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    Podcast #160 – (SPOILERS) “Reader Emails”


    Oooooohhhhhh fun times today. You get to listen to me for about 75 minutes as I talk about things going on in Bachelor Nation, update you on the “Survivor” scandal from last night in case you haven’t seen yet what went on with Dan, and then answer your “Reader Emails.” Some good questions this week. Yeah, there are a couple that have been asked numerous times over the years, but as I always say, every single column and every single podcast I do, someone is reading/listening for the first time. So obviously if you’re someone who’s followed me for years, you’ve probably heard those answers 1000 times. But someone who’s asking obviously doesn’t know the answer and is hearing it for the first time. But I cover a lot of things in today’s podcast so hopefully it’s filled with information you may not know or have heard of yet. No, I don’t have your answer as to who Peter picks this season, but I do talk about how people are dissecting everything regarding the final … Continue reading

  • Temptation Island

    “Temptation Island” – Nell Kalter’s Episode 9 Recap

    Photo Credit: USA Network

    I’ve come to realize that watching Temptation Island is similar in some ways to having an addiction. There are very high highs and some seriously low lows and yet I keep chasing that dragon and coming back for more, even though I could be using the time it takes me to write these recaps to catch up on all the Faulkner I intentionally skipped over the years. (That man went on for pages about sh*t like flora and fauna.) But the biggest reason I feel Temptation Island is similar to an addiction is because the action has become repetitive. We’re on episode nine now, and certain things probably won’t change. Ashley H. will still be amazed by some new boy’s kisses. Casey will still be crying over how poorly things have turned out for him. Gavin will continue to look stunned by Esonica’s growing confidence. Rick, who saw way too much the first week to be stunned by anything at this point, will ride out the next few days until he can finally reunite with … Continue reading

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    Podcast #159 – (SPOILERS) Talking All Things “Bachelor” & Other Stuff


    Today is the 3 year anniversary of when I started this podcast. First Thursday in December 2016 is when this whole thing launched. So what better guest to have on this week than…me. Yep. Just decided to do one on my own this week and talk about some things regarding the “Bachelor” that some of which you saw on Twitter and Instagram, and some of which you didn’t. It’s about an hour long and I cover a few different topics such as: Victoria Fuller’s annoying friends, who were either told by her to harass me this week, or they just decided to do it on their own. Either way, they made things worse for Victoria by emailing me trying to defend in some of the worst defenses I’ve ever heard. I’ll share those with you. Also, wanna talk about this latest trend of Instagram accounts who blatantly rip off everything I say and don’t credit me. I knew it had been going on, but I had no idea the extent of it until last night … Continue reading

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