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    Podcast #368 – Interview with Dave Neal, Bachelor YouTube Recapper


    Time to bring Dave back on for today’s podcast since A LOT has happened since we last had him on 2 months ago. If you thought you knew everything about what’s happening in the Clayton case, you’re sorely mistaken. Dave broke a pretty big story yesterday regarding the latest development in the paternity case which we talk about and spend a good 40 minutes kind of giving everyone a refresher course on what’s happened since she went public 2 months ago from telling her story to The Sun. So much has happened and we try and condense it as much as we can including cases involving other men and a random email that seemingly only myself and Dave received which could end up being one of her major downfalls. So much good stuff in today’s podcast that maybe you haven’t heard or followed since this case started. Plus, we also talk about what’s been happening in Dave’s life, the Golden Bachelor, the Amy/TJ story, Matt Rife, and more. I think Dave is now in the … Continue reading

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    Podcast #367 – Interview with Louisa Warwick (Player #166) on “Squid Game”


    My newest TV show fascincation is “Squid Game” on Netflix. Loved the original show when it premiered in 2021. Now they decided to make a reality show out of it and it premiered last week when they dropped the first 5 episodes. Yesterday, they dropped eps #6-9. Next week is just the one episode finale. Well, come to find out, Louisa Warwick (Player #166) was a fan of the podcast so of course I wanted to have her on. She discusses her short time on the show, how she got cast, the asinine way she was eliminated from the show, and much, much more. We recorded this on Tuesday, so the only spoilers talked about are episodes #1-5. I believe I do discuss some of the things I watched yesterday in episodes #6-9 during the 10 minutes or so of the open. So if you haven’t watched and don’t want to be spoiled, you’ve been warned. But all in all, a very fun and behind-the-scenes look at the conditions the players were under in “Squid … Continue reading

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    (EXCLUSIVE) Your Rose Ceremony-by-Rose Ceremony Spoilers for Joey’s Season


    Well it’s finally here. Through a lot of sources and all the notes I’ve gathered throughout the season, here are all your spoilers for Joey’s season. Every date, rose, elimination, and some storylines to look for when his season begins on January 22nd, 2024. The earliest I’ve ever had in a while, which I tell you all the time, I never know when I’m gonna get info on any given season – I just know that I will. I’d say this one is pretty detailed, there’s no other site out there that’s close to having any of this. The show has one run :15 promo for the season thus far. That’s it. And now from this point forward, there’s really nothing else to figure out for the season. Kinda fun, no? At least for me it is. If I find out any more details as the season goes on, obviously I will add them to these spoilers. But this is pretty much everything. Once the season starts, every Monday I’ll be putting that episodes spoilers … Continue reading

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