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The “Bachelor” Nick Overnight Dates Recap, Nick on DWTS, Your “Women Tell All” Spoilers, & What Happened in Bimini with Rachel and Vanessa?

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The #1 question I’ve been asked all season (and especially after the Bimini episode where Vanessa was nowhere to be found), was “What happened with Rachel and Vanessa in Bimini during their fight you reported?” And up until recently, I didn’t know the exact details. I told you that on Jan. 2nd when I posted the spoilers. All I knew was that they had an argument in Bimini, girls pretty much sided with Rachel, and Vanessa wasn’t the most well liked girl in the house. I had my doubts that it would ever get shown knowing 1) Vanessa was engaged to Nick and 2) at the time, Rachel was a serious contender for “Bachelorette,” which we know she later got. But once there was another Vanessa incident in Wisconsin during the group date that wasn’t shown, I assumed there was no way Bimini was getting shown, which it wasn’t.

I was deciding on how I was going to present this information that I have, because the Vanessa supporters this season, while I applaud their undying loyalty to a person they know nothing about, are about as obnoxious of people as you can get. And that’s saying something considering the Arie fans I dealt with in the past. Not as bad as those people because, c’mon, is anybody? But still, they just can’t seem to accept the fact that Vanessa wasn’t the most well liked girl in the house. Did she have friends? Of course. Was she hated, despised, and they wished death upon her? No. And I never insinuated that. All I said was, and am still saying to this day, is that there was an issue with Rachel in Bimini that was apparently a long time coming, it reached a head there, and it’s why you didn’t see Vanessa at all in Bimini after her 1-on-1. I guess she just didn’t want to hang out with everyone else after the Rachel fight.

So here’s what I can tell you about the incident in Bimini regarding Rachel and Vanessa. Some will side with Rachel, some will side with Vanessa. Doesn’t matter to me. I’m just presenting you with the information I was given. Considering every single spoiler I gave you months ago has played out exactly as I told you it would, I’d take that into consideration when you’re deciding whether or not this incident happened. Which for Vanessa fans, I know will be hard to hear. But here you go:

-Vanessa approached Rachel in Bimini. She felt that Rachel wasn’t being “real” with her. Vanessa told Rachel she felt like she was bullying her in the house and ostracized her with the other women because Rachel rolled her eyes and didn’t look her in eyes during “girl chats.” She accused of her of using her “lawyer” traits and that her tone was intimidating.
-Rachel took offense to it because she didn’t see that as bullying. Vanessa backtracked on saying she felt she was ostracized in the house. Rachel told Vanessa she didn’t have a problem with her but that Vanessa made her uncomfortable.
-Said that she didn’t want to align herself with someone like Vanessa because of how she was two-faced with a few of the girls in the house. She would buddy up to tehm, relay that information on to Nick, and then go back to pretending to be friends with the girls.
-The examples that I was told were: Vanessa turned on Taylor when Taylor wasn’t popular in the house, she defriended Sarah when Nick’s friends came over for a group talk to all the girls in Wisconsin (something else that I reported but was never shown), and also tried to fake a friendship with Corinne. Rachel told Vanessa in Bimini she just wanted to keep her distance from her.
-Vanessa told Rachel she told Nick about how Rachel felt about her, and I guess that was the last straw that set Rachel off. Vanessa’s M.O. in the house was that of someone who was “manipulatively attempting to take down those she felt threatened by.”
-Vanessa was one way on camera and another way off camera with girls, and the relationship with Danielle Lo was another one used. This was the one I’d heard originally that I reported to you, in that Vanessa used her group date time with Nick in Wisconsin to “warn” him about Danielle L., who he had just been on a date with the day before, but then all we saw was them being chummy at the cocktail party in Wisconsin. She’d basically say one thing about girls then do the complete opposite when they weren’t around.
-I’m also told that the tweet Vanessa sent out the night Rachel was announced as the “Bachelorette” congratulating her was another example of how Vanessa operated. To the public, it looks like she’s supporting one of her “friends” from the show, but in reality, it was completely insincere and done to make herself look better as there’s zero relationship between Vanessa and Rachel.
-Post show, it is very apparent who is on TeamRachel and who is on TeamVanessa. Rachel was universally liked in the house and there aren’t many girls who had an issue with her. Vanessa is a different story.

That’s the background of what happened in Bimini.

-I’m well aware that what I say will never be good enough for some people. I’m just relaying as much info as I could gather on the subject. If the only words I were to write on this page was “Vanessa didn’t like the looks Rachel gave her and Rachel thought Vanessa was two faced,” there would be complaints that that tells them nothing and they need examples. But now that I’ve provided examples of WHY neither liked each other, those that like Vanessa and/or Rachel, will dismiss the examples I give as just hearsay. Vanessa fans are going to say she was focused on Nick and she didn’t need to make friends with the other girls and Rachel was totally a bully and it was rude to say she wanted to avoid Vanessa, and Rachel fans will say that Vanessa deserved what she had coming if that’s the way she treated people in the house and was that fake. It’s quite predictable what the response will be to this. Just because you like Vanessa or Rachel, doesn’t mean what they did didn’t happen. It did. I’ll love the people who doubt this is what happened. You know why? Because they’ll have nothing in return. Like, ok if this didn’t happen then what did? Please enlighten me. No one on the internet has reported anything about this. So yeah, I can’t wait for the backlash on this one. Bring it.

-So what does this all mean in the long run? Not a whole hell of a lot. Does it change anything in regards to the outcome, what’s happening now, or anything like that? Nope. Nor did I ever say it would. But it’s an important piece of information when trying to decipher if what you’re seeing on TV is actually real. Other entertainment websites and news outlets do what they do every season and talk about all this stuff on the surface and by what they see for 2 hours every Monday night. For 8 years, I try and give you the stuff I that you don’t see. Most of it I can never prove. Of course I can’t prove it, I wasn’t there. But I think I’ve built up a solid enough track record over the seasons (and especially this one) that you understand I don’t just make things up and plenty of things I couldn’t prove ended up happening. Some you see eventually play out, some you don’t. I will never give up my sources on anything I do, but I can tell you that this information did not just come to me from one place. Once I got it recently, I asked around and got it confirmed from two more parties. That’s why those two didn’t like each other. Vanessa stated her case (eye rolling and an intimidating tone) and Rachel stated her case (Vanessa being phony in the house), and from that point, neither made it a point to talk to the other person. Certainly aren’t the first two girls who didn’t get along on this show and won’t be the last.

-Vanessa and Nick are engaged. We’re a couple weeks away from the ATFR and I fully expect them to throw on a happy face and say all the right things that night. Your guess is as good as mine how long they will last, but chances are, as always, not very good. And not necessarily for the reasons you think about the distance, the jobs, DWTS, etc. It goes back to what I said before the season, what I said during the season, and what I’ll say again today: Nick and Vanessa not lasting has much more to do with him than it does with her or any fights she got in with Rachel. Nick did this show to increase his brand, he got a huge bump with the DWTS gig, and was never interested in marrying anyone from this show. He’ll ride it out, they’ll do appearances, smile, shake hands, kiss babies, etc, but at the end of the day they won’t last because it’s not what Nick wanted going in and still doesn’t want to this day. He’s Hollywood now and has been fore a while. Unfortunately for Vanessa, she’s getting dragged along for the ride. Hell, maybe she knows it and is fine with extending this out as far as she can. I don’t know. I actually feel kinda sorry for her honestly. But this season has always been about what Nick wants, what Nick needs, and what Nick can gain from this. And that hasn’t changed. Vanessa is a means to an end unfortunately. Sucks for her.



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