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    Daily Links – 9/29

    survivormillvsgenx survivormillvsgenx
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    Today is rose ceremony #2 in “Bachelor” world, so be sure to stalk those IG accounts of the girls I gave you to see how many of them come home and either turn their accounts back on, or start adding followers, namely other girls from the show. I know I’ve only released 6 girls so far, but there’s more coming. I have 14 right now, along with the just first names of a couple more. Also, Mike Fleiss released another group picture on Twitter yesterday which shows another 12-14 girls from the season. One thing to remember with Fleiss since he did it last year, is that when he releases a picture, it’s not necessarily a picture he just took. Hell, he’s rarely on set anyway, so the pictures he releases are coming from other people that send it to him. And he usually posts them a day or two after they were actually taken. So just keep that in mind when trying to figure stuff out by what he posts. Yesterday’s was an interesting … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Nick Spoilers

    Daily Links – 9/28 Including Pics & Info on Nick’s 1-on-1 Date in Newport Beach Yesterday

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    In case you didn’t check Twitter or go back to the site 2 hours after I posted yesterday, there was a correction made. Found out that one of the girls I posted yesterday, Karli Gaines, is not a contestant this season. She applied, was in talks with producers, but after that I’m not sure how far she made, but she definitely isn’t on this season. It happens. Usually one or two a season I post ended up not making it. Lets hope that’s the last one I’m off on. So just because I’m a great guy and didn’t want to have a day where I only released one contestant, I replaced Karli with Whitney Fransway, who you can see in yesterday’s post, or go straight to Nick’s Girls page which has all 6 I’ve released thus far. After I posted Whitney, a few of you brought to my attention JoJo has a picture with Whitney almost 3 years ago on her Instagram. Yes she does. It’s because Whitney used to date Matt Nordgren, … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Nick Spoilers

    (EXCLUSIVE) Two More Contestants on Nick’s Season Along with “Daily Links”

    nickv2 nickv2
    Photo Credit: ABC

    Unbelievably enough, remember when I said on Friday I was giving myself a homework assignment over the weekend? I actually did it. Like, I did my homework. Can’t remember the last time I completed my homework on time. Might’ve been 7th grade or something. Anyway, I wanted to go back and look at the chart that I’d posted regarding the ages of the contestants on the “Bachelor” over the years. I just couldn’t remember when I posted it, but I finally found it. It was from back in January right after Ben’s season started airing and I asked out loud about wanting to know what the average age of contestants was. Within a few hours, a reader had gotten back to me, done the research, and charted all 20 “Bachelor” seasons at the time with every contestants age, followed by the mean, median, and mode of each season. So thanks again to the person who did that for me, because I have a feeling this will come in handy this season. I’m not understand why … Continue reading

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