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    Podcast #117 – Interview with “Bachelor Nation” Author Amy Kaufman


    More great “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” talk this week with Amy Kaufman, author of “Bachelor Nation: Inside the World of America’s Favorite Guilty Pleasure.” Amy’s book just got re-released in paperback along with an extra chapter, which we cover in the podcast. Amy’s always a great time to talk to because she’s one of the few, if not the only guest, who asks me questions during our talks together. I wouldn’t even call today’s podcast an interview as much as it is two people discussing all things related to the “Bachelor Nation” world. The other good thing is Amy and I definitely don’t agree on everything, which is always fun because we are able to rationally discuss it. I think my favorite part of the podcast is figuring out on the spot how few candidates there are for next “Bachelorette” if they decided to go with someone from a past season. You’d be surprised at the slim pickings. More on this coming Tuesday. As always, if you’d like to … Continue reading

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    Podcast #116 – Interview with Kristen Baldwin from “Entertainment Weekly”


    Diving into some “Bachelor” talk this week with TV critic at “Entertainment Weekly,” Kristen Baldwin. Been almost a full year since Kristen’s been on so figured I’d have her on midway through Colton’s season to discuss everything we’ve seen up to this point and what’s to come. And you’ve been warned now, you’ll be warned in the open of the podcast and again right before I start talking to Kristen, we will be talking spoilers this episode. So be prepared. If you don’t wanna know what’s happening this season in the next few episodes, then this may not be the podcast for you. Just saying. Kristen visited the set on night 1 and interviewed some of the head honchos with the show, so we talk about that a little bit as well. One thing to keep in mind, is we recorded this Tuesday afternoon before Cassie and Caelan had addressed their “Young Once” situation on Instagram the last couple days, in addition to, the “Bachelor” remaining TV schedule … Continue reading

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    Podcast #115 – Interview with Craig Robinson


    Podcast guest #115 today is Craig Robinson from Ali Fedotowsky’s season. He was on the podcast in August of 2017, but needless to say a lot has happened with him since then. Craig is a drug addict. He was living a life of drinking, partying, and doing drugs that eventually consumed his life. In today’s podcast, he walks you through all the downs over the past couple years, how heavily the drinking was, which in turn turned into abusing cocaine on a daily basis. All that came to a head in June of last year when Craig attempted suicide. He tells us what happened that day, how he got through it, how he ultimately decided to get help, how rehab helped him learn why he was an addict, and where he’s at today. Never had a podcast like this before of someone recalling their history of drug abuse, and being a drug novice myself, was pretty eye opening to hear the depths that he sank to. A really … Continue reading

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