day I was presented with the location of where they’re headed, and I knew it to be legitimate. I always knew … Continue reading

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