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    Podcast #98 – Interview with Jacqueline Trumbull & a Sudden Passing Bachelor Nation


    I guess we can call this take 2 of Podcast #98 after the Cassandra interview I recorded got torpedoed by ABC/Warner Horizon. We move on, so I talked to Jacqueline Trumbull yesterday, and this became a fascinating interview. She was kinda the ghost girl on Arie’s season, and basically spent a hot minute down in Paradise, but she’s definitely been in the news recently for her brief “relationship” with Jordan from New Zealand, along with tabloid rumors that were spread about her recently. We cover it all and Jacqueline definitely clears the air on things in regards to what was said, what the truth to it really is, and where she stands with Jordan now. Also, we ended the podcast with a discussion about the Jenna/Jordan situation since she is somewhat friends with Jenna. Obviously we have differing views on the whole situation, but I think it was a good conversation. As always, if you want to respond to the interview, please include Jacqueline’s Twitter handle (Continue reading

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    Why is Podcast #98 with Cassandra Ferguson Not Being Posted? Ask ABC/Warner Horizon


    Honestly, I don’t really know the answer to the question I posted above. I recorded the podcast with Cassandra on Tuesday. Yesterday someone asked me on Twitter who the podcast was with, I said it was with Cassandra, and within two hours she had received a letter from legal over at Warner Horizon saying she’d be violating her contract if she appeared on my podcast. I don’t think they realized it had already been recorded, but that’s neither here nor there. The point being that for whatever reason, they aren’t allowing Cassandra Ferguson on my podcast. Only Cassandra and I have heard the interview. There was nothing in it that was anything worse than any previous podcast guest has said. We talked about her time on Juan Pablo’s season, her two stints on BIP (both appearing in episode 5), and being a single mom. I have no idea why this show would possibly have something against Cassandra coming on. You’d have to ask them. But essentially they’re bullying … Continue reading

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    Podcast #97 – Interview with Danielle Lombard & (EXCLUSIVE) 7 More Women on Colton’s Season


    Big day today as we’ve got a podcast guest that I’ve wanted on since last summer, and the release of 7 more of Colton’s women on this season. Podcast #97 is with Danielle Lombard, someone who was supposed to be on when all the Dean/Kristina stuff was going on, but she gave an interview somewhere and was told to go media silent for a while, but here she is now. Definitely talked about a few things that weren’t shown or discussed on the show, plus she gives us a background of the whole love triangle with herself, Dean, and Kristina, how it affected her, and where everything stands now. And oh yeah, we find out if Chris Lane has slid into her DM’s too since he was the musical performer on her 1-on-1 in Wisconsin with Nick. Take a wild guess on what you think that answer will be. As always, if you’d like to respond to the Danielle interview, please include her Twitter handle (Continue reading

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