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    Podcast #148 – Interview with Morgan Willett of “Big Brother” & “The Challenge”


    I’m sure you’ve seen this week’s guest if you’re an avid reality TV watcher as she has appeared on 3 different shows over the last few years. Morgan Willett joins me this week to discuss her reality TV career and how it’s taken off unexpectedly. Going from winning Big Brother’s lone online-only season, to her stint on “Ex on the Beach” season 2, to then leaving to film the “Challenge: War of the Worlds 1” three days after EOTB ends, she’s been through a lot. And oh yeah, we may dive into her current dating situation with Johnny Bananas. All in all, a very fun woman that I recently came in touch with through a mutual friend. Got to FaceTime with her a couple weeks ago, enjoyed it so much and told her she needed to come on the podcast and, well, here she is. I wish now I would’ve seen her BB and EOTB seasons because I never did. I only know her from her and Bananas short stint on WOW season 1 and … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Peter Spoilers

    “Bachelor in Paradise” Finale Recap & The Rest of Peter’s Women

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Kind of a whirlwind yesterday. It’s been a while since I spent that many consecutive hours behind my computer screen. Getting woken up at 6am by Luka, to immediately seeing that the Bachelor FB page had posted 33 women as possibilities to be on Peters season at 3AM PACIFIC TIME which was incredibly odd, turned yesterday into madness for me. Yeah, I’m not sure what ABC’s thinking behind that was to release the women at 3am PST when they could’ve waited for a more opportune time like, I don’t know, when half the country was at least awake. I’ll never understand why they do some of the things they do. Good thing I had 15 profiles ready to go or yesterday could’ve been even longer than it was. I figured it wouldn’t take long to find out the names of the remaining 18 women, and I had those all posted for you within a couple of hours. One thing that I’m going to be doing from this point forward is, with a little help, I’ve … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Peter Spoilers

    (EXCLUSIVE) Peter’s Women & Where Are They Headed This Season?

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Man, I spent all weekend putting together bios ready to give you 15 of the women I expect to be on Peter’s season today, then ABC went out and did what they did last season by releasing 33 women on their Bachelor Facebook Page. Not all of these women will make it on. I expect about 30 to make it on. So some of these women will end up getting cut. But I guess this is their way of having the public vet out their women for them like they did for Hannah’s season. So what I’m gonna do is give you the 15 bios I put together over the weekend here on the site and on IG today. Then tomorrow I’ll give you what I can find on the other 18 names, put them together today, then add them tomorrow for you. I’ll have their first and last names up today on Twitter and IG, but put their bios up tomorrow. Gotta go makin’ my day all busy don’t you ABC? … Continue reading

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