Daily Links 4/27

So lets try this one more time. We’ve upgraded the mobile version of the site, tested out all the redirections people were getting last time. It should not happen very frequently, if at all, anymore. It went live last night and I’ve checked my site from my iphone and ipad at least 10 times each, and haven’t been redirected once. Knock on wood. The problem looks to be fixed. So if you read today’s column from your phone or tablet, and it happens once, don’t get discouraged and immediately email me. If it’s continuously redirecting you, then please let me know. And if you can, please take pictures of what it’s redirecting you to. It’s very hard for me to know how to fix the problem when I’m not getting it myself. My webmaster has been working furiously at this since our last mobile launch, so hopefully the redirects have died down a bit. We are doing our best on this end to make the mobile site much more reader friendly since we know that … Continue reading

Daily Links 4/24

You wanna know why Steph Curry is good? You wanna know how he can hit some of the shots he did in that 20 pt. 4th quarter comeback last night against the Pelicans? Read this article. Really good stuff. This is the kind of thing that I love about sports. Sure I love watching the current product (of anything for that matter) but I’m always just as more interested in the behind-the-scenes of how things work as I am what I’m actually seeing. It’s why when I get the DVD box sets of my favorite shows, I immediately watch the extras and director’s commentary episodes first since I’m fascinated in the how/why/what just as much as I am the finished product. I guess that’s why I do what I do with the “Bachelor.” And even for this show, I don’t care about the finished the product because it’s not real. I’m much more interested in how they got to the place they did and what goes on behind-the-scenes. Always more interesting, especially with … Continue reading