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    Daily Roundup 7/19 – Clayton Reaction From Yesterday, Another Hometown Date Identified For Joan, Big Brother Night 2, Claim To Fame, & Laura Owens Lawyer Loses Again


    You are listening to the Daily Roundup here as part of the Reality Steve podcast. I’m your host, Reality Steve. Thank you all for tuning in on this Friday. As we head into the weekend, a good show for you. I’m going to recap a little bit of the Clayton Eckert interview from yesterday, another Golden Bachelorette hometown date that I finally posted yesterday.

    Got to talk about claim to fame from Wednesday night. And we do have a little bit of big brother to go over night two of their premiere. Oh boy, boy. Talk about a repeat of the first episode. Sheesh. And there is some news in the Laura Owens, Clayton Eckerd case case. You didn’t see, we’ll get to all … Continue reading

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    Podcast #400 – Interview with Clayton Echard (incl Video & Transcripts)


    Well, it’s 2024 and I’ve finally joined the rest of us here. Today is the debut of the weekly podcast on YouTube, and what better guest to have than Clayton Echard for #400. Every week now not only will the podcast be available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, but will also be up on my YouTube channel. I’ve embedded the video below. Clayton is about as raw and real in this interview as you can get. The first 30 minutes talk about the legal mess he’s been in for the last year, but it’s more focused on his mental health and, this being the first time I’ve interviewed him, we got to talking about his season of the Bachelor, which I found fascinating. Clayton couldn’t … Continue reading

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    Reader Emails, Joan’s Hometown Date Yesterday, & Your Daily Roundup Transcript

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Hey hey, we’re back with a “Reader Emails” column that spans emails I’ve received over the last two weeks since we didn’t have a column last week. Only about 10 today so lets start building that up more for next weeks column. Or else I’ll be angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry. I turn very muscular and green and rip out of my clothes. Ok, maybe not. But a classic line from the “Incredible Hulk.” Some good questions though today surrounding the book Aaron gave Devin (is it the same one his brother Noah got from Bennett on Tayshia’s season), the Lovers & Liars finale, Survivor editing, and more. Not to mention, page 2 will also have your transcript for today’s Daily Roundup. … Continue reading

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