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    Podcast #392 – Interview with Morgan Paige, @MorganPTalks on IG (Plus Transcript)


    Another great first time guest on the podcast today as Morgan Paige, AKA @morganptalks on IG, joins me to discuss a lot of things going on in reality TV. We mostly focus on Vanderpump Rules, The Valley, the Bachelorette, and the Golden Bachelorette, in addition to her backstory with her husband. Great stuff from Morgan today as she is an encyclopedia when it comes to those Bravo shows. She’ll definitely be a guest on in the future for sure since I loved chatting it up with her today. Hope you will too. Before that, I have a lot to dish on today’s Daily Roundup, which I preview during the open. Both the Daily Roundup and the interview with Morgan are transcribed below as well. One … Continue reading

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    Podcast #391 – Interview with Kristen Baldwin, TV Critic for (And Transcript)


    Another great guest this week as we our joined by our resident TV critic, Kristen Baldwin from Kristen is a multi-time guest on this show who’s always a great conversation because of her extensive TV knowledge having covered it for so long. We talk about the upfronts this week, the Golden Bachelorette (before Joan’s announcement happened), new shows for the fall season, Cobra Kai and much, much more. Before that, I briefly discuss what’s on today’s Daily Roundup and both of those transcripts are below. A lot to get to today as there’s tons of TV talk going on. Lala & Katie’s feud, Harrison Butker being a moron, Survivor’s penultimate episode, and finding out last night I have another indirect connection to someone on … Continue reading

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    Podcast #390 – Interview with Davia Esther Bunch from the “Bachelor” & BIP 9 (And Transcript)


    Another first time guest on the podcast today and I’d be shocked if you said you weren’t impressed by this woman. It’s with Davia Esther Bunch who you first saw on Zach’s season and then last summer on Bachelor in Paradise 9. What you may not know, and I’m guessing 98% of the fans of this show don’t, is her backstory from her elementary and high school years. Just really interesting stuff and one of the reasons I wanted to have her on. A lot to dive into there and it’s covered within the first 20 minutes of the interview. Very appreciative to Davis for opening up and talking about it as she didn’t hold back at all in informing the viewers everything she went … Continue reading

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