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    Podcast #143 – Interview with Author & Media Literacy Advocater, Jennifer L. Pozner


    For years I have talked about the behind the scenes tricks and manipulations production does that the average fan who watches the “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” franchise doesn’t have a clue about. I’ve given examples over the years, but kept it pretty surface level. This week’s podcast guest, Jennifer Pozner, is someone who’s done extensive research on this topic and written a book about it, as we dive into it in over a 90 minute conversation today. It’s pretty amazing what can be done to be honest, and Jennifer even makes you start critically thinking what you’re actually watching when you sit down on Monday nights to tune into this show. It’s a very long and detailed conversation that I guarantee will make you think about things regarding this show you never thought in a million years to think of. Before I get started with Jennifer, the first 15 minutes of the show I talk about yesterday’s twitter feud between Tanner and Demi, why I chimed in, and what … Continue reading

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    Podcast #142 – Interview with “Bachelor/ette” Super Fan Brett Vergara


    A little fun this week as we bring on a first time guest, Bachelor/ette super fan, Brett Vergara. If you’re on Twitter, you most certainly know who he is as I guarantee his live tweets during the show have somehow made it into your timeline, since so many Bachelor Nation people retweet him. We talk about how he got started in all this, before diving into the Hannah/Jed debacle, Tyler & Gigi, then the Caelynn/Blake situation. One thing not covered in the podcast was Caelynn’s IG post that went up last night, as the podcast had already been recorded. The first 15 minutes or so of the podcast is me discussing my thoughts on it, and how all it did was really muddy the waters for me because there’s some questions we don’t have answers to at this point. And I don’t know if we ever will. Guess it will depend on what both Caelynn and Blake decide to share post-show when they inevitably do a media tour. … Continue reading

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    Podcast #141 – Thoughts on the “Bachelorette” Finale, Hannah & Tyler Moving Forward, & a Chat with Haley Stevens, Jed’s Ex-Girlfriend


    A lot of stuff yesterday that I thought about after I posted the column, or was at least able to give more thought to, so I start off today’s podcast with thoughts on that. Hannah & Tyler, Jed’s friends, and how much different the show is now and it’s not changing. I think there’s a few things now that will be part of the norm of this show going forward that we’ve just never seen before. Every season I feel like we say “this is a first in show history,” and without knowing what it will be, I can guarantee you they’ll be another “first” next season. Happens every season now. There’s a reason why there are story editors on this show. We’ll get something next season. Just know it’s coming. Then Haley Stevens, Jed’s ex-girlfriend, joins me again for a brief chat about what life’s been like since she told her story and how it feels to unfortunately be the reason Hannah and Jed’s engagement ended. Much … Continue reading

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