“Reader Emails” & Chris Harrison Bashes UnREAL (Of Course He Does)

You’ll be happy to know I had no “Bachelor” related dreams last night, but we do have an email this week that already dissected the dream about credit cards. Granted, I don’t buy all of it, but one part is true, so look for that today. You know how sometimes when you have an itch, you just have to keep scratching it. That’s what it feels like in my throat right now. Ever since my chills and fever went away, I’ve been coughing non stop and it blows. Taken all sorts of medicine, but it hasn’t calmed down just yet. Yesterday was the worst. Seems a little better today, but when I do cough, it definitely has that base to it. I’m shocked I was able to not cough yesterday morning on “Good Morning Texas,” but that was only about 5 minutes. Should be interesting tomorrow night on the live video chat. I have a feeling I’ll be coughing a lot more with having to talk for an hour straight. We’ll see how it goes, … Continue reading

The “Bachelorette” Kaitlyn Finale Recap Incl Twitter React, Ratings, & Tons of Other News & Notes

Every once in a while (I’d say once every few weeks), I have a “Bachelor/ette” related dream. I guess when it’s your job and you’re constantly writing about it, discussing it with people, and interacting with a few of them, it’s not far fetched to think they’ll be part of a dream on occasion. Some of the dreams are intense, some are sexual, and some are just flat out bizarre. Which brings me to last night. I’ve never communicated with Josh Murray or his brother Aaron in my life, yet there they were front and center in my totally bizarre dream last night. It went down like this: Josh and Aaron asked me to hang out with them and three girls. I agreed. I left to go to the bar with Aaron, and when I returned, my wallet was gone, so were Josh and the three girls, and somehow already I had charges being rung up on my credit cards. I asked Aaron if he knows anything about this and he says, “Yep. We did … Continue reading

July 28th, 2015 | 36 Comments | Posted in The Bachelorette 11 - Kaitlyn/Britt